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    Samsung to stop (monitor) LCD production - Focuses on quantum dot OLEDs

    People should understand, the way quantum dots are used today in LCDs is not the same. Current Samsung QLEDs use a blue inorganic LED backlight with random red and green QDs of a certain density. Together they all form white and pass through the normal LCD color filters....The advantage is the...
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    Nintendo Is Bringing Back the NES Classic in 2018

    A lot of us are used to this song and dance from Nintendo since the days of the original NES (and remember what it was like when Zelda II was first released, and Super Mario 2?) ....This one annoyed me much more than any of the others, absolutely huge demand and Nintendo made it sound like they...
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    Sennheiser HD 800 High-End Audiophile Headphones, $899

    This would have been an insane deal prior to a year ago when they introduced the HD800S, which is now at or slightly higher than the original HD800 price point. The HD800S is comparable to the difference between HD600 and HD650. However, HD800 is still HD800. It's just as good as it always...
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    Samsung To Temporarily Halt Galaxy Note 7 Production

    Now I'll bet Samsung wishes they hadn't a) skipped over the Note 6 name since that's what they'd be burying right now b) continued to follow the trend of nonremovable batteries. Although it's possible some hardware fault in the phone is at play (maybe even some tiny little plastic support bit is...
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    Your Tesla Is Watching You

    All Teslas are made with the Autopilot hardware whether you order it or not, but you still have to pay for it as an option to enable it. The incremental cost of adding the hardware to every car is mitigated by simplifying the production process, and I assume using the collected data to revise...
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    Tesla Faults Brakes, But Not Autopilot, In Fatal Crash

    They can say drivers were warned that they are still ultimately responsible for what they do with Autopilot, but as we saw with BuckyBalls and the Jeep Grand Cherokee shifter, that's not always accepted. I think of it as a glorified adaptive cruise control system, which is what it is, but being...
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    Sony's High-End 4K HDR LCD TVs Start At $7,000

    They said the same thing about plasmas (burn-in, doesn't last long, not bright enough, etc), but I was blown away by my Kuro since the first day, and I never saw anything close until these OLEDs. The 2016s have made strides and I think the longevity and brightness issues are similarly overblown...
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    How Old-School Floppy Drives Worked

    I remember people calling the old Apple II 3.5" disks "hard disks"....I used to do the notch trick with 3.5", the hole opposite the write protect signified high-density so you could use 720KB discs as 1.44MB.....It worked to varying degrees of success, good quality disks generally worked the...
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    Consumer Reports Calls On Tesla to Disable Autopilot

    If they make them change from Autopilot to another name, then someone should force Mercedes to change Magic Body Control to something else too. Because I was very disappointed to learn there was no actual magic or sorcery involved.
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    Man Blames Tesla Model X For Crashing Into Building

    Almost all of the time this happens, it's a case of mistaking the accelerator for the brake pedal. Most of these first Xs have been delivered fully-loaded, and being a P90D it's highly likely it has the Ludicrous upgrade which gives it 3 sec 0-60 time, so this could have seriously taken the wife...
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    Red-Light Cameras Producing Profits More Than Protecting Drivers

    One thing I noticed in New Orleans was that there is absolutely no delay between lights turning red and cross street lights turning green. It goes instantly from red to green the moment the crossing intersection goes from yellow to red....sometimes there isn't even a yellow. There's no short...
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    Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs Probably Won’t Be Cracked For A While

    Have to say, for a small portion of a market that already isn't a runaway success by historical standards, something as heavy-handed as this is so counterproductive it's almost like they're trying to kill 4K physical media before it even catches on. Don't know why, it's not like we can all be...
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    AOL Considering Ditching Its Brand Name

    The prune industry spent a good deal of time and money convincing people they were "dried plums" due to negative connotations (I still think of the "King's Quest: Quest for the Prune Juice" gag from way back). It would take too many years for enough people to forget the old AOL to give it a...
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    Seagate Unveils 10TB Helium Enterprise Drive

    "Do you think that amount of data is too much to entrust to a single HD?" Yes if Seagate is the manufacturer....Although the 340MB ST3385A I got as a refurb from Midwest Micro in 1993 is still running fine in my DOS rig for old games.
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    Netflix Has Been Streaming The Wrong 'Lost' Finale

    Ah yes, the show that kept me captivated before a writer's strike and indecision sent it off a cliff....It's too bad, so many of the unanswered things that kept people fascinated for years and seemed to be building up to mind-blowing ideas ended up with lame and abrupt wtf?-type explanations...
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    U.S. Marshals Raid Hoverboard Booth At CES

    Calling them hoverboards evokes the same feeling as when LED-backlit LCD TVs started to be called "LED" TVs.
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    Report: Galaxy S7 Will Cost More Because It Has An Iris Scanner

    I love my Note 3 with 10,000mAh ZeroLemon battery....I've gone almost 2 weeks without having to charge it before! The Note 4 was not enough of an upgrade so I was holding out for another generation or 2....Buuuut then the Note 5 was announced with no SD slot and no removable battery
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    Looks like TigerDirect is done

    I guess the founders going to prison this year for securities fraud and a kickback scheme had something to do with it? Former Corporate Executives Sentenced in Securities Fraud and Tax Offenses in Multi-Million-Dollar Scheme I used to live a few miles from the headquarters of Systemax, their...
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    Seagate: Hard Disk Drives Set To Stay Relevant For 20 Years

    Shame really, Seagate used to be all I'd use, have some from the 1980s and 1990s that are still working.....I haven't bought a new Seagate in years though, and don't see myself doing it anytime soon.
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    It's happening, affordable 4k OLED TV's are finally becoming a reality

