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    $5 Off ANY Nintendo DS game - Toys R Us B&M

    thanks for this, also you can clear your cookies and get it again if you must
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    Front Page Down?

    I think there blocking "fasterfox"
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    Lord of the Rings RTS?? :) quite some time now
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    EQ II around the bend, who's playing?

    pre-ordered the collectors edition
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    Please Photshop my Car meh?
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    UAT Game Design

    Hehe sorry, Art institude of pittsburgh
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    UAT Game Design

    All I needed was a 2.0 in HS as well for AIP
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    UAT Game Design

    I'm currently enrolled in Game and Art design for a Bachelor's of science degree At the art institude of pittsburgh The courses I will be taking cover all that and more
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    The Screen Shot Thread!

    admin plz delete
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    What size monitor do you have?

    17" 172x
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    Getting my Samsung 172x on Monday

    The second box is a power cable... They did the same thing to me.
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    Streaming Display question

    I dont know if you can stream direct video of you playing or not.... but its free and maybe you can figure out how?
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    172x or 710t Monitors Direct or dell where to buy

    Monitor direct has a no questions ask 30-day return policy... One dead pixel = you can return it for another one easily... Or if you dont like it you can switch it out
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    LCD vs. CRT in terms of eye health?

    Woofer thats not all true... I just got a samsung 172x a month ago and I have never noticed it ghost... I play bf:V ut2k4 cod etc... and I watch alot of movies on it as well
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    Themes For StyleXP All of there visual styles are for StyleXP 2.0 :)
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    ATTN: Samsung 172x owners (56K warning)

    Odd, I dont get that effect at all. I just got mine a week ago
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    ? About setting up game server

    Also how many people do you plan on being on these servers? You'll need alot more bandwidth to push 20+ on a BF:V
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    City of Hero's playable on dialup?

    I use broadband. But I know several people that do use dialup to play CoH they get lag when theres lots of people around but it is doable from what they say :)
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    BattleField Vietnam Map: Operation Hastings ...

    msg me on aim i will hook ya up
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    /set show_fps 1
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    UT2004: multiple resolutions, same FPS

    Do you have Vsync enabled?
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    Teh demo at 3pm! ( ut2k4 )

    yes its for real, it will be out in less than a hour now = D. he said it in the offical ut channel ( #UT on enterthegame )
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    Teh demo at 3pm! ( ut2k4 )

    [12:05] <CliffyB[EPIC]> OK mouser is gonna say something. [12:05] <CliffyB[EPIC]> Get ready. [12:06] <Mouser> Ok, well I think what I am suposed to say is that the Demo will be out at 12:00PM PST 3pm est, 12pm pst
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    How to setup SATA correctly?

    ? i have just one SATA wd 80 gig on my NF7-s works just dandy
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    Help configing a Call of Duty Server <- fourm section for servers A popular server-side mod to configure your server ( i use it )
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    funny commercials. i want to save them. how?

    they should of saved into your temp internet files, find out the name of it then search for it, or just go throught all the files
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    if you could make an fps....

    the gore of SOF2?
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    When is Unreal Tournament 2004 coming out?!?

    Yesterday Cliffy b said the demo will be out within 2 weeks :eek: i'll post the link if i can find it again
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    Status bar at the bottom of Internet Explorer

    eheh np, i had the same thing happen to me many times, freaked out the first
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    Status bar at the bottom of Internet Explorer

    View - > status bar
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    how to make a coup of the BF1942 disc?

    120% does that... i had the same with my disk but when it finaly got done with teh errors it copyed it all the way and i just mounted it and it works fine
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    Far Cry SP demo on GamersHell Fileshack released it?