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  1. MacLeod

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    So I've been converted to the wireless mouse cult with my Superlight 2 but my girl bought me the Deathadder V3 Pro as a valentines day present and I think I like it better. I switch back and forth a lot between mice but I think the DAv3 may be the best feeling shape I've ever used, and I've...
  2. MacLeod

    What were your favorite Speakers?

    Speakers in general, Kef is my "go to" brand. I've owned a couple sets of their home speakers and have heard them used in a few car audio, sound quality, installs and I love them. Another favorite is Scanspeak, specifically the Revelators. For computer speakers, in 2001 I bought a Sony Vaio PC...
  3. MacLeod

    Headset DAC or sound card for gaming?

    Consider the Arcits Nova Pros from Steelseries. It comes with a pretty solid DAC that the mic also runs thru and it has a lot of features. It's not very powerful tho but plenty for the Arcits Nova cans. I have a set of them, Audiotechnica G1, Beyrdynamics DT770, Hyper X Cloud Alphas and...
  4. MacLeod

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    I totally agree when it comes to keyboards but as a PC gamer, I get not wanting a cable. I have been killed multiple times because my cable or the cable bungee getting hung up. And since wireless mice are all the rage, it's usually where the highest end mice are. Granted you gotta buy the top...
  5. MacLeod

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    I got $80 in Best Buy gift cards for Christmas so I splurged and did something I swore I'd never do.... Bought a top of the line wireless mouse. Since 99% of the pros use them I figure why not take a shot. I picked up the $160 Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2. After a couple of days with it I...
  6. MacLeod

    Recommend me a great-sounding 2.1 speaker system for PC?

    I tend to agree with this. I've had mine for about a decade and still really like it. I wouldn't call it reference or audiophile quality but it sounds really good especially with gaming. The surround on my subwoofer started flaking off but I replaced it with a $20 woofer off Amazon and it...
  7. MacLeod

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (2023)

    I played MP for a couple hours last night (I don't care about the campaign) and I gotta say I'm liking it. I don't have a very in depth opinion of it yet but it seems to run good, it looks really good and I think the movement and gun play are better than MW2.... I like the atmosphere these maps...
  8. MacLeod

    Modern Warfare III (2023): Graphics looks like *last gen* what happened?

    I haven't played 3 yet but intent to when it's released on the 10th. I personally don't care if the graphics are cutting edge. I usually turn the settings down anyway to get the higher FPS. Isnt this just early release right now? I thought the games wasn't actually released until the 10th.
  9. MacLeod

    Lack of innovation of Mice

    I always wanted one of these. In one of PC Gamer's How to Build A Gaming PC issues back around 08 when I first got into this thing of ours, that was the mouse they picked for the build. I'd never seen a gaming mouse before and thought it was gorgeous and had to have it. I was broke as hell tho...
  10. MacLeod

    Gamers Nexus vs LinusTechTips: Smackdown

    Yeah I call BS. She actually lost me when she said she's receiving "death threats" over it. That's always the first sign somebody's making stuff up. Linus turned a YouTube channel into a multi-million dollar business. I think he was pushing too hard trying to get out 1 video a day and that it...
  11. MacLeod

    Dead Space remake (2023)

    I hadn't played it in a while but fired it up yesterday for a little bit and it seemed to run fine. Honestly I've never had any problems with it.
  12. MacLeod

    Whatz your oldest system/gear you still use on a daily or regular basis?

    Gotta be my case, a Corsair 500R Carbide. I got it in 2011 I think. I've revamped my rig several times since then but I keep the case. It's starting to look pretty dated but I still like it. Well built, plenty of room for my needs and looks good.
  13. MacLeod

    (RUMOR) Konami is set to revive Metal Gear (confirmed), Castlevania (still waiting) and Silent Hill (confirmed)

    Yeah I was wondering what was up. That looks like a cool enough game I suppose but it definitely didn't look like a Silent Hill game.
  14. MacLeod

    Is 650 watts enough for my new build?

    Wasn't that long ago that 650 watts was plenty for just about any rig you wanted to build. Not nowadays. With a 3090 and 5700x I'd want a 750 at least and would probably opt for an 850.
  15. MacLeod

    How many of you actually use ray tracing in the games you play?

    I turned it on in Modern Warfare 2019 the other day. I know that's not the best game for it but I was curious. Frame rate dropped from 140's to 100's and while I could see some cool graphics in some places, overall I really didn't notice much. But it was enought that I think I might use it in...
  16. MacLeod

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    This one is an OG model.... 2010 I think is when they came out. It's got Cherry MX Blues. It was before Razer was big enough to have their own switches lol... I bought this and a DeathAdder 3.5G at the same time (I still have that mouse too). I instantly loved them both and posted on here I'm a...
  17. MacLeod

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    I broke out my old Razer BlackWidow Ultimate a couple weeks ago and forgot how much I love this thing. This was my first mechanical keyboard and I've had it at least 12 years and it was my first "gaming" keyboard too. To this day it's still my favorite one to type on. I know it's not popular...
  18. MacLeod

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    I had every intention of playing the Dead Space remake tonight but here I am grinding away on Modern Warfare 2 swearing that everybody in my lobby is a cheater. I have the worst luck that way lol.... I used to live and breath single player games but for whatever reason whenever I sit down to...
  19. MacLeod

    GeForce RTX 5000 GPUs Rumored For A 2024 Release And Huge Performance Uplift

    For me it's the fun of researching, choosing and building my own PC and tweaking on it. As much as I love gaming, the building is half the fun. I agree tho that if you're not into building/tweaking/tuning then you're better off with a console especially at these prices.
  20. MacLeod

    GeForce RTX 5000 GPUs Rumored For A 2024 Release And Huge Performance Uplift

    Yeah I figure the 5080 will release for a paltry $3000.... And we should be grateful Nvidia allows us to buy them.
  21. MacLeod

    How many of you actually use ray tracing in the games you play?

