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    Nike Signs Deal With Esports Athlete

    Physical fitness of players does not turn games to sport. LeBron playing checkers is still just a game not a real sport.
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    World Exclusive RTX 2070 Review

    Another quality review on [H]. Bonus salt included.
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    CaseLabs Announces It Has Been “Forced into Bankruptcy and Liquidation”

    Absurb claim from CaseLabs. Materials cost for someone selling boutique priced cases is immaterial. This is equivalent to Apple announcing they can no longer sell Iphones because a processor tariff added a few dollars to the cost. If this was some budget case company with razor thin margins it...
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    Verizon Admits to Throttling Netflix

    Hopefully killing net neutrality will allow these laws to be fixed soon. Forcing me to pay higher fees so some can enjoy unmetered video streaming services is as absurd as having to pay increasing cable fees to subsidