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    Blizzard Faces Hellish Backlash after BlizzCon Diablo Mobile Reveal

    No need to ask Bethesda. Most people in this segment can pick out bullshit. Ask Bethesda about this? Expect an horseshit response.
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    THE PREDATOR Final Trailer (2018)

    I quit watching after the hip hop bullshit "music". Good potential movie wrecked by teenage humor and shit sound track.
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    Grim Dawn: Shattered Realm Expansion Preview

    I hope the level of difficulty on this video is set to easy mode for the sole purpose of demonstration. If not, then I'll pass. The AI here is simply pathetic.
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    Gamers Nexus Calls Out Tom’s Hardware for Their “Just Buy It” RTX 2080 Article

    I don't know which is in worse shape, nvidia or toms hardware.
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    System Shock Remake Development Halted

    Damn. I was getting amp up for this. Not giving up hope. One of my favorite titles.
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    Microsoft Building “Modern” Version of Windows 10 for PCs with Windows Core OS

    I wonder if this would run on a Raspberry Pi3 with the GUI interface. Perhaps with two of them daisy chained. Not...?
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    Star Citizen: Alpha 3.0 Feature Trailer

    I want to like this game. I'm hopeful that it does well. Please don't be Battlecruiser 3000.
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    BOOM! Headshot! 100K PUBG Cheater Bans Coming

    As much as it pains me to admit, if this is the direction of multi-player gaming going forward, I'm too old for this childish bullshit. I'd rather spend my free time immersed in good single player adventures.
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    Twitter Says Trump, Other World Leaders Can Tweet What They Want

    Oh. I agree that DT twitter account shouldn't be deleted/restricted. His ignorant, deranged and delusional psycho babbling rants are great fodder for venues such as this. Evidently, as far as DT is concerned, freedom of speech extends to the mentally matter how embarrassing...
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    Twitter Says Trump, Other World Leaders Can Tweet What They Want

    Hopefully, the incompetent, insane and pathological lying orange ass clown will be in jail by the end of this year. Perhaps then the idiot can get banned from twitter.
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    Intel's CEO Sold $24 Million In Stock After Learning About Security Flaw

    "all of us" aren't repugnant and greedy corporate scum bags. So no.
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    Nintendo Switch Is The Fastest-Selling Video Game Console Ever In The US

    This is a great platform for adults to play children's console games...or for "adults" that haven't adulted yet?
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    Streamer Accidentally Breaks Tetris World Record

    Quickly! I must run upstairs and tell mommy and daddy!
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    Consumer Reports Ranks iPhone X below iPhone 8

    I'm starting to admire the bravery of anyone willing to admit they still use an iphone.
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    Cutting the Cable Cord? Savings Aren't What They Were

    Every person has their reason for cutting the cord. For me, the amount of content is exceeded by the amount of advertisement. I'm not paying for advertisements.
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    Hollywood’s Bad Summer Movies Are Driving a Decline in Movie Ticket Sales

    The lack of interest in current releases isn't keeping me away from the movie theater. The movie theater experience in itself is keeping me away. If the movie theaters die a death similar to arcade game venues...meh!
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    The Best Keyboard Ever Is Back

    The best keyboard ever made is the cheap pos that replaces the one that my fist demolished. Seriously people...keyboards?
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    Carefree Passenger Uses Desktop Computer on Train

    Is this a first class commuter train? Why would anyone be shocked by the privilege and entitlement for the special people that transport themselves on this form of transportation?
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    Samsung on Track to Take Intel's Chip Crown

    Intel lemmings. The heat they feel, I can sense.
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    The USPS Is E-Commerce's Biggest Challenge

    Personally, I really don't care much about the speed of deliver for items that I've purchased on-line. Anything within 4-5 days is perfectly acceptable for me. If I "need" expedited delivery, I'll pay the extra cost. It's just not that important a matter for me. I'll gladly give up 1-2 days...
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    Keeping the Same Phone for More Than Two Years Isn't a Crazy Idea

    Samsung Galaxy S5 here. Shipped with 4.4.2 Kit Kat. Upgraded to Lollipop. Now on Marshmellow 6.0.1. Rocking a 7500 Mh battery & 32 Gb flash memory. Water proof. Shock Proof. No plans to upgrade anytime soon. It's perfect for me.
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    Intel Core i9-7900X “Skylake-X” Reviews

    A part of me want to feel sad for poor Intel...but I dropped those kids off at the pool this morning.
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    PlayStation 4 Pro Not Powerful Enough to Run Destiny 2 at 60 FPS

    Send in a toy to do the job of a computer
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    Gamers Red Hot with Fury over Intel Core i7-7700 Temperature Spikes

    Intel feeling the heat from Team Red Poor Intel...poor poor Intel
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    This Is The Samsung Galaxy S8, Launching March 29

    Curved edge. Sorry but nope! Unless some kind of protective case is available, I'll pass. Guess I'm keeping my trusty S5 for two more years.
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    First Android Wear 2.0 Devices Revealed

    What is a watch? Is that something people who wear ascots and a top hat use. A watch...
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    Retail 7700K Not Up to 5GHz - 3600MHz

    Intel Lemmings. So soon?
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    GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1060 G1 GAMING 6G Review @ [H]

    Looking at the performance of the RX480 in Doom (just one example). The 480 obliterates the 1060. Is this the direction were moving? Moving forward to DX12 and Vulcan, why should I spend money on an outdated and outmoded card like the 1060 when I have a better performance path with DX12...
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    Gabe Newell Is Doing An AMA Today

    Dude has given up. Just like Valve. Fat, $ad and pathetic.
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    Battlefield 1’s Anti-Cheat System Reportedly Banning Legit Players

    I gave up on-line gaming in favor of single player gaming. I only care about the story line and the self-paced adventure.
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    20 of the Worst PC Setups

    I applaud the ingenuity but I'm appalled by the filth. Some people are repugnant, lazy, trifling slobs. What's with the deal with all that awful soda. If it were strewn with beer cans, I could understand. Soda?
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    No, AMD Loyalists Aren't Abandoning Radeon Graphics Cards

    Picked up a Power Color RX480 (4 GIG) during Amazon's Black Friday sale during Thanks Giving. $179 to my door. It replaced my well worn yet still useful R270. Amazing performance along with my FX 6300 @ 4.6 Ghz. Go Red Team!
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    MSI GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G Video Card Review @ [H]

    Not for me. Too expensive and the performance base is already covered. I am diggin' the 1060 and I'm not a fan of the green team. hmmmm....
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    Enermax ETS-T50 Axe CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    Yeah...That Reeven Justice is crushing it. Even the best AIO's are feeling the heat from the Reeven.
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    Why Young Men Would Rather Play Video Games Than Get A Job

    Isn't that the job of Mommy and Daddy?
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    Forza Horizon 3 At 4K 60fps Is “Simply Breathtaking”

    ...and not a racing simulation. Toy!