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    Gaming Keyboard For Vision Problems

    WASD is a good starting option and you can get a nice set of keycaps with a large font. I'd also recommend you check the geekhack group buys ( from time to time. Look through the various group buy keycap threads from time to time and if something...
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    mechanical keyboard or not

    Yes they are :P
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    What is the absolute best, highest quality, mouse & keyboard under $50?

    Generally wired devices are better quality. Mechanical keyboards are better quality, rubber domes for better or worse are pretty much all the same but there's really nothing that will fit your budget range. If you want a wireless mouse get a G602 on sale - that's probably the best option for you.
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    Mechanical keyboard for Mac?

    Leopold FC900R, Filco Majestouch - 2, WASD v2
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    ASUS RMA turnaround time?

    About 2-3 weeks. ASUS is not known for their great customer service and warranty process unfortunately.
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    Wanting To Start Reviews, Thoughts/Suggestions?

    When you put it like that, no there haven't been. However, new sensors particularly the one in the G502 are more precise and much more consistent than the laser sensor of the g500.
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    Geekhack, Massdrop and Deskthority are good places. Look through the group buys, place an order and be patient :P Be careful about group buys though - they're run by individuals sometimes and can take a while. The history of geekhack and deskthority is fraught with people flubbing group buys at...
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    Wanting To Start Reviews, Thoughts/Suggestions?

    I think it's really tough to review mice. You end either up doing a pretty generic review or you have a more technical review. Most reviews are people just opening the box, fluffing the mouse and fumbling around for 5-20 minutes. Personally, I'm always left with that feeling of my time being...
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    Skip 4K, go directly to 5K?

    Can't wait for 4K IPS but yea most graphics cards - even the top of the line ones - have a hard time handling 1440p with most things set on ultra/high and getting a smooth fps.
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    Anyone know if all keys on the Logitech 910 are mech?

    As it's been said here, all the "standard" keyboard switches are omron. So let me just point out that MX red is a linear switch. The G910 uses unique omron switches that are tactile - so it's more accurate to say it feels like a suppressed MX brown. Anyways, nit picking aside. Some of the...
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    I can't get away from the!

    Maybe try the G502? It looks really different but I think alot of what made the 518 great lives on in the 502.
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    >135g wired gaming mouse?

    It's not a laser mouse though but why not a G502 and shove all the weights in ;) Also check out the Rat 7 (adjustable everything) and Thermaltake Level 10 M. These are both laser sensors and quite heavy.
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    Razer DeathAdder or Logitech G502

    I like the deathadder's shape better but I'd definitely pick the G502 over the deathadder. The G502's sensor is the most precise sensor that's out right now. The only issue with the G502 is you might not like the metal scroll wheel "shaking" around when you swipe your mouse. G502 is also a bit...
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    Cherry Brown vs. Illuminated

    So I think you might want to consider a linear cherry mx switch. You can also change your keycaps to a height profile that you like better.
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    Blue, Red, Black or Brown Cherries?

    Personally I love red for gaming. I don't find tactile switches (blue, green, clear, etc) great for gaming - it's really hard to double tap and do things like that .
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    razer mice - build qality?

    What I've heard is that all the razer mice except the Deathadder seem to be prone to issues and break down frequently. I think this past year or so I've heard alot of users complain about how their DAs start developing double click issues. Another issue is synapse 2.0 messing with the mouse's...
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    Keep my keyboard frpm sliding around?

    What keyboard you have? I would recommend you get a good quality mechanical keyboard. They're heavy and they won't move around ;) A deskmat might also help you.
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    Mouse Surface

    My 2 cents: G240 good quality tracking. It's kinda thin though. It's got a slow glide but it's a bit faster than the QCK's glide. Steelseries QCK (comes in a few sizes) and QCK heavy (thicker and larger) are also commonly recommended. Personally I don't really like these pads at least the...
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    Choosing between three keyboards

    Depends on what you're going for. The best out of the box typing experience will be either the Leopold 750 or the Kul ES 87 these are TKL boards though. CM is also great and easily obtainable. For full sized boards, filco, leopold and cooler master are definitely the way to go. If you want...
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    Gaming controller.

    I think the Xbox one or 360 controller is probably the best. It has full compatibility usually and doesn't require additional drivers and setup like the playstation controller and other one's do.
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    Cooler Master NovaTouch TKL Keyboard

    Novatouch :) Topre isn't a new thing though. It's just that the cherry mx compatible stems on this Topre board is something new. I'm slightly kinda annoyed they keep comparing Topre to other keyboards. I mean describe Topre all you want but the proper comparison should be a novatouch (with the...
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    What product line does the GM210 correspond to?
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    Samsung S27D850T (1440p S-PLS) & S32D850T (1440p A-MVA)

    I'm a bit surprised there isn't more stuff about this.
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    Large Wide Mousepads?

    Which one of these surfaces has a fast glide err does anybody know which one of these pads gives the smoothest glide?
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    House Approves USA Freedom Act Amendment

    ... Yea except the NSA wasn't supposed to be doing this in the first place.
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    Looking to pick between a soft or hard mousepad for the Rival

    Thanks. Although, I have to point out that the steelseries sensei is actually a laser sensor, not optical like the sensor the Rival uses. It's important to note this because each sensors behave differently on different surfaces. Laser sensors have been generally known to work better on harder...
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    Looking to pick between a soft or hard mousepad for the Rival

    I’m looking to overhaul my peripherals and I’d like to pick your brain. I’ve got a SteelSeries Rival on the way to me and I’m looking to pick-up a mousepad that will go along with it. I’ve narrowed my mousepad search down to either the: Logitech G240 (soft cloth pad) Logitech G440 (hard...