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    You Petya Ass We Have Some Details

    Kyle, I think there may be some technical inaccuracies in a couple things you said. McAfee's doc clears up a lot of it which can be found here: 1. I don't believe you're safe from Petya if...
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    FS/FT: Philips BDM4065UC 40" 4K monitor. SoCal pickup only

    Bump. Still looking for a trade or buyer
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    FS/FT: Philips BDM4065UC 40" 4K monitor. SoCal pickup only

    Dropping the price to $650 because I can buy the Dell for a similar price.
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    FS/FT: Philips BDM4065UC 40" 4K monitor. SoCal pickup only

    S_I_N_ecof, I may consider it later but I'm going to hold off for the moment. Although it's a small issue, I prefer the adjustable stand on the Dell. Thanks though.
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    FS/FT: Philips BDM4065UC 40" 4K monitor. SoCal pickup only

    I never thought I'd say it, but I got a monitor that has a resolution that is too high. I purchased this monitor back in May. As nice as the monitor is, I think I'd prefer one of the 34" widescreens so I'm seeing if I can sell or trade this here. The monitor is in excellent condition with low...
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    Best Training to Help Coworker Replace me as Network Admin?

    Instead of going to bootcamp which will probably cost ~$5k. Have the company invest in more new server sor and start rebuilding your aging network/servers. Have him do the rebuilding with you there available to answer questions. Not only does he get the direct hands on experience with the...
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    University student seeking a mentor of sorts...

    For what it's worth, working through these frustrating problems will likely make you learn things much better. If you don't like solving challenges like this, you might want to consider a different career path.
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    What do you do if your server has been hacked?

    It would very likely stop a worm that took advantage of the RDP protocol. People need to get over the "security through obscurity doesn't work" mantra. It does work. Just not by itself and as the sole method of protection.
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    possible wifi security issue

    This is good advice. In addition, you may want to read this article. Anyone can broadcast any SSID they want. I'm not positive but I believe that most OSs will connect to the AP with the strongest signal strength. So it's possible that in some areas, his AP has a stronger signal then your AP...
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    possible wifi security issue

    Really? He may have a security issue so he should go out and buy a completely new router? And then block SSID broadcasts and use MAC controls which are both ineffectual to even a moderately skilled attacker? Great advice buddy!
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    Web Application Firewall?

    This isn't really a "hosted" solution. I'm sure there are plenty of vendors who will sell you the service. But you're not going to find one that takes the time to learn your application properly that can effectively manage a WAF; at least at anything resembling "cheap". You'll find plenty of...
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    Desktop vulnerability scanning

    Well, I have to say, I can't understand the logic of creating your own program unless you have some security guy who wanted to write a vuln scanner and convinced management to fund his hobby. I think the most important thing you need is clarification from management on exactly why they want...
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    What kind of education should my son get for a career in security

    Your responses lead me to believe that you've already got a pretty good understanding of the industry and consequently the best path for you son. Experience is king. I won't dispute that. But much like you mention, understanding the deep concepts is incredibly important in almost all areas of...
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    Living with roomate: How do I secure myself from his network stupidity?

    Plug her into the "DMZ" port on your router. Most likely you have one. If she needs wireless, if you don't already own one, buy a wireless router that supports multiple SSIDs, such as listed here
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    PCI Scan Failure on HP MFP

    To Nate7311's point, if this printer is accessible from the internet you have much bigger problems. At the very least you need to make sure the printer isn't accessible. You should follow that up by making sure the rest of your systems that aren't explicitly needed by your business to be...
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    I want to create a storage site for myself (VPN)

    Nocturnal's point about bandwidth is going to be your biggest issue. This is possible in many different ways. You can allow FTP traffic through your home router and grab the files that way (not very secure). You could enable SSH and tunnel your FTP traffic over the SSH tunnel. You could use a...
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    Unix login script

    Use SSH keys. Read here: You can read about all the people who tried doing this the hard way here:
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    How would you improve this Log In PHP code.

    Haha. Awesome. Nice catch!
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    How would you improve this Log In PHP code.

    It's been forever and a day since I've done any PHP coding and even longer since I've looked done any kind of code review so don't consider this comprehensive. - You're passing username/password in the POST over SSL/TLS right? - I know this is just a basic class but to be thorough you need...
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    Career Change to Database work, looking for advice

    You can purchase a domain through GoDaddy or one of the many other registrars for around $10/year last I checked. You can rent a cheap VPS for around $10/month. I'd check and find a budget VPS. You don't really need anything powerful until you start serving lots of people. Use...
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    Career Change to Database work, looking for advice

    I'm not going to say that a degree is useless but in most IT jobs (excluding programming) work experience is FAR more important than a degree. In fact, if you do get a degree and you weren't getting practical experience while you were doing it, you're going to be very close to the same position...
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    FTP through command prompt.

