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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    I haven't upgraded my system since 2008. If I got it, I will upgrade everything else!
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    Need largest cloth mousepad Corepad Deskpad XXXXL This is what I have right now. Does this help you?
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    The holly grail of mechanical keyboards!

    Is that bad? Hmm...
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    The holly grail of mechanical keyboards!

    Backlit = for egoist. IMO. Plain and simple keyboard, whether mechanical or not = that's who you are.
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    Das Keyboard Professional OR Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, which is better?

    I have a Das Keyboard Ultimate in 2008 and it is still used today. I have a friend who owns Razer Black Widow Ultimate and he said that he discovered some issues such as "K" and "L" being unresponsive and left shift button isn't working at all after using only less than 6 months (In 2010). That...
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    Lightest mouse for palming w/ good side grips, easy to pick up w/ small hands

    I have a Razer Abyssus in 2009 and used for over 2 years. During that year, I decided to buy 4 as spares in case if it is about to worn out. Before that 2009, I used to have Razer Proclick 1.6 (Remember Razer Copperhead? Man, I missed that.) it was the lightest mouse I've ever owned. Now this...