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    Battlefield 3 Beta Performance Thread

    Should my 4890 be pegged at 99% always? I tried lowering the resolution but it doesnt do much, I have a 1080p dell u2311h.
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    Annoyed with WHS, new fileserver time

    Take a look at Greyhole
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    Bad Company 2

    What servers are people playing at? I have been having a hard time lately finding some good ones.
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    Windows Home Server FAQ

    I can view my samba shares, but I I RDP times out, and the Connector says I have the wrong password. Anyone got any ideas? I just added a drive today but thats all I changed.
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    [H]ot ? e8400 for $119? Coming soon...

    got one at mpls store too
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    Offical Calibrated Monitor Profile Thread

    Anyone got a profile for the Viewsonic vx2235?
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    Dropbox - invites

    can i get an invite? [email protected] TIA
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    Official Team Fortress 2 Thread

    Does anyone have a Logitech g15 template so I can bind voice commands to my "G" keys?
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    Official Team Fortress 2 Thread

    Join the Hut of Sluts to enjoy some 24/7 Dustbowl and Gravel Pit.
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    Crysis Single Player Demo

    This is a bizarre issue: I installed the demo, worked fine. Then I went to try DX 9 via Vista Games Explorer, worked fine. When I go back in to the DX10 version, my menu freezes and I cannont click anything. I need to alt-tab and force "CryEngine2" to force quit. Anyone else get this...
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    Crysis Single Player Demo

    OK weird issue here. I was playing DX10 just fine. Decided to fuck around with DX9, that went well too. Now when I go in to DX10 the menu freezes. Anyone else get this?
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    The Witcher
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    Official Team Fortress 2 Thread

    Nope. It makes the game less spammy, and actually penalizes death.
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    Razer mouse extremely sensitive in game - normal under Windows.

    Question for my razer bretheren. How can I have visual indicator in Windows or on my G15 that tell me which profile I am running? This is pretty annoying, as 5 profiles is kinda hard to switch in a FPS. Thanks.
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    Official Team Fortress 2 Thread

    do we have a [H] group? If so, I am: Thanks.
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    Asus Q-Connector like mod

    I am looking for something like this:,1425,i=136514,00.jpg For a couple computers I have. One is a evga 650i, the other is a msi board (I think). Anyone made a ghetto-mod for something like this?
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    When is MS going to address overall slow Gigabit network performance with Vista?

    I have this issue as well. 2 computers, one with x86 and one with x64 vista. God I am going to shoot someone soon. I brought in a friends Vista box, and I could get Gig LAN speeds.
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    Epson R200 - Vista Solutions

    I am in need of a solution since I cannot get Epson PrintCD 1.50e to work. Any suggestions?
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    Armed Assault - Best Game Ever

    runs horrible on vista x64. I know its not "officially supported" but every other games runs fine. If BI wants people to play, they need to get with the times and get it running in Vista better.
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    Enemy Territory Quake Wars Beta

    they certainly shot themselves in the foot with the limited keys and bots. what is teh point of having bots if you can't play a game with them? just makes no sense. there is not nearly enough people playing now to test the game effectively. oh well, they missed the boat anyways with crysis and...
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    Rainbow Six Vegas Patch v1.05

    what a joke, god I wish there more devs that gave a shit about the PC scene. :mad:
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    What games is everyone playing now?

    pretty much dod:s until ETQW comes out. I am in the beta but I am sick of the sewer map and other crap. also stalker, oblivion and a little alpha prime thrown in.
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    Media Cataloging Software

    got a link? i dont trust a lot of these file sites.
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    Media Cataloging Software

    interesting. I also found this program:
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    Media Cataloging Software

    yeah, i use ant movie. i just need something to catalog my other discs that have software and shit on them.
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    Media Cataloging Software

    i am going to necro this thread. anyone got any ideas?
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    Why aren't you playing Insurgency?

    at least its better then one-life CSS
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    Vista + Headphones = no love

    i thought they had like spacial features and stuff. thanks for the link.
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    Slow transfers in Vista? This might fix it or at least help... hopefully

    good post. we should have a vista sticky in this forum.
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    Vista + Headphones = no love

    How the hell can I get the Vista headphone thingie to work? When I plug in my sennheiser headphones I don't get an option to use headphones, just speakers. I thought Vista had all this fancy headphone shit built in? I am using onboard sound, cuz my audigy 4 has no drivers I guess.
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    World In Conflict Beta

    new FRAPS can take dx10 screenshots now.
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    graw 2 pc sp demo is great

    UI is fucking horrible. Why is it when I want to move my men around I have to either go into Tactical view or use the function keys?
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    Insurgency [Half-Life 2 mod]

    my FPS sucks big time in this game. anyone else having issues?
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    graw 2 pc sp demo is great

    how do you tell your team where to go?
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    Codec pack for Vista 64-bit?
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    Oblivion cant make it look pretty

    oblivion toto, google it
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    Software array died?

    I think my software raid5 died :( I set up this software raid with edgy server edition, and everything seemed to work fine. Now, one of my disks isnt showing up, and now it mount even mount. This morning it was working fine. My info: mdadm: md device /dev/md0 does not appear to be active...
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    ArmA: Armed Assault - Absolutely Amazing!

    anyone else running this game on vista v64? I cant belive how shitty it runs on me setup. :(
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    Enemy Territory Quake Wars Beta

    it runs pretty well for me at 1680x1050. The only really noticable dips are when all kinds of crazy shit is going on, buts thats to be expected I guess. The game looks pretty good with the cvars. the game is really starting to grow on me. its just so damn fun that you can do so much different...