    I'm 90% sure hawk82 is right. This is, or was, a fairly common problem. It's usually because FTP is an odd protocol compared to most. Most modern firewalls have workarounds to handle the issue. If you're trying to fetch from a vendor site and they're saying that others customers are not having...
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    Those of you who have built a desk...

    You're missing way too much information to provide a qualified answer. Without knowing how much weight you're trying to support, the thickness of the table top, or how much deflection (sag) is acceptable, it's impossible to tell. I'm guessing you're just looking for a rough answer though so...
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    Any Thoughts on FishNet Security?

    I've been in this industry for over 10 years and that is the first time I've ever heard that acronym. MSP, sure. ISSP, wat? Maybe I'm old but we just called them security companies or security consultants. I've worked for an MSSP. One of the best jobs I've had. I'd know what you were talking...
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    Contemplating making a desk

    There's a couple of things to consider when building your desk. The biggest consideration is the size and shape of the desktop. Because it is 7' long on each side you'll need to construct it from multiple pieces of whatever product you use.You need to understand that it is very difficult to...
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    Security Cameras? help

    This thread has the best info I've found on security cameras.
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    Who is tracking me and how do I stop it?

    No, I'm not mistaken. And, I know exactly what I'm talking about. Um, yes. Exactly what I said in the last sentence of the first paragraph in the reply you quoted. You can't easily protect against someone who doesn't play by the accepted rules, or general mores of society. My recommendation...
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    Who is tracking me and how do I stop it?

    Do you really want to argue semantics? Sure ISPs keep logs. Doesn't mean they can see everything you do. For example, data passed over SSL. You claiming that "Your ISP and every website you visit knows where you're going and what you're doing" is bullshit because it's simply not true. ISPs have...
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    Internal Penetration / Security scanners

    See You're going to pay for anything decent. You could always call a vendor you're interested in and ask them for a demo. Also consider using a small security vendor who will do a simple one time scan. You'll likely just pay for consulting time. It won't...
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    Basic Networking for At-Home Job

    Bobacus is right. Running the wire will be easier. Also, using Internet Connection Sharing over wifi defeats the reason your company is asking you to not use wireless in the first place. Consider ethernet over powerline if you absolutely cannot run wires and can't use wifi.
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    Who is tracking me and how do I stop it?

    To the OP. I suggest you read Wikiepedia's page on cookies. It should give you a better understanding of how _most_ advertising companies are targeting ads. You can also look into disabling third party cookies in your browser (which may break some stuff). If you're using firefox you may want to...
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    Who is tracking me and how do I stop it?

    No they don't and no it's not. Please stop spreading nonsense.
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    Innocent man's PC seized because of some hacker?

    Seriously, just shut up. You obviously offer no help whatsoever. He came here for help and all you can do is talk down to him by telling him things you think he should have known to do. You want him to image the flash on a wireless router? Seriously? How is he supposed to do that? You want him...
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    Vulnerable VM's

    Found this: I cant' speak to the legitimacy or usefulness of the site though. Used to be a bunch of sites that had different levels of vulnerable servers. I can't find any links though other than the above. It's been a few years so most of the sites are...
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    IT Resume Thread

    Apologies if I'm overly critical. - I don't like your objective. As a hiring manager, I don't care that much about what you want. No offense. I care about if you will be able to do the job I need. If you're going to keep this section change it to Overview or Background or something similar...
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    Best method for mass DBAN?

    There are a lot of hardware wipers on the market. See here for example. If you spend enough time wiping drives it should be easy to justify the expense of one of these to management. There are also companies that will wipe the drives for you and provide a certificate of destruction. I think...
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    Network design ideas.

    Do a traffic survey. Start capturing some traffic and figure out what your utilization rates are and which applications are traffic heavy. Until then you're just taking guesses. Buying more bandwidth may fix the problem but it may not be the best solution and still doesn't give you any insight...
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    Intrusion Prevention Systems Question

    A couple thoughts. - If you've got a contract with Gartner or some other "respected authority" that your company trusts, try and get something from them explaining the importance of IPS and how it's a mature technology. - Explain that and IDS system that is not being actively monitored...
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    The Ultimate Computer Desk - 2 Built-In Computers

    Nice project! You may want to consider the use of cauls to get better pressure on your edging. Also, have you thought about using 1/8" or 1/16" strips for the edging? I think it might blend a bit better. But I certainly understand if you're constrained by cutting the thin strips on your table...