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    1440p IPS screen with good contrast?

    It isn't 144hz, sorry. I'm using the Q3279VWF, which is only 75hz. I wish Panda made 144hz VA panels though
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    1440p IPS screen with good contrast?

    Honestly I'm tempted to ditch 1440p and buy the AOC 24G2U for that 1400-1500:1 contrast. I'm wondering why these Panda panels haven't been used more in mainstream products, I love the one in my 32" AOC as well
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    Gsync setup for 4k 40-65hz? Fast sync??

    G-Sync should activate when you drop below 66fps, if you have both it and V-Sync enabled. I would probably go with regular V-Sync for more performance intensive titles, ones where you are likely to be under 66fps a lot anyway, and Fast Sync for games like CSGO where you can easily achieve 2x...
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    Is setting in-game refresh rate redundant with adaptive sync?

    Yep, just leave it at 144hz, it will change itself. There's still a reason to cap at for example 100fps to keep gameplay consistent, if you feel like it, it's just more convenient to have the refresh rate adjusting to the framerate by itself. Personally I would just enable Fast Sync instead of...
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    Nvidia's started supporting FreeSync

    Since the bitcoin mining went down, AMD's cards offer good value in the mid range. The driver suite is also insanely good now: - The UI looks great - Overclocking, voltages, fan profiles, even memory timing presets directly in the settings´ - Ingame overlay, with performance metrics and toggles...
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    166Hz Has Ruined 60 fps Forever

    Honestly I am fine with 60hz (using a 75hz monitor currently). The biggest problem at lower refresh is tearing or the input delay associated with fixing it. Luckily Freesync / G-Sync and Fast Sync / Enhanced Sync for high fps games mean that this is less of a problem these days. This is sadly...
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    27" 1080p

    I tried the Samsung C27FG70 at one point, but ended up returning it. I was very pleased with the performance of the panel . Obviously it won't have the fastest response times or the most vivid colors, compared to TN and IPS, but it is fast enough and with good enough image quality that it ticks...
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    High Refresh Rate G-Sync Question

    If you're used to 60h with no adaptive sync, a high refresh one, with or without G-Sync, will look amazing to you. You might as well grab G-Sync while you're at it, with the budget levels mentioned, but high refresh alone is a godsend for tearing and smoothness. Personally I like VA types more...
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    Best Reviewed A-MVA Monitor Thread: Read the 1st Post

    This is a thing with the curved 144hz Samsung VA panels (so nearly all 144hz VA monitors, all the curved ones use these panels), but it doesn't apply to VAs in general. Probably not an issue with the denser 1440p 27" ones Samsung make
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    AOC 31.5" 2560x1440 IPS

    I bought the Q3279VWF on preorder (good free return policy) , solely because of the 200€ pricetag and the posibility of getting an affordable 32" 1440p 75hz Freesync monitor that just works (the HPs have delay and frame skipping at 75hz with Nvidia cards). Other than the non-adjustable stand...
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    Blue light reduction for your eye safety

    Just no, the blue light scare is overrated. If I recall AOC included some cutting of certain blue light wavelengths in their low blue light tech, but other than that every company selling monitors just cut some blue digitally in their "low blue light" modes, similar to what F.lux or Windows...
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    Semi-gloss 4k VA

    My guess is they just wanted to bring a stupid cheap 32" on the market, and they got hold of batches of last gen TV panels to do so. Probably the same deal with the D8 model. It isn't perfect by any means, slower pixel transitions than modern desktop monitor VAs, ICC profile required for good...
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    Semi-gloss 4k VA

    The AOC Q3279VWF uses a near glossy coating. The last monitor I tried was a matte coated Samsung C27FG70, so I was pleasantly surprised about this one. The Q3279VWFD8 AOC recently launched uses an IPS panel, and I'm not sure abaout the coating. You'd have to settle for 32" 1440p, and I'm not...
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    Pixio PX329 32 inch 165Hz WQHD 2560 x 1440 w/ FreeSync

    Typical budget monitor stuff. Usually the panel will be good, for example this one as it is almost certainly the same one used in the LG 32GK850G. But then you have the issue of Pixio designing and advertising it as 165hz, which this VA panel probably isn't really fast enough for, and I wouldn't...
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    27" vs. 31.5" help me decide

    As much as I like my 32" 1440p monitor, I'd have to say 27" 1440p is the alround safer option. 32" is definitely enjoyable. I love the ~92 PPI, making it usable with no scaling in every situation, as you can just lean in, and there's a good amount of space for side-by-side windowing on the...
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    high refresh question

    I would be able to live with 60hz, but it's borderline too slow for me personally. 4K requires a high end card for modern titles, which I cannot afford currently, and hard capping the framerate at 58-59fps to always stay in the adaptive sync range (globally with Control Panel or RTSS) is still...
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    So I got a Predator XB271HU but still running a GTX 1060, bad idea ?

    For mainly BF4, a 2500K and 1060 with a 1440p 144hz G-Sync monitor is just fine. The adaptive sync makes the 1060 perfectly fine for this monitor, if you are smart about which settings to compromise on in newer titles. It's just that Nvidia keep their 1440p G-Sync monitors very pricy, so most...
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    Does HDR work with a Nvdia card on a FreeSync 2 monitor?

    Freesync 2 has a GPU side tone mapping pipeline, which is supposed to reduce latency. No games really support it yet reportedly, with only Far Cry 5 on the way to doing so. In a year or two this might be a potential downside to using a Freesync 2 HDR monitor with an Nvidia card, but right now it...
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    How much longer will my NEC 20WMGx2 last?

