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    Zune Sync Issues

    I didn't see you mention this... have you re-installed Zune and are you using the cable your phone came with?
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    Anyone have an HTC Titan?

    ^^^ Haha... I literally just said this to a co-worker of mine.
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    Anyone have an HTC Titan?

    I've got one. I love it. I have had all of the high profile Android devices over the past few years and recently made the move to WP7. Couldn't really ask for much more. Does everything I need it to.
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    Lumia 900 (and like phones) upgradable to WP8?

    I'm pretty sure the phones that can physically (RAM wise) support the OS will get the update. MS has stated that they are planning two years of support per device, even if that means they can upgrade to the new OS but leave some features out. Devices like the 800, 900, Titan, Focus S, etc...
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    Forza 4 to gain Porsche

    Sounds good. 30 cars, a bunch of events and Rivals mode challenges. Not too shabby.
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    Galaxy S III

    I currently have an HTC Titan with a 4.7" screen and I can easily handle and use the phone with one hand, and it's thin enough to slip right into your pocket. Not as hard or as awkward as you'd think. I feel sorry for the people brainwashed by Apple saying that you should only use a 3.5" screen.
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    Tim Cook Hints Apple Will Part With Some Cash

    The fact that they have all of that cash just sitting there and haven't bothered to pay their shareholders a dividend yet is kind of stupid if you ask me. But on the other hand, I guess it doesn't matter when almost three quarters of your outstanding shares are held by corporations. Generally...
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    Newegg is a wasteland

    $70 or $80 for an entire year of Prime is a steal. You get their cloud storage, access to their streaming shows and movies, AND free 2 day shipping for the whole year. Generally you can make up that $80 with just a couple purchases on Amazon in my experience, and if you factor in the shipping...
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    Newegg is a wasteland

    Haven't bought anything at NE in a long time, and price and availability has been the reason. Their deals aren't even luke warm anymore, and they are generally OOS on the stuff you want. I doubt I'll go back. Been using Amazon for a couple years and they are far and away the better option...
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    Microsoft Mulls Plan for New Music Service

    +1. I have been a Zune Pass subscriber from day one, and have tried out every other service available and they have the absolute best deal hands down. I love having it integrated with my phone as well.
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    Sprint Customers: Did your rates recently change?

    +1. This is why I left Sprint. It's great that they're $15 cheaper every month, and it's great that I get unlimited data and can call any mobile phone and not use minutes. It's not great that data speeds are so slow that doing anything takes FOREVER and out of everyone I'm out with I'm always...
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    Sprint Customers: Did your rates recently change?

    No, you need to call Sprint and cancel your lines so they can mark the account free of ETFs. Let them know you will be porting your numbers and they will set it all up for you so you don't have problems.
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    Sprint Customers: Did your rates recently change?

    BTW, this IS a material change to your contract if you're getting a discount. If you're looking to leave Sprint, this will let you out ETF free.
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    Oracle Rejects $272M SAP Award, Wants New Trial

    Total waste of time and money if you ask me.
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    Microsoft Wants Your Windows Phone Marketing Ideas

    Gotta say, I was a hardcore Android user for years. I bought just about every high end phone that came out right when it came out. I just recently switched from a Samsung Galaxy SII (after having a Nexus One, Evo 4G, Nexus S 4G, Evo 3D) to an HTC Titan and I am in love with WP. All of my...
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    amoled burn-in?

    It's not really an issue unless you leave it plugged in with the brightness all the way up and the screen on with a static image/screen. Display models are way more prone to this than your average user's device.
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    Nokia Lumia 900

    I am currently using a Nokia Lumia 710 on T-Mobile. Yeah... I went from a Sprint GSII with a 4.52" SAMOLED+ screen to this thing. I've gotta say... I really, really like WP7. It's so smooth and fluid and it just makes sense. May pick up an 800/900 if/when they come to T-Mobile.
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    Virgin Mobile, the end of Unlimited data has come

    Consider yourself lucky.
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    Virgin Mobile, the end of Unlimited data has come

    Truth. If I'm in an area without 4G, Sprint 3G is TERRIBLE. 99% of the time it will be under 100kb/sec, which, by today's standards, is almost completely unusable.
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    Why No One Is Buying 3D TVs

