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    WTB: Pair of 6TB or 8TB HDD's

    Looking for 2x 6-8TB hard drives to upgrade my mother's storage configuration. Several years old is OK, we need to get her off of these 2TB drives from 2013. Have a set of 2x8GB DDR4 G.SKILL RAM (Model #: F4-3200C16D-16GVKB) to trade if interested. Adam
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Hoping to find a cheap quadro card or low end workstation graphics card if anyone has one!
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    I can pick up a Micro Center one for you for cost + shipping. Comes to like $75 brand new
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    how to minimize eBay ship costs?

    pirate ship or shipstation. Former can be signed up for, latter is included with paypal. That said, unless you can ship media mail, you won't see shipping costs less than $5
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    For Sale: 3 x Laptops

    For sale are 3 laptops that I've come across in my piles of stuff! All have been wiped/reset to factory settings with a username of "Admin" + blank password to log on and are running a valid version of Windows 10/11. All laptops come with the appropriate OEM charger (no aftermarket chargers...
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    WTB: Mid-Range Radeon RX 6000/7000 card

    Looking for a mid-to-high end card. RX 6700 XT, 6750 XT, or 7600. No other models as they will be outside my budget. Pitch an ideal price, I'm flexible.
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    WTB: Bare minimum MacBook that can run Yosemite OS

    Trying to run an airmessage server, looking for a base level Mac that can run Yosemite. Said Mac should be like 12 years old so not trying to spend too much. Adam
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    WTB: Chromebox of any kind

    Looking for a low-end chromebox... Just need to be able to turn off write protection and install Linux on it so I can run 2-3 docker containers at my apartment. Nothing insane, ideally under $25, also have lots of random misc parts to trade (tons of DDR3 available for desktop and servers)...
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    WTB: Stadia Controller, also potentially a Chromecast?

    Sounds good, I'll look out for a PM!
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    WTB: Stadia Controller, also potentially a Chromecast?

    Looking for a stadia controller. Open to one of those premium outfits that comes with the Chromecast as well!
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Looking for a Plantronics Voyager 5200 Base. Found the headset in a box of shit at work and took it home, need the base to connect it to my PC
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    I use a combo of ShipStation via Paypal and "corporate" accounts on either fedex or UPS, and then for ebay I just use their labels cause they end up being cheaper than ShipStation. Just signed up for Shippo though, will definitely use that in the future
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Can give those things to friends and such... but shipping them becomes a whole different fiasco
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    you're right. Micro Center is cutting them down to this price too. I'll just go pick one up as there is one 10 mins from me :D
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Looking for a barebones SATA SSD, 2.5" or smaller would be great! Going to drop it into a PFSense rackmount machine that I just acquired off of Craigslist! Thanks! Adam
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Looking for literally any sata SSD, size doesn't matter as long as it's more than 10GBs LOL. Purpose is for a pfsense box, the existing disk in the rack case I got is a standard HDD
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    It's Dead, Jim.......and by Dead I mean Stadia

    Google doesn't care about products, it just cares if it's shareholders are happy. I watched a couple livestreams of the shutdown last night, there was a google engineer in one of the chats (this dumb beta cuck kid streamer doing a stream) doing the actual decommissions, looked him up and he's...
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    FS: Tech 21 iPhone 14/14 Pro Case - $30

    Nice case, but wrong size for the phone that we ordered. Brand new in box, never used! $30. Retails for $40
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    PFSense on a Rackmount Fortigate 300C

    Wondering if anyone has attempted this. Someone gave me a Fortigate 300C, and I was told by that person that you can put PfSense on that box, but there isn't much out on the web for accomplishing this. Has anyone tried it?