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    If they follow latest trends, new OLED panels from LG are released around June every year. On another topic, reading the Phillips specs: I mean, how do you compete with that? I have an LG C2 but I never really stopped to think about how absurd these specs are. If they really manage to shrink...
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    Looking Back At ATI Technologies

    It was 2004 I think, I had a 9800 Pro flashed to XT. Purchased an aftermarket cooler for it too. Used to leave the window open during snow season to break synthetic benchmarks records...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    The upgrade from Alienware AW3821DW IPS LCD to LG C2 42" OLED was as big as going from mechanical HD to SSD.
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    Does your monitor make any sort of noise when it's on?

    LG L203WT - silent Samsung 245T - humms for a few seconds after I turn it on, then i can't hear it anymore. I do have a Samsung Plasma TV 50A650 that humms all the time.
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    Which X58 Motherboard do you use? [Poll]

    Asus P6T Vanilla Couldn't be happier, specially for the price I paid
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    GigaByte GA-EX58-UD4P or ASUS P6T(non deluxe)

    i went with the Asus and couldn't be happier. but i'm sure the Gigabyte won't be any worse. they're very good bang for buck boards. offer (nearly) the same that all $300+ boards offer.
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    P6T (not deluxe) sleep issue

    It's a known issue with all Asus, EVGA and Gigabyte's X58 boards. So far no one has found a fix yet.
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    Asus P6T non deluxe ?

    Another P6T user here. Been running at 4Ghz @ 1.4v for two weeks now with this board and absolutely no trouble. 191 x 21 and 211 x 19 both work perfectly. 200 x 20 required a bit more vcore. Didn't have to set any voltages too high (VTT and vQPI both within Intel specs) It's a very...
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    Bizarre issue with Gigabyte X58-UD4P board - Memory there, but not seen by Windows.

    Yes, CPU-Z shows 3Gb @ 1600, just like he said. Now look at the sidebar where vista says he only has 2Gb. That's what the author is worried about. I'm sorry but I can't help you here. Did you try slots 2/4/6?
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    Best OCing motherboards, infinite budget

    The X6800 was the only unlocked Core 2 Duo. It's a 65nm Conroe
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    P6T Non deluxe - any thoughts

    Brazil, hahaha It's summer here right now... But I don't remember summer being this hot :(
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    P6T Non deluxe - any thoughts

    it comes with 4 cables 2 straight and 2 angled
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    P6T Non deluxe - any thoughts

    I'm at 3.8Ghz (181 x 21) 1.29v, so far 1 hour of prime. i'm hitting 75C. My room right now is about 33C at 1:45am, this is ridiculously hot. damn i completely forgot to buy a wifi card for the mobo, since it doesn't have an integrated one like my previous p5k premium =/ I'll post...
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    Asus P6T deluxe vs Asus P6T

    I bought a P6T and I'll be assembling it today. having less LAN or SATA ports didn't bug me. The only thing i really looked at was the 8phase power against 16 from the Deluxe. Will that make me OC less?
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    phase power

    I have seen the MSI Platinum, and it only has 5 phase power and still gets very nice overclocks (210+ bcl), so I wonder if the gigabyte's 12phase power and asus's 16phase power is only gimmick
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    P6T Non deluxe - any thoughts

    I bought the same mobo. I'll be assembling tomorrow, so I'll be able to post impressions
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    Thermalright Ultra Extreme Copper

    but the question is... is the base flat or does it still need lapping like the normal ones? :P
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    Some specs revealed in the upcoming GT212

    what would be the problem in using 256-bit bus? it's only so good for bandwidth, and with GDDR5 there's plenty bandwidth to make up for the cut in the bus width.
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    I want YOU to choose my X58 board!

