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    All Myspace Data Before 2016 is Gone

    The cloud will make everything better! Put your faith in incompetent nincompoops you can't fire instead of ones you can!
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    Florida Introduces "Stop Social Media Censorship Act"

    Assuming this passes into law, which it won't, and then assuming it passes a first amendment challenge, which it won't, all it will mean is that Facebook won't offer its services to anyone residing in Florida. Same for every other social media platform.
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    Microsoft Will Pester Windows 7 Users to Upgrade to W10 with Pop-Up Notifications

    LOL how are they gunna install their annoy-ware on my computer in the first place? I don't auto update.
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    Chinese Commuters Use Facial Recognition to Pay for Subway Tickets

    Who says China only steals and doesn't invent anything themselves? With proper motivation to create the perfect dystopia, China innovates like the Dickens.
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    Microsoft Announces DX12 Support for Windows 7

    I'm just floored. This makes no sense for Microsoft to do this. But I'll take it! Someone at Microsoft is still cool.
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    Classic World of Warcraft Content Progression Revealed

    I'd actually consider playing again just to play the original Alterac Valley.
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    Whole Foods Cuts Workers' Hours after Amazon Introduces Minimum Wage

    If I got the same amount of money for working fewer hours I'd be ok with that.
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    MLB Tests Trackman Computer System to Inform Umpires of Balls and Strikes

    I like it. Watch any game with the box that shows where the pitches land and its obvious that there's a ton of missed calls, and a lot of time, just bias, whether unconscious or conscious. An truly impartial judge of the strikezone will only help, assuming it doesn't forget to call pitches.
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    Hackers Can Hijack Cars with Alarm Apps

    Sometimes you gotta roll the hard six and not network shit that doesn't need to be networked.
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    Frontier Gets a License for a Major Global IP

    The Expanse. It was originally going to be a video game anyways.
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    Windows 10: New Study Shows Home Edition Users Are Baffled by Updates

    And I will never install that operating system on my hardware. I will sooner completely firewall off Microsoft's update servers from my network so that my computer never even knows that an update is available than let my computers be updated at the whim of anyone else. I'll temporarily remove...
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    The Biggest Problem with Triple-A, Open-World Games: "They're Boring as Hell"

    This guy needs an MMO. When other people are part of your content, shit never gets boring.
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    NVIDIA and AMD Are Shipping Fewer GPUs as Retailers Sit on Inventory

    Not just the Crypto crash, but it combined with the latest products being overpriced and hardly any better. If they had an actual successor product, AMD and Nvidia would be doing just fine.
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    Tesla Launches $35,000 Standard Model 3

    Finally get to buy one. Timing isn't good until May or June but I do want to get it before the tax credit goes down by another half.
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    YouTube Disables Comments on Videos with Minors

    Does this mean all our comments from 2011 on Rebecca Black will be deleted!?!?
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    Malspam Exploits a WinRAR Security Hole

    Hey, I still use Winamp. An old version, but its Winamp. And I still had Winrar installed, but rather than patch it, I un-installed it. I use 7zip for that stuff now anyways.
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    PubG Corporation Patches Vulnerabilities and Arrests Hackers

    I was far more intrigued before I read, "and in cooperation with local authorities".
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    GOG in Financial Trouble as Layoffs Hit the PC Games Digital Storefront

    So when an executive screws up, its all the people at the bottom that pay the price.
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    Taiwanese FPG "Devotion" Review Bombed by Chinese for Cursing Mainlanders to "Die"

    No one cares what slave-China thinks, only free-China counts.
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    A "Legend" Reborn: Logitech Brings Back the MX518 Gaming Mouse

    I also use the G9X still, had a G9 that I wore out before this. I remember when the "Call of Duty MW3" version was $15 cheaper for the exact same mouse as the regular Logitech version. Now they're all ridiculously priced on Ebay and out of print by Logitech.
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    Tesla Demonstrates Its New Security System Called Sentry Mode

    0.001% per four hours. Do you realize how much battery capacity a Tesla has? How much other stuff its always doing anyways?
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    Zilog Z8000 Architect Passes Away

    My family's first computer was a Heathkit H88; my dad took over the ping pong table in the basement to solder it together. It used the Z80. And we never got the ping pong table back, from then on it was used as a very large storage table. My dad still has that computer, but it hasn't worked in...
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    Alibaba Allegedly Developed a Chinese Propaganda App

    Who doesn't want to install a party app? Sounds like fun to me.
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    Star Citizen Developer Calls Real-Time Ray Tracing "A Massive Headache"

    20 years from now, the game will have been out for 15 years, and you guys will still be pretending the game isn't out.
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    "Conviction": District 9's Neill Blomkamp Releases Live-Action Anthem Prequel Trailer

    I'm kinda pissed it wasn't a movie trailer. This is now a candidate to make the crossover.
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    Senate, House Bills Aim to Kill $7,500 Electric Vehicle Tax Credit, Add New EV Tax

    LOL do it. Give Tesla all the rebates and ruin any other car companies ability to match them once Tesla's rebate runs out and the other car companies never got to use theirs.
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    Asus GPU Tweak II Overlay Injects Ads Into Games

    OMG someone else on the internet not on r/plantside still plays Planetside.
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    NSFW: Nutaku Announces World's First Boob-Shaped Console for Adult Gaming

    Look at that catgirl. This is actually marketed towards anime-watching lesbians.
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    Intel to Discontinue the Last of the Itaniums

    I'm actually impressed Intel stuck with it this long. They must have made some really strong commitments when they first marketed them.
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    Foxconn is Allegedly Rethinking Wisconson LCD Manufacturing Plans

    They actually hired 300, but 122 fell into the suicide nets before their 90 days were up, so they couldn't be counted as a hire.
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    Rainbow Six Siege Caster Says Ubisoft, Players Must Do More to Curb Toxicity

    To paraphrase Sigmund Freud, sometimes toxicity is just toxicity. And I'd definitely say this is one of those times. I mean come on, this woman gamer is virtue signaling, to herself? Maybe she just wants to play the fucking game with teammates who don't get distracted by the pitch of her voice...
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    Cloud Imperium Games Spent $4M a Month in 2017 Developing Star Citizen

    For all of you that didn't read that Gamasutra clickbait to the end, here's the real story that you missed: Note that all this "news" came out on December 20th. Why Gamasutra is posting it now like its new information...
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    Cloud Imperium Games Spent $4M a Month in 2017 Developing Star Citizen

    They have a huge cushion of cash that ensures the game will get made. That's the real headline, sorry if some of you can't handle the truth. They bring in a very consistent amount of money every year, the only way they're in any sort of trouble at all is if that suddenly stops. And there's...
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    Apple Dismisses over 200 Employees from Project Titan, Its Autonomous Vehicle Group

    Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be a Tesla-shattering kaboom!
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    Daybreak Announces Planetside Arena

    Delayed to March 26th: January 30th (one day after previous release date) is now the Beta Test: Note that as of this moment, the beta test signup...