    TVs aren't big enough for 3D to really even be useful yet. I have a 59" 3D Plasma and while it 'looks' 3D, it is just not eye-popping and visually as exciting as watching something on a theater screen.
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    Skipping the Galaxy Nexus

    I generally get about 20+ hours of moderate to heavy use with my Sprint Galaxy S II. Just saying. Probably the best battery life out of any smartphone I have owned, and I generally buy almost everything that comes out (higher-end, anyway).
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    Rooting an Epic Touch GS2

    It's the stock charger... the output from it is very low compared to say HTC chargers which charge at 1 amp, as opposed to most Samsung chargers which charge at .6 to .75 amps.
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    Battlefield weapons question

    G53 is a beast. Unlocked it last night and was previously using the SCAR-H with foregrip and silencer. I don't think I'm going back.
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    Rooting an Epic Touch GS2

    Unnamed ROM is the single best ROM for this phone, hands down. The best battery life and performance bar none. I kept the EK02 radio, as that seems to work best for my phone, but am running the new Unnamed ROM with the EL13 base and it's been nothing short of fantastic.
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    Rooting an Epic Touch GS2

    You don't need to ODIN anything with this method. The repacked kernels are able to be pushed/flashed via this same method (and I think a couple are actually included in the download)... thus never increasing your ODIN flash count. This is how I rooted and installed CWM.
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    Rooting an Epic Touch GS2

    There's a one-click procedure available for it. EDIT: OK, so not "one" click, but it's automated once you download the package, and it will NOT increase your ODIN flash count NOR will it give you the yellow "I've been rooted!" triangle...
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    Why Android Lags

    I think it pretty much already doesn't matter. My Galaxy SII has not met its match yet, and does everything I throw at it with no slowdowns or anything. Everything is pretty much instant with no discernible lag. If you have an older device, then I see how you would notice it, but as things...
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    Shocker: MPAA Writes U.S. Anti-Piracy Bill?

    How about we pay them nothing until they do what we want them to do. Like a real job.
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    Is Firefox Doomed?

    I find FF to be MUCH slower than Chrome in almost everything that it does. Just my personal findings, but I tried out the new FF a couple months ago after using Chrome for a couple years and it just seemed slow and clunky.
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    800,000 Xbox 360s Sold In 24 Hours

    I game on both... and lately I have been neglecting my PC for gaming because in most cases, my friends (the people I really care to game with) are buying games on 360. It's easy. Buy game. Insert game. Play game. The last game I bought on PC was Crysis 2 and I have to say I was extremely...
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    Sprint CES 2012 Speculations

    It will be to say they their 3G speeds will be back to normal in 2015.
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    Samsung takes on the iPhone in latest Galaxy S II ad, pulls no punches

    I don't think it was meant to 'teach' you anything about the phone really. They did mention a larger screen, they did say the word 'amazing' and they did reference 4G speeds. What it's meant to do is pique interest of people looking for a new phone by saying 'hey, look at this, come check one...
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    HTC Titan now available at AT&T

    It's a penny on Amazon Wireless. Backordered... but hey, if you can wait. Actually, all phones are a penny on Amazon Wireless right now.
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    BF3, MW3 Wouldn't Be Popular If There Was A Draft

    I wasn't aware the draft would apply to 12-year-olds. Guess I was wrong.
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    Modern Warfare 3 Sells $775M in Five Days

    Three quarters of a billion dollars in sales in five days. Maybe next time around they will spend some of that money and record proper weapon sounds at the very least.
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    Groupon Planning IPO Launch for Next Week

    Groupon sucks. Every day it's some stupid spa offer or something 50 miles from where I live. I'm in a suburb of Chicago, not hard to find tons of crap to do within 5 minutes of my home. The best part? Unsubscribe from their site and emails, and they'll keep sending them to you, free of charge.
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    Forza 4 fans?

    The scope of this game is fairly large, all things considered. With a strict 2-year development timeline, I feel they did enough to make this feel like a very worthy successor to FM3. And I do get it. However, if you want them to keep making these games, they need to cater to just more than...
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    Forza 4 fans?

    I think you should really just get rid of the game if all of this bothers you that much. This game is great. It looks great. It sounds great. It plays great. The cars and the driving are awesome. I think bowling and soccer are some of the most fun things I've been able to do with a...
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    Forza 4 fans?

    You do, because there are now 150 levels instead of 50.