    I'd get the Asus P6T or wait for the Foxconn BloodRage :] The Giga UD5 seems pretty sweet too, but I'm not fond of Gigabyte's horrible vdrop.
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    New Coolermaster Case : Centurion 590

    For people who have this case and a TRUE Can you use both side panel fans? In my current case (Chieftec Bravo BH) i had to remove one of the side panel fans after I bought my TRUE. another thing is, how long does the motherboard 12v cable must be in order to connect to it's plug in a...
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    Last card you bought from ATI and Nvidia?

    Last ATI card: Radeon X1950 Pro 256 Last nVidia card: Geforce 8800GT 512 I was pretty happy with this upgrade back in january :)
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    24" advice please

    Can you even find non-TN 24" with no input lag?
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    Do you over estimate your PSU need?

    Woah E6420 @ 3.7Ghz 1.5v 8800GT 512 3 HDs Sata 2 sticks of DDR2 2 DVD-RW 2 120mm fans 3 92mm fans 434w Guess that if I plan on upgrading to a Q9450 and HD4870 i'm gonna need a new PSU.. :/
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    Hazro HZ24W mini review with pics :)

    does it have height and swivel adjustments?
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    Is S-PVA good enough or should I only get an IPS panel?

    PVA isn't that bad... The ghosting annoy me but the color shift is bearable. TN is way worse... If you can afford, go IPS..
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    Is burn-in definitive?

    I have a S-IPS LG 20" screen. It has image burn-in at the top of the screen... So for the whole time the computer is on, i can see the address bar of my internet explorer and the rocketdock shadow, even if i don't have it open. The monitor was left off for about 2 or 3 weeks because I...
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    22" 1920x1200 resolution

    I saw that Lenovo in front of me the other day. I really liked the very high DPI. Although I prefer a 24" for watching movies.
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    4850 Crossfire bottlenecked by x8/x8 lanes

    TweakTown released really lame articles and reviews when the HD3XXX series came around. They were the very first to review them, and in their charts, the performance was ridiculously under what we saw in every other review. They made the HD3850 look as weak as a 8600GT. There was a lot of...
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    2408WFP Input Lag?

    No, that's not all. A high enough input lag will make even desktop use uncomfortable, to the point of unusable.
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    2408WFP Input Lag?

    S-PVA nowadays are full of problems. The 2407 (non HC) wasn't that laggy and didn't have as much ghosting as the 2407-HC and 2408 do.
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    2408WFP Input Lag?

    I'm wondering how can products like this get to be sold. If it's so bad that's noticeable in desktop then it is REALLY bad. I have a Samsung 245T that has horrible ghosting on dark gray colors.. I can see the mouse ghosting in this forum's background, or when I play Tomb Raider, but that's...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Probably RocketDock or Y'z Dock Doesn't slow down at all, they're very lightweight apps.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Here it is man :)
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    Samsung 245T service menu?

    Didn't work, after holding source for 5 seconds it just forced the change of the source, even if nothing else was connected.. so i got a black screen with no signal :( Thanks anyway :)
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    Do we need more than 512MB at current?

    Gah It's so frustrating to see people talk about 1680 x 1050 being fine for whatever (512mb, older cards, etc) and 2560 x 1600 needing more memory, new cards, etc. what about 1920 x 1200? everyone just jumps that res and go to the next highest :p I'm on a 24" with a 8800gt and I'm...
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    Samsung 245T service menu?

    Anyone? :(
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    No, it's brand new. I received it after i RMAd my old MX3000 that lasted me only a year before it started double-clicking... That one didn't peel either.. Maybe it isn't old enough yet.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Just out of curiosity, which out of the 3 is our fav 24"? Anyway, here's mine...
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    Samsung 245T service menu?

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a Samsung 245T, gorgeous screen. Unfortunately as I've read, it suffers from the same problems as the Dell 2407-HC. Lot's of ghosting when using gray backgrounds, and it really annoys me when playing Tomb Raider or Assassin's Creed. Someone mentioned that...
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    4850 / 4870 Power adapters

    I remember somewhere said you need to use 2 molex from different cables.. Haven't seen a Molex -> 6 pin that only used one molex yet