    I've also thought OLED would have performed more strongly by this point if not for marketing reasons, and part of that is the "LED" displays that brands (I think Samsung started this?) were quick to start selling when they were really just fancy backlights in standard LCDs. I thought it was dumb...
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    This Is The Crappiest Messaging App Ever

    Aside from the NY Post's "ENJOY A FOOT LONG IN JAIL", this is the most amusing headline I've seen all week.
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    Tesla Loses More Than $4,000 On Every Car Sold

    In fairness, the major investments Tesla has made for its future are what took away from their profitability. Other companies are not trying to move 10x as many cars within a few years, on new technology in a hostile market that is partial to the long-established players who support the powerful...
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    Don’t Fly Your Airbus Into A Hailstorm

    It probably had high cycles and was due for a D check anyway.....Many times airlines will write off rather than repair planes they already knew wouldn't figure in their long-term plans, or a type they're already in the process of phasing out. I doubt that particular 747 was new or would have...
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    Japan Fires The World's Most Powerful Laser

    Would that impart the same energy to the target as a 2,000W laser fired for one second? It doesn't sound as impressive then, but I imagine delivering that amount of peak power for any amount of time isn't easy, and of course the dynamics of being subjected to it wouldn't be so simple. I mean, I...
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    1TB Samsung 850 EVO 2.5" SATA III Solid State Drive $310 + Free Shipping

    Yeah, the 500GB 850EVO for $150 deal was enough of a draw for me to bite, if it wasn't such a drop and happened gradually I would have probably stayed on the sidelines a while longer. It's already been some time and it's still cheaper per gb than either the 1TB or 2TB. Not for too much longer, I...
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    Are Time Travelers Stealing Our Stuff?

    "Freejack" was a hoot to watch, but as a few of us pointed out including me in post #30, the movie was "Milllenium", where dying civilization from 1000 years in the future steals people who are about to die in plane crashes to help restore society. I've seen worse, if it wasn't patting itself on...
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    Are Time Travelers Stealing Our Stuff?

    Yep, it was called "Millenium" and it came out in 1989, I thought about it as soon I saw the headline.....We saw it in the theater and it looked really cool based on the was actually sorta bad. Semi-spoiler alert (but this happens relatively early on): The woman from 1000 years in...
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    0-60 in 2.8 Seconds In Tesla's "Ludicrous Mode'

    The AWD must help when flooring it, I have the P85 and the Continentals squeal a bit just as TC kicks in. If it wasn't for the value tanking as much as it has, I might have upgraded already, but it's not enough of an improvement over what the P85 does for me to take another bath on a second one...
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    0-60 in 2.8 Seconds In Tesla's "Ludicrous Mode'

    The power is full and instant from 0RPM so it speeds up much faster at the beginning than comparable gas cars, especially 0-10....I think even the old RWD P85 with "just" 416HP has a 0-30 of 1.5 seconds? So in regards to 0-60 as a time, it'll match another car that had 2.8 seconds, but in...
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    FrozenCPU Shuts Its Doors

    We have more clarity on the status of Pluto than what's going on with FrozenCPU.
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    IBM Discloses Working Version of a Much Higher-Capacity Chip

    Yeah, news like this makes me think "South Park New Season: Our highest-numbered season yet!"
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    Do You Suffer From Digital Amnesia?

    Related to this, I've seen the same thing happen with gaming as interfaces have simplified. In the old days, games like Wizardry 7, Eye of the Beholder, Loom, even the Sierra "quest" games, you often needed to map out where you went and where you wanted to go on graph paper, keep track of plot...
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    The Shady World Of Antivirus Telemarketing

    Imagine if you signed a monthly-contract with a window cleaning service, and then once it expires they throw bricks through your windows.....reminds me of something like that! Sad though that a company charging honest prices for work like this, like $10, wouldn't stay in business because...
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    Vitamix Refurbished Blenders: 6300 Series $262, 5200 Series $247 | 25% off+Free Ship

    Not in today's day & age, unless you buy something like this. It's all about cost-cutting and maximizing profit, so typical blenders are flimsily made in China and designed to last only a couple years until they break. Not just blenders, either....Lots of American brands like Whirlpool washers...
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    What VR Looked Like In 1896

    Reminded me of this Far Side comic:
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    FCC to Propose $1.7B Subsidized Internet Access for the Poor

    Me: "I don't have any change." Homeless Guy: "It's ok....I take PayPal."
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    Samsung 850 EVO 500GB for $180

    0 available out of 4,849 sold on eBay deal :/
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    Samsung 850 EVO 500GB for $180

    We had thought the $230 was a great deal, $150 plus no shipping and no tax is downright volcanic! I had honestly been holding out for 1TB and MLC, maybe 850 Pro, maybe even 845DC Pro, but $800+ for an enterprise drive, when this should serve any and all purposes I could have, means I had to...
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    KFC Launches a Meal Tray That Is Also a Bluetooth Keyboard

    Col. Sanders sold KFC in the 1960s to an investment group but remained on as spokesman and brand ambassador. Yet by the late 70s he was already dissatisfied with the direction of the company and what cost-cutting and mass expansion had done to the food quality and his recipes. Now, it's gotten...
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    OLED response time

    I don't blur from the monitor not being able to keep up at least. Pixels will change states instantaneously as far as we're concerned, whether the pixels are steady or flicker like CRTs. There's no gray-to-gray measurements or transition time to worry about where certain colors take...