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    What games have you regretted buying?

    FEAR Unnecessary buy on my part
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    PC Gaming is too expensive

    yes... i am starting to lose interest in PC gaming also. it's way too expensive, and there's barely any "soul" in most PC games.
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    Looking for a game with an excellent story line.

    Final Fantasy VII, VIII Metal Gear Solid 1 - 3
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    Macbook - macbook pro differences

    Is there a noticeable difference in the 2.16 and 2.33GHz MBP... also... is it possible to overclock one? Does it heat up too fast??
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    I want to make a simple video....

    I want to make a simple video just from a few slideshows and a single MPEG short video. I've tried Nero Vision and a vast number of other things, but they turn out to be horrible quality, at least for me. I'm pretty sure that Windows Movie Maker is the fastest and easiest program to do this...
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    DLP vs LCD vs Plasma

    I would say only get a RP/DLP/LCoS if you're going above 49 inches. For a "bedroom" setup, definitely get a "bedroom-like" hdtv, like a Plasma or LCD. They mix well together, I think...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    he said it was just the camera that did that.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    um.... major banding in the last pic?
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    Oblivion... buy the X360 or PC version?

    Only get the 360 version if your PC runs Oblivion like shite. (or can't run it at all)
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    Rainbow Six Vegas - PC or 360?

    I find that all Tom Clancy games are better on 360 (or Xbox for last gen). The PC versions are usually buggy and run slow. They seem to be "made" on 360/xbox first, then ported to the PC. It's just me, though....
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    Dell 2007wfp Redesign!!!

    the base looks like crap, worse they've done in years
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    Extremely Offensive BenQ Ad

    9/11 was a false flag anyway
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    Are all LCDs like this?

    Are you talking about blurring as in 'moving windows' or blurring as in washed out/blurry images and video? I am 99% it is DVI, because I did that auto thing. And it says DVI on the cable.
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    Are all LCDs like this?

    i found what they use... it's intel "GMA 950" graphics from an optiplex GX620 ultra small form factor... so is that the reason images and videos look washed out and blury? I use a 9800 Pro on my CRT.
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    Are all LCDs like this?

    First of all, I use a HP-brand CRT at home. Everything is crystal clear, and the images are sharp as can be. The LCDs that my school uses is a Dell 1707FP. It's in the native res (12x10) and the color is set up properly, and in DVI. The problem? Every image I look at on this LCD are really...
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    LG L204WT: 5ms and 2000:1 contrast

    so no one actually has an image link to that wallpaper? is it embedded into vista?
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    LG L204WT: 5ms and 2000:1 contrast does anybody know where I can get that wallpaper?
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    NEC 20WGX2 complete shit for photos?

    crt = 10
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    Guess the date DX10 comes out! Win $10 from me.

    Nvidia - November 16, 2006
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    why is no one posting about the 2407 for 645?

    i hope that's not going to be a glossy screen
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    Wired vs. Wireless routers...

    Let me get this straight - I can buy a wireless router, and have a wired connection to my desktop, as if it was a wired router in the first place? With no signal/speed decrease because it's wired? To sum things up, when you buy a wireless router, it's wired, but with an add-on? (which is the...
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    Wired vs. Wireless routers...

    That's me. ....bwuahahaha!!
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    Wired vs. Wireless routers...

    Do people get wireless routers just because it's wireless? Or something else? Also, isn't everything in wired faster/better than its wireless counterpart? Would a high-end wireless (like the D-link DGL-4300) be as good as a wired counterpart in bittorrent?
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    so why no DX10 on XP?

    Multi Death Corporations...
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    what is the very very high quality brand?

    OCZ GamerXstream 700W - the best PSU out there
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    Conroe E6700 (ES) Test Results!!!!!

    Is the temperature of the CPU the TCaseMax or Core #1? Why is the TCM so high?
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    What do you have: SLI, Crossfire or single card solution?

    I would say that SLI and CF is only worthy if you are going to game at 1600x1200 or higher.
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    What do you have: SLI, Crossfire or single card solution?

    I have a 9800 Pro 128MB, and I am going to keep it until it doesn't work anymore... it plays Steam games at high but with no aa/af.... but it still looks and runs great. Late 2008/Early 2009, I'm getting a whole new PC.
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    Different wall socket....

    I have a 3-prong outlet in my kitchen... does that mean the whole circuit to my house is like that, but with a 2-prong plate on the outside? Or... does each outlet have its own 'setup'?
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    Different wall socket....

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    Different wall socket....

    see above...
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    Different wall socket....

    My wall outlet for my PC is 2-pronged. I use a 3-prong adapter for the 2 surge protectors that connect everything next to my PC. I have had my PC connected to a surge protector connected to a 3-pronged adapter in a 2-prong outlet for about 2 years, and nothing ill has happened. My specs...
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    Greatest Game Ever

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
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    Who's getting sick of upgrading their video card?

    I'm keeping my 9800 Pro until it blows up...
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    Mini-review: Dell 2407 FPW rev. A02 hooked up to my Xbox 360 (pics)

    Dell 2007 FPW rev. A02 Pros Don't you mean 2407?
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    Mini-review: Dell 2407 FPW rev. A02 hooked up to my Xbox 360 (pics)

    My CRT has the banding issue on GS, but, again, it's how it is supposed to be.
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    Official Dell 2407WFP Thread - Reviews, Revisions, Screenies

    Is this 6 or 8-bit? Does anyone like the frame/footprint of the 2405 better than the 2407's? I do... at least for me, the 2407 gives me a cheap plastic feel... but I haven't seen it in person, just in pictures. Is that why?
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    How long do you keep your video card?

    I upgrade when my current one is broken or can't play games anymore. I have had my 9800 Pro for 3 years and still going strong :D