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    Win 10 Cloud Leaks

    The whole point of this is to compete with Chromebooks for educational/enterprise markets. Completely locked down for security and as little administration as possible. This isn't supposed to replace a desktop OS.
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    Kaby Lake 7700K vs Sandy Bridge 2600K IPC Review @ [H]

    Not surprised. My launch 2600k is still happily humming along in my son's system. Unfortunately, his MB is going bad, which would be the second time I've had to replace an MB for that chip. Probably not worth buying another used one at this point even though the CPU is perfectly good. Intel has...
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    Microsoft Bets Future On Reprogrammable Computer Chip

    Yeah I really have no idea what westrock is talking about, the article is about FPGAs in servers used inside MS.
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    Only 10% Of iPhone Owners Say They’re Likely To Upgrade This Year

    Last year was the first year I didn't upgrade my phone annually since my first smart phone. There just wasn't enough improvements in the current generation to make it worthwhile, even when I manage to cover most of the cost by ebaying the previous phone. Still not very pressed to upgrade this...
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    {HOT} AMAZON 20% Off For Prime Members!!!

    Thanks, bought a damaged box AC unit for the bed room and ended up saving a pretty decent chunk.
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    Steve Ballmer Does An About-Face On Linux

    I read that entire article and was exactly how I felt too. Holy crap, it was one long "why doesn't everyone else see it's the Illuminati?" rant.
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    Nintendo’s Next Console May Not Have A Disk Drive

    Considering that Nintendo has by far the worst online support, issues transferring content between consoles, and dial-up like download speeds I'll have no interest at all in a digital only Nintendo platform. For everything else I've come to prefer download almost exclusively, but I have zero...
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    HAMR HDDs To Debut At 4TB Capacity But Reach 100TB By 2025

    That kind of density in a single drive will absolutely still have a place in long term storage where size is a much greater concern than speed.
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    Amazon Employees Cry At Their Desk And Practically Combust

    I've never met anyone that was actually happy they worked at Amazon, but some did really thrive on the challenge. Personally, I need a balance between challenging work and being able to live my life, but whatever drives people good for them. No mater how hard a white collar worker goes, they...
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    I have several Asus boards still running after who knows how long
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    Army Lowering Standards For Fat ‘Cyber Warriors’

    I've been saying for fifteen plus years that network defense needs to be its own branch without all the physical fitness BS. I took the ASVAB for fun and had recruiters calling me for years after high school and would have loved to serve if not for some of my issues. I spent years on the civ...
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    Microsoft Band Sold Out Online, Lines Formed at Retail Stores

    I was very excited about this until I saw it wasn't water resistant (only splash resistant). Oh well, will be sticking with my Pebble until someone manages to make a better watch that is actually waterproof. I started wearing a watch when I was 14 and working at a water park, it's way too late...
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    Sunset Overdrive - gameplay footage revealed

    Only took me about 20 minutes to do the install last night (from disc), might just be how busy the servers are now. The game is a blast, it does take a while to get used to the controls and I still have quite a few cases where I end up yelling at my screen because the wrong bar/target was...
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    Metallica To Perform At BlizzCon 2014

    It's hard to be young and angry when you're middle age and filthy rich. That said I think the black album was their best ever, and one of the over all best albums of all time.
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    The Future Of Microsoft Depends On Windows Being Free

    Sadly I don't see much point in Media Center in 10, since it's been essentially left out to die since Vista. 7 made some minor improvements, 8 made it a paid, but still buggy as hell option. I used to love Media Center so much with my cable card tuners, but like a lot of other things its just...
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    The Future Of Microsoft Depends On Windows Being Free

    On software this can definitely be the case, especially when dealing with huge enterprise deployments. At a previous employer, I saw more than one deal where they got thousands of copies of software for $2-5 that would have been $50-75 for a single license.
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    Latest Destiny Patch Making Things Worse?

    Yah, load times on this game are absolutely atrocious.
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    Federal Workers Not Punished For Surfing Porn At Work

    Funny thing is, at all three of the agencies I used to work for this was on the short list of things that could actually get you fired. The fact that it still happens at all baffles me. Then again, I'm glad I'm not in the govt sector anymore.
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    $2.5B Minecraft Deal With Microsoft Confirmed

    I don't get it either. I (still) will spend hours on Legos with my son, but found Minecraft to be boring as hell. I really have no idea why they'd buy it for anywhere near that much. At least it is a profitable business (unlike a lot of the other tech buyouts lately), but its still based on a fad.
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    Uber Banned Across Germany

    Well after seeing the completely unsafe conditions present in a lot of DC cabs, I couldn't blame people that wanted to use another service.
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    Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Gameplay Trailer

    This has definitely been my favorite series for the past few years, can't wait.
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    Driverless Car Hits The Streets Of Washington D.C.

