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    Super Flower Leadex III 850W Gold PS - $110 + $20 Newegg Gift Card

    Pretty presumptuous of you to assume they only serve the English market and that their name isn't a direct translation which has a meaning in their native language. Is it weird that Apple doesn't sell apples? (in before someone links an article where they may have 20 years ago :))
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    PlayStation Showcase 2021

    Sir this is a Wendy's.
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    Netflix raises prices on standard and premium plans

    I mean it's more convenient for me to walk behind a store counter and take the money from the register instead of me working 9-5pm but it doesn't make me entitled to take it.
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    Wtb am4 aio

    Looking for an 240mm AIO preferably just the rad/block as I already have some 120mm fans. Also being rgb and white would be a nice bonus. Shipped to CA.
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    Wtb raspberry pi 3

    Like the title says, looking for a raspberry pi 3 or equivalent for some small footprint kodi and emulators.
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    WTB Swiftech H220-x or H240x

    Replied to pm's
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    WTB Swiftech H220-x or H240x

    Looking to get an expandable AIO cooler setup. So fractal s24 or s36 are okay too but I'd rather have either one of the swiftech or the x2 versions. I'd be open to the 320 as well. Local pickup in SoCal or shipped to 92844. Edit: found
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    Pokémon Go Players Are Becoming Robbery Targets

    Who's to say what the age of demographic they're shooting for is? I'd imagine the demographic is gamers, and since there's a pay shop I'd imagine the developers would love revenue from working adults as well.
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    PCGH - RX 480 fails at 1400MHz

    Who parked the batmobile on top of a graphics card?
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    Apple Wins Class-Action iMessage Android Lawsuit

    I find using data based messaging apps like whatsapp to be more reliable than SMS tbh. There are times when cellular SMS is bad and lags my SMS for awhile and since I always have data/WiFi where I go, I'd rather do that
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    Sprint Galaxy S6 and Note5 users LTE and wifi on same time?

    Silly question but have you checked your modem/router? This happened to me a month ago and it was a modem issue.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    I've read on some reddit threads that if you tie against a higher favored team then it counts that as a win. Take this with a grain of salt since I don't think valve has explicitly showed their calculation methods.
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    Galaxy Note 5

    Not a true cell network message app replacement but I use Whatsapp mainly nowadays and they do not compress their images as far as I know.
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    What The Public Knows And Does Not Know About Science

    ** I did NOT call him out on it, he was asking what the other reply was going on about. I just clarified.
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    What The Public Knows And Does Not Know About Science

    You meant would have or would've not would of, that doesn't make any sense.
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    Galaxy Note 5

    Had my note 5 for a couple of days, upgraded from a s5. Don't feel like I've lost anything with microsd/removable battery yet, but who knows that might change later on. I'm loving this phone it feels really good in the hand and is just gorgeous to use/look at. Definitely going to out a case on...
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    Samsung Galaxy S6

    Just want to say that the video was uploaded via a Chinese website and the language on the phone when she was scrolling around was Chinese. Also plastic ground or not, I'd say she was whipping that phone down with a passion of a diehard apple fanboy.
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    Good FPS PC Games?

    +1 csgo
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    Logitech G500s - $40 - Best Buy

    This is smaller than the mx 518 right?
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    What Mechanical Switch Is Your Favorite?

    Poll seems skewered towards the more readily available/popular switches. Many people here have not tried topre or clears/etc so obviously they're not going to vote for them. I myself really enjoy topre and modded clears.
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    Warm - monoprice glassed 27" WQHD 398.87
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    LG's latest super phone, the G2. 5.2" 1080p, Snapdragon 800, 3000mAh...

    Agreed. The S2 was such a international success that gave samsung a much better bargaining chip for all subsequent phones.
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    New gaming build, or revitalize my old one?

    The 840, for your budget I'd least get the 840 Pro.
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    Semi-Budget Gaming Rig Hardware

    What games will you be playing and at what resolution? Do you live near a Fry's or microcenter? Honestly from that list, I wouldn't pay so much for that motherboard if you're going with a non-overclocking cpu. Also, will you be overclocking?
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    Been out of the game for a while, looking for upgrade advice.

    I agree with Danny, Zotac isn't that great of a brand, but like he said XXX has been slipping lately especially their core series. If you don't mind ordering the card from , here's a 2GB EVGA 650 ti boost for $159 AR.
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    What should I upgrade (if anything)

    I also wouldn't go water cooling for minimal gaming performance. What games are you playing that you can't max at 1080p?
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    Been out of the game for a while, looking for upgrade advice.

    This 650ti boost 2gb for $135 AR will be better than that 7850 1GB and cheaper too. Also if you're not going the route of overclocking, I'd just get Haswell for that same price. i5 4570 $199...
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    FS Nvidia In-game credit code

    World of tanks code sold to TechloGoblin. Other games don't seem to be as popular, will give the other codes to whoever PM's me.
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    Memory upgrade

    What motherboard do you have?
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    Noob here, I want to build my first PC, need helps though, obviously

    Also this Asus 660 is 169 after rebate and comes with splinter cell blacklist. Which you could either keep or sell 25ish. I'd also...
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    Noob here, I want to build my first PC, need helps though, obviously

    If you don't mind mail in rebates, there's this 650 seasonic psu that gold rated, modular for the same price...