    I pretty much only play Call of Duty these days so I need the frames more than the pretty pictures. If I ever play a single player game that supports it I'm sure I'll turn it on to check it out but will likely leave it off because even for single player games I'd rather give up some graphics...
  22. MacLeod

    Nvidia shares soar nearly 30% as sales forecast jumps on 4060 Ti beat

    Nah first thing I had to learn is not to look back or else you'll drive yourself crazy. Every stock you hold onto will crash, every one you sell will rebound. Just accept it hahaha...
  23. MacLeod

    Nvidia shares soar nearly 30% as sales forecast jumps on 4060 Ti beat

    Nvidia was up again today and brought the NASDAQ up witu it.... I just wish it would bring the DOW up, I'm losing my rear end! Only "tech" stock I have now is Verizon which is in a free fall. Everything else is tumbling as well.
  24. MacLeod

    LTT'S Linus Sebastian stepping down as CEO

    I've always like Linus and enjoyed his channel for the most part. I know he gets a lot of hate from the "hardcore" types cause the top guy usually gets all the hate but I think the guy should be admired. Kinda started the tech YouTube scene and built it up from a little hobby to like 100...
  25. MacLeod

    Batman: Arkham Knight

    Agreed. It's like watching all the Star Wars movies except for the very first one. Yeah it's not as technically advanced as the others and it's a smaller world but it is equally as excellent as the others. If you enjoyed City and Knight (and Origins is very good too) then you're doing yourself a...
  26. MacLeod

    Intel slashes dividend

    Well that's that then, I'm out. I've got 2000 shares of Intel that I've had for years and held on to just for the dividend. It's never been a good growth stock but always has a decent dividend. Now that it's worth only $25/share and the annual dividend is now 48¢ instead of $1.46 there is...
  27. MacLeod

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022)

    It's season 2. Couple new maps and a new gun or 2. Nothing much to write home about. I had built up enough COD points or coins or whatever they're called so I got the battle pass. Otherwise I wouldn't have bought it for the first time since 2019. Not real impressed with the small amount of...
  28. MacLeod

    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki steps down after nine years at the helm

    It's actually pretty huge now. Many of the channels on there now out out videos rivaling anything too find on network tv. Watch Lemino's documentary on Jack the Ripper. It's better than anything you'll find on Discovery lol.... So yeah I don't necessarily want it to go back to "what it was", I...
  29. MacLeod

    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki steps down after nine years at the helm

    Well Elon has proven what 1 man can do. Twitter is bigger than YouTube and they absolutely were waging an ideological war against anything not woke. I've grown to love YouTube and watch it most of the time now, way more than any other streaming service. I hope this does mean they'll loosen up...
  30. MacLeod

    Why OLED for PC use?

    No I'm with you on this and it's why I have no interest in OLED. I like my taskbar to always be there. I've tried hiding it but find it annoying. I have several things pinned to it and it's just more convenient for me to have it always there. Now granted I only use my PC for gaming so I am a...
  31. MacLeod

    Intel cutting employee and executive pay

    I own a lot of Intel stock and have been watching it for several months.... I kinda want to sell it but just can't pull the trigger. I remember it wasn't that long ago it was looking like AMD was about to go bankrupt and now look at them. If they reduce the dividend I think I will sell but as...
  32. MacLeod

    Dead Space remake (2023)

    They weighed in on more than boobies. Apparently Kendra is gay and so is engineer Temple. Space, where everybody's gay. Oh well, still enjoying the game.
  33. MacLeod

    Dead Space remake (2023)

    I'm a couple hours into the game and so far man I freaking love it! The graphics are very good but not ground breaking. The atmosphere is just as good as the original. The levels are familiar but are just different enough that I have to play cautiously expecting something to jump out at me at...
  34. MacLeod

    Dead Space remake (2023)

    Man that is good news. I have been really excited about this game since I first heard about it. The OG game is one of my all time favorites and it's the first game my little boy played with me. He'd sit in my lap while I played and was never scared lol.... I've got money in hand, bought a set...
  35. MacLeod

    What game made you a PC Gamer?

    Several Commodore 64 games made me want to switch from my Atari 2600 but I went back to console with the Sega Genesis. The one game that made me want to be a "PC Gamer" was Crysis. When I saw the graphics in a magazine I really wanted to play it. Then when I read about how demanding it was and...
  36. MacLeod

    HardForum official app

    I never knew it was there either.... It's actually pretty handy. It seems to have it's own browser tho cause it's not opening up in Chrome or the stock android browser. Not a problem and it does make it more like a standalone app. Plus I don't have to worry about being embarrassed tapping on...
  37. MacLeod

    HardForum official app

    I just looked on mine and I'll be damned, it is there...
  38. MacLeod

    Do you enable or disable the music in a game?

    Depends on the game.... If it's a single player game like Dead Space or one of the Arkham games, the music is as important to the game as anything else. Call of Duty? Yeah that's turned off.
  39. MacLeod

    HardForum official app

    Far as I know there is no app. If I remember right they said they'd spent so much time and effort to get the mobile version of the website to run so smooth that you don't need an app. I tend to agree.
  40. MacLeod

    What games do you think were graphically well-ahead of their time?

    I'll go way back to the early 80's.... One on One: Larry Bird and Doctor J. When the basketball video games I was playing in the early 80's looked like this: I saw this on the Commodore 64 and was absolutely blown away by how good the graphics were and knew I had to be a PC gamer.