    After having just moved out of the DC area I'm pretty sure if the car can handle all the idiots driving there it'd be good pretty much anywhere in the US.
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    Introducing EFF's Stupid Patent of the Month

    Well this definitely makes my annual membership dues worthwhile.
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    Best Buy CEO: Tablet Sales Are Crashing, Hope for PCs

    Pretty much this. I used to live less than five minutes from a BB and after Amazon started charging taxes in VA I started going to BB a lot more. I did not once have an issue getting a price match for items that fall under their policy (must be sold by amazon not third party as others have...
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    Comcast Admits Rep Was Doing “What We Trained Him To Do”

    I moved last month and ended up having to deal with the same shit. After half an hour on the phone trying to explain the basic fact that I'm moving out of state, I ended up giving up and driving down to the office. There the guy just took my equipment, cashed me out, and said good luck with the...
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    What was EA thinking when they released the 3DO?

    Totally forgot star control 2 was a 3DO game. I probably put the better part of a few months into that game.
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    What was EA thinking when they released the 3DO?

    I bought one dirt cheap right after it failed. I don't know how many hours I put in on the original Need for Speed and Roadrash. Both were just awesome for the time. The quiz game that came with it too was a riot. I probably put the most time in the little tank game that came with bomberman...
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    SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition Lands for Mac Gamers

    Yah, it's Apple's special version of BSD. Only slight difference. Although at this point, almost nothing remains of it's BSD origin.
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    Report: 71% of U.S. Households Would Leave ISP That Violated Neutrality

    Pretty much, there is no other option. I can chose Comcast, Comcast, or Comcast.
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    iPhone Owners Admit Blind Loyalty To Apple

    That's pretty much how I feel. I've switched back and forth about every year since the 3S came out. For the first time I went with Android twice in a row though because the screen on the iPhone is just too damn small. I absolutely love the screen on the Note 3, but still miss some IOS only apps...
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    Support Your Fellow [H] Reader By Kickstarting This Project!

    looks awesome, backed and good luck
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    58% of Americans Still Own a VCR

    Got rid of or last VCR in 2006 and donated all our tapes to Goodwill. They just take up so much damn space, when I can fit 100 DVDs in a small box.
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    NVIDIA Ultimate Holiday Bundle: Get $100 Off SHIELD and 3 Free Games

    You should have still gotten the games at least if you ordered from a participatingretailer. This promotion has been running since the end of October.
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    NVIDIA Ultimate Holiday Bundle: Get $100 Off SHIELD and 3 Free Games

    I ended up returning the one I got on Cyber Monday from MC too. It was too heavy for long term play and got quite uncomfortable after 45 min or so. I just couldn't play BL2 with the console controls, it was far too painful. That and having to leave my PC unlocked was a non-starter. I also had to...
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    "Windows is dead" - again, now Microsoft is dead too

    Pretty much any pc with Core 2 or better and 4GB of RAM is fine for 99% of business work. Upgrades used to be a 3 yr cycle, then a 5 yr cycle. I wouldn't be surprised to see that stretched to 8 or 10 years now. MS still has the enterprise side locked up. There is nothing even close to AD for...
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    Randy Pitchford - Positive Feedback Only

    Not that I particularly like the guy, but the season pass said from day one what you'd get (I remember having bought it day one). After that I'd expect them to charge. Pitchford is a bit of a prick though.
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    OCZ Reaches Agreement With Toshiba to Acquire SSD Business

    My first SSD was a 128GB OCZ and then I had picked up a few 60GB units for microbuilds. Every single OCZ SSD I had died within 18 months (most within a few months and I got tired of RMAing them). Good riddance.
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    Steam 2013 Thanksgiving sale is here! runs from November 27 to December 3

    I picked up Deadpool for PS3 download for $20 from Amazon the other day. The game play is medicore, but I haven't laughed that hard playing a game in a long time. I was happy at $20, $10 would be awesome if you like insane games
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    Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

    They make awesome, reliable powersupplies
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    XBOX ONE avail instore at MC

    Of course they had zero. I got to Fairfax around 11 and they were long gone. They apologized for their inventory system not updating properly (give me a break, it isn't that hard and I've written inventory software).