    My parents have my old one from 2007. It's going a bit yellow, but otherwise its fine
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    what is Ultra Low Motion Blur and not compatable with g-sync

    It makes the LCD work like a CRT, flashing the backlight to get rid of the sample-and-hold feature of LCDs, with much clearer motion as a result. It works very well as a mutually exclusive complementing feature on monitors with adaptive sync. Adaptive sync only works with framerates below the...
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    VG248QE color/contrast as good as it gets for TN panels ?

    No wonder, the VG248QE is ancient in monitor terms and doesnt even use a flicker free backlight for example. If you want good looking, affordable 1080p 144hz, the curved Samsung models use VA panels and are color calibrated from the factory. As mentioned before, the 1440p TNs have also raised...
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    Is GSync worth upgrading for on its own?

    I'm pretty miffed that Nvidia choose to gate off adaptive sync to 144hz 1080p TN and expensive high refresh 1440p, 3440x1440 and 4K monitors (4K still stuck on 60hz for now). 144hz already takes care of most of the tearing and some of the smoothness issues, so I would argue the tech is more...
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    Best Reviewed A-MVA Monitor Thread: Read the 1st Post

    Not much point in taking pictures of VA monitors like this. Obviously it will appear darker in the middle viewed straight on, all VAs will. Also with no explanation/complaints written and the very high contrast, lack of glow and HPs attention to quality on these models I am more inclined to...
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    32" 2560x1440@144hz or 34" 3440x1440 @ 100hz.

    32". 34" 21:9 is just 27" with additional space in the sides. 32" 16:9 offers more vertical space, and technically more screen real estate: Disclsimer: Not fond of 21:9 displays personally
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    HP Omen 27 with G-Sync - any reviews?

    Looks like any other 27" 1440p 144/165hz TN G-Sync monitor. They all basically use the same panel and are all curated by Nvidia for proper adaptive overdrive and such, so I wouldn't expect much difference compared to the other ones. The Omen has always been woefully expensive with that in mind...
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    Pixo 27" AH-VA panel Freesync 144hz

    AHVA is IPS though. The only monitor that is VA with these specs is the curved Samsung C27HG70.
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    Ryzen vs Coffee Lake

    I like my 1700X. I wouldn't have liked the Bulldozer line compared to my 2500K years ago. I would not have liked at all having bought a 7600K or other Kaby i5 earlier this year when Ryzen exploded onto the marketplace. If I had bought Coffee Lake I would like it very much for games, especially...
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    Gaming on AMD's Ryzen 5 2500U APU

    Looking forward to the performance metrics when they remove that 256mb memory cap
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    Why Variable Refresh Rate -- i.e. FreeSync and Gsync?

    I can't deal with the input lag and framedrops V-Sync introduces, especially not on 60hz monitors with a little processing lag of its own. Nvidia's Fast Sync, which is basically universal tripple buffering, takes care of tearing nicely with almost unnoticable processing lag. It even works at...
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    Asus ROG Strix XG monitors announced, priced, dated.

    On the 27": Why announce it with any fanfare at all? Basically all the other brands have already released their own monitors with Samsung's 27" 144hz VA panel, including outliers like Lenovo and MSI. You don't get a medal for finishing last Asus. Also 410£ is very high for this panel. On the...
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    60Hz to 144Hz or 165Hz

    are you buying a 144/165hz monitor to use with an Ipad?
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    AMD Marketing during NBA halftime game.

    If that what it takes for the general public and store sellers to become aware of AMD again, good for them
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    Convince me to keep the faith for a Ryzen cpu...

    Personally I got a good B350 board and some 3000mhz ram on the cheap a little while ago, and I'm in the process of buying a used 1600X right now. 1. I don't want to reward Intel for having rested on their laurels for 6 years. Also there's still the paywalling of overclocking and HT, the TIM...
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    32" Glossy/Semi Glossy Displays

    Philips BDM3270QP2
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    Looking for new 32" inch monitor

    Only monitor that fits that description is the upcoming LG 32GK850G. Probably won't be cheap, although I expect to see Freesync versions with this panel as well. Otherwise you have to settle for a monitor with the Samsung curved 31.5" 1440p 144hz VA panel
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    Got a new large monitor but I'm getting some eye strain from it, why ?

    It's 32" 1440p so the same DPI as a 24" 1080p monitor. But: - You're using a much larger monitor which you'll have to get used to - You're using a VA panel with some amount of black crush when viewed head on. VA has great blacks and contrast, but the crush is one of the tradeoffs of the panel...
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    Highest contrast VA monitor 30-32"

    The Philips BDM3270QP2 is specced for 3000:1 but is more like 5000:1, Tomshardware reviewed it as such and I can personally attest to that after trying it for two weeks
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    Question about monitor ratios these days

    With larger monitors and resolutions, the 16:10 niche has died. 27" and 32" 1440p replaced 24" 16:10, 32-43" 4K replaced 30" 16:10. I like 16:10, but it was a product of its time. With the monitor sizes we have now, the problem of not having enough vertical space is only replaced by monitors...
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    Am I kidding myself into thinking I can use a 40" 4K TV 2-3 feet away from me ?

    If it's too big to play games at full screen up close, it's not like you can't just create a smaller custom resolution in whatever aspect ratio you'd like with black area in the top/bottom and sides. The PPI is comfortably 27" 1440p ~ish. Is it worth the concessions that a 40" 4K monitor...
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    Samsung CF791 - Quantum Dot 100Hz 3440x1440 coming late 2016

    Did anyone test the Freesync flickering on these with a non-Vega card after AMD released Crimson 17.8.1?