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    FS: Nest Thermostat 2nd Gen - $220 shipped BNIB

    Heat - 450
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    WTB: Kindle Paperwhite

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    WTB: Kindle Paperwhite

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    What used GPU under ~$60?

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    Advice needed on getting consistent 5.1 playback

    The logitechs are probably set to pro logic mode. Switch to a different mode.
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    Original Xbox RCA to HDMI?
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    Receiver for separate TV / Computer speakers

    If you had a higher end receiver, it would be amplified. But honestly, multiple zones on most receivers are difficult to manage. I don't think its for echo cancellation, I think its just for monitoring.
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    HTPC w/ XBMC

    The Pi isn't a good option at all. (I have one and use it for this purpose!) Remember, you still need to provide a USB power source (2A or above ideal), USB WiFi, case, and you might also want a remote (yes, you could use your phone as well). After you add up the parts, you might as well get...
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    Grado sr60e - sr80e or sr80i

    Neither will require a headphone amplifier.
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    Young People Can No Longer Fix Gadgets

    Thats literally every single German car I've come across. When it works - brilliant! When it doesn't - bleh.
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    HTPC w/ XBMC

    Does he have a laptop? Does he have gaming machine? If he has a laptop then the solution is easy - just setup a share and have him using an HDMI cable. If he has a gaming machine - 360, PS3, etc then he can use PS3 Media Server or whatever the name is now.
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    something, like, a microsft intellimouse
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    Grado sr60e - sr80e or sr80i

    I thought about recommending the MS1 but wasn't sure if it was available in Turkey. After going to their website and going through the ordering page it seems like they in fact DO ship to Turkey - only for $15 USD at that! I don't know if there will be import fees at customs, but the MS1 might...
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    TV/Display for XBox One help?
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    Grado sr60e - sr80e or sr80i

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    Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone - Blackout Edition $79.99 @Amazon GoldBox deal.

    Set it to directional and point it toward your face. You can also reduce the gain slightly.
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    Receiver for separate TV / Computer speakers

    When you were using HDMI with your receiver for audio, did you change the speaker configuration in Windows? If you only use RCA cables, the receiver will have to use Pro Logic II to send audio to the center and subwoofer. Well, you could get a speaker switch, but the center channel would still...
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    Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone - Blackout Edition $79.99 @Amazon GoldBox deal.

    I have one of these, but I recommend stepping up to the Pro if you want to use the headphone output. 16/48 I/O on this one, 24/192 on the Pro.
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    Receiver for separate TV / Computer speakers

    For the TV speaker setup, are you using the sub from the AM3? For the computer speaker setup - are you intending to use the Velodyne or just have the AM3's running on their own? Setup your computer as such 7970 -> DVI -> Monitor 7970 -> HDMI -> NR535 -> TV (this will send both audio and video...
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    Receiver for separate TV / Computer speakers

    Full specs of all your gear will make it easier to help you.
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    Microsoft Plans a Virtual Reality Headset for Xbox One

    Are there any public talks?
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    $310 Shipped - BNIB Xbox One w/Assassins Creed Black Flag and Unity

    Heat: 450 Payment via PayPal Item will be shipped direct from MS Store.
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    T-Mobile Unveils Data Stash

    T-Mo has unlimited data.
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    T-Mobile Unveils Data Stash

    I'm on the 2.5GB promo plan - I get 1GB hotspot.
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    Get SimCity 2000 Free On Origin

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    Upgrade old computer - $150 budget

    Save up a bit more and get CPU, mobo, RAM, and GPU.
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    Xbox One transparent tiles are coming :)

    I don't see how the tiles are hard to use with the controller.
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    Xbox One transparent tiles are coming :)

    How could they make the Xbox One UI better?
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    Do digital xbox one games transfer to new owner?

    It is tied to the Xbox Live account - not the console.
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    Computer-Video Card Hook to big 1080p TV

    You can have the monitor and TV running at the same time (mirrored), extended (where they run as independent screen spaces), or just one display at a time. The video card will have no problem running DVI and HDMI at the same time. If you don't hear sound from the TV, don't panic - go into the...
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    Video card that supports 8+ monitors? Or Integrated video +...
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    is there a way to get cdkey a tablet

    Does it have a COA sticker? Maybe the sticker is inside the manual? It could also have SLIC 2.1 in the BIOS such that when you install Win 7 it is auto-activated.
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    Comcast Really, Really Doesn't Like Netflix

    What are you data caps?