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  1. Unabomber

    Possible Scam?

    There's a chance it could be legit, but the odds are so minuscule, that it's almost entirely likely a scam. If you're willing to spend that much for such a card, get it form a reliable member here, and the above link to sk3tch's ad is a good one.
  2. Unabomber

    Kioxia reportedly kills off 30-year-old Plextor brand — icon of the optical drive days spins up its last SSD

    Yes indeed. If you were trying to do too many things with your system at one time, you would get a buffer underrun and make a coaster. Or, if your burner were a POS, and if you tried to do anything at all, even if the screensaver popped up, then you'd generate a coaster. Most of the time...
  3. Unabomber

    Kioxia reportedly kills off 30-year-old Plextor brand — icon of the optical drive days spins up its last SSD

    My first CD-ROM drive was a Plextor 4-Plex drive, with 1 MB of memory. I never had any incidents of stuttering on it, even with other processes running in the background, and this was on a Pentium 90 system with 16 MB of memory. I kept that drive for about 6 years, even using it as a source...
  4. Unabomber

    When do you finally retire a PSU?

    I'm still running my Antec Truepower Trio 650 watt unit (Seasonic build) in one of my office PC's. I think I got this power supply either in late 2007 or early 2008, and there was no worries about there being any of those satanic Fuhjyuu capacitors in it. Voltages are stable, and it's still...
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    Best place for cheap MS Office keys?

    I've had great luck with G2A, for Windows 10/11 Pro, as well as Office 2016 and 2019. None of my licenses have been deactivated even after several years.
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    Toshiba...we hardly knew ya

    Parts of Toshiba will probably be liquidated or sold off, closed down, etc. It will still exist as a company, just in private hands, and maybe this is a good thing to make them leaner and meaner. I hope they can emerge from this a stronger company. With regards to their electronics, there...
  7. Unabomber

    AMD's New Threadripper Chips Have a Hidden Fuse That Blows When Overclocking Is Enabled

    No big deal, as far as most Threadripper owners would see. The way I see it, if you can afford a Threadripper CPU, then you're either going to take care of it and run it as it should be run, or you have enough money to blow that you don't care about the cost of replacing it.
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    T-Mobile offering 1 year free AAA membership

    Valuable indeed. You can get tire changes done, a gallon of gasoline in case if you run dry in your tank, or locksmith services for your vehicle. You can also get towing. Just keep in mind, though, that the "basic" membership only covers up to 3 miles of towing. Anything beyond that and...
  9. Unabomber

    Any one else using home internet from cell phone companies?

    I was using AT&T DSL, that had an 18 mbps download, 2 mbps upload, and until last week, that was the only internet option in my neighborhood aside from Spectrum, which I absolutely hate. I just got my AT&T Internet Air installed. So far, it's pretty smooth, and I don't notice any real...
  10. Unabomber

    how many guys in this forum are IT pros?

    Former professional... While I was in grad school, I worked a side job at my friend's computer store, where we were often times doing wholesale jobs as well. If there were anything wrong with computers from the DOS 6.22 / Win 3.11 For Workgroups / Windows 95 / Windows 98, I could always...
  11. Unabomber

    Old Socket-754 Motherboard help, SATA not working

    This is absolutely correct. SATA II / III drives present a nightmare for this Southbridge, and they can't work in SATA I mode with this chipset. In some Socket 754 motherboard BIOS settings there is an option to run your SATA drives in IDE emulation mode, but I'm almost 100% sure that VIA...
  12. Unabomber

    AMD Counter-Strikes Itself, Pulls Driver After Anti-Lag Feature Causes CS2 Bans

    Seeing the terms "Counterstrike" and "cheating" brings back old memories of the original from the 90's. Back then, the old common sayings in the Team Fortress Classic community were "I only cheat in Counterstrike!" or "everyone cheats in Counterstrike!"
  13. Unabomber

    Sony scrubbing all mentions of the KOTOR remake from their sites

    Star Wars: The Old Republic follows that story line, especially the Jedi Knight class' story, and just about everything from the two KOTOR games is in the game somewhere. If anything it concludes the story from the KOTOR world, including the novels.
  14. Unabomber

    Why don't PC cases have 5.25" external drive bays anymore?

    I built my main PC from a Ryzen 9 5900X combo that I bought from a most gracious member here last year. The case I bought is a very nice one, and does have a 5.25" bay, but you have to do some sawing of your own to get such a drive installed. I decided not to bother with it. This was the...
  15. Unabomber

    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Early 50's. When it came to getting those DOS games to work, I was either the luckiest SOB alive, or maybe just got lucky with QEMM getting almost everything to work beautifully. It didn't work with that awful Voodoo memory manager used by Origin for Ultima VII and Ultima VII part 2...
  16. Unabomber

    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Diamond Stealth 32 PCI video card This was probably the best card for DOS-based gaming, using the Tseng Labs ET4000 W32P chipset (a rarity). It also did exceptionally well in Windows, which is probably why Diamond pulled this card, since it was cannibalizing their Stealth 64 sales. I...
  17. Unabomber

    WTB Windows 10/11 key

    No hate for them at all. This PC is using one from G2A for both Win 11 (actually 10 Pro + upgrade) as well as Office 2019. I'd use them for my work PC's, but since I have a Windows Enterprise site license and a perpetual Office 365 license for them, there's no need.
  18. Unabomber

    Yum! Ramen for Starving E-Gamers: 24-Pack 3-Oz Creamy Chicken Maruchan Ramen $5.76 @Amazon/Walmart

    From what I understand, there are three type of starch in the broth packet, and some of the creaminess comes from the use of tapioca starch. There's also a good bit of dissolved collagen / connective tissue, along with dissolved bone matter in the broth packet (labeled as "thickeners"). You...
  19. Unabomber

    Yum! Ramen for Starving E-Gamers: 24-Pack 3-Oz Creamy Chicken Maruchan Ramen $5.76 @Amazon/Walmart

    They also carry the tonkatsu udon (thicker noodles) as well as dan-dan mien at Costco, and those offerings are also good.
  20. Unabomber

    Yum! Ramen for Starving E-Gamers: 24-Pack 3-Oz Creamy Chicken Maruchan Ramen $5.76 @Amazon/Walmart

    Yeah, it's best not to drink the broth after you're done with the noodles of those instant ramen servings. Any instant noodle package is going to have a high salt content, and even those ones packaged with fresh noodles and liquid broth concentrate, will have a similarly high content. The...
  21. Unabomber

    Yum! Ramen for Starving E-Gamers: 24-Pack 3-Oz Creamy Chicken Maruchan Ramen $5.76 @Amazon/Walmart

    The base: 2 lbs pork neck bones (or leg bones if you can find them) Minced garlic Ginger Kosher salt Black pepper Chopped up green onions 2 tablespoons of soy sauce (regular Kikoman works fine) 2 teaspoons of sugar If you want a bit of extra flavor, take a cast iron skillet, put about a...
  22. Unabomber

    Update your WinRAR installs!

    No argument here. It's terrible to say the least. It's just that your average, every day user, and actually many a "power user" simply wants something that works and is all but transparent, and won't really care how much longer it takes. I guess it was about the same thing as many folks who...
  23. Unabomber

    Update your WinRAR installs!

    7 Zip here as well... WinRAR was good for what it did back in the 90's and 2000's, but given native support in Windows it's simply not needed anymore. That being said, ARJ was the king of compression utilities in the 90's, both for DOS and Windows. In the days before CD-ROM drives were...
  24. Unabomber

    Yum! Ramen for Starving E-Gamers: 24-Pack 3-Oz Creamy Chicken Maruchan Ramen $5.76 @Amazon/Walmart

    Preface: I make my own ramen broth, taking time to boil a bunch of pork bones and garlic cloves overnight to get that base stock. Yeah, it's a bit snobby, but hey, pork bones are cheap, and highly nutritious. I agree with Falkentyne, that the Nong Shim brand is superior (their instant...
  25. Unabomber

    Biggest computer lie ever told

    That was probably from DEC's founder, Ken Olsen, who had said "There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home." That quote may have been taken badly out of context, though, since he was apparently referring to computers that would actually control the home.
  26. Unabomber

    Biggest computer lie ever told

    Apple's slogan of "Blow minds, not budgets" from the late 90's still comes to mind... I wasn't impressed at all with the Power PC-based Macs of the time. They were horribly overpriced, and compared to a similarly priced Pentium / Pentium II or even AMD PC, ran very slowly. Nevertheless...
  27. Unabomber

    Shopping for a card again (3090, 4080, 7900 XT/XTX)

    Just out of curiosity, did they ever stop making the default Nouveau drivers a PITA to uninstall? I haven't done a Linux install with a Nvidia card since CentOS 7, and every time I've tried to uninstall the Nouveau drivers was a tedious process. Thankfully, the folks from ElRepo pointed out...
  28. Unabomber

    WTB: Scientific Calculator

    Every reasonably modern smartphone has scientific calculator capabilities built-in. For a standalone calculator, unless she really needs graphic capabilities (in which case you're better off using a computer), then the good ol' TI-30 series does just fine, at a cost of 10 bucks from Wal-Mart...
  29. Unabomber

    PC in looping. So no one knows what’s causing this?

    Just to completely rule out the RAM not wanting to work in dual channel mode, can you set the timings on the RAM to something more conservative? It could be that your RAM may be marginally good enough to run in dual channel mode, and that as time progressed, it could have degraded just enough...
  30. Unabomber

    SEGA Downfall Leaked

    True, but by that time, programmers were far more adept when it came to coding for multiple processing units (not just CPU's or CPU cores) working at the same time. That, plus the CPU was already an order of magnitude more powerful than the previous generation, that programmers could afford to...
  31. Unabomber

    SEGA Downfall Leaked

    Genesis / Mega Drive was easily the most successful of the Sega consoles. While it was a bit lacking in color depth, and the sound chip wasn't quite as good as its other 16 bit competitors, the fact that it was basically the same guts as the System 16 arcade board made for some excellent game...
  32. Unabomber

    Nvidia reportedly pressures partners to stop them building next-gen Intel Battlemage GPUs (Rumor)

    It has happened in the past with other giants in the industry, and it will continue to happen. Creative Labs was probably one of the more notable ones, where they did everything in their power to make the competition unable to compete, from buying out Aureal and Ensoniq just to close them...
  33. Unabomber

    Arctic Silver 5 (aka Old Gray Beard) vs Arctic MX6 (aka Young and Hung) - The Big Show!

    I bought a 20 gram syringe of Arctic Ceramique (the original) about 13 years ago, and finally used up the last of it earlier this year. Every build I've done for myself, my work place, or close friends, had this stuff applied, and none of them ever reported any heat issues as long as their...
  34. Unabomber

    PC games are starting to require SSDs

    That's a valid statement for today's games. The same will hold true for future games. Even the fastest mechanical drive will eventually get to the point where it can't keep up with the sheer speed advantage of even your lowest end SSD. You'll still be able to play it, until you get to a...
  35. Unabomber

    PC games are starting to require SSDs

    If this happened 5 years ago, it would have been a more notable story. With 1 TB SSD's being under 50 bucks, and 2TB SSD's being under 100 bucks these days (closer to 70), a lot more folks are now SSD-based, and mechanical hard drives with aluminum platters are basically only used for massive...
  36. Unabomber

    REHL will stop bundling LibreOffice with v10 onward

    It's disappointing to hear, since it's probably the best free package available. I'm about to ditch my last two Red Hat-ish systems (One running Fedora, the other running CentOS 7) soon, and will be looking for a new distro.
  37. Unabomber

    5600x Upgrade Woes

    Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Others folks have had a miserable time trying to get this same combination to work.
  38. Unabomber

    Pixel 7 / Pixel 7 Pro / Pixel 7a

    The vid that Supersnake posted shows how to revert it.
  39. Unabomber

    Pixel 7 / Pixel 7 Pro / Pixel 7a

    Next time you're in the Birmingham, Alabama area, shoot me a message, and I'll buy you a beer at Good People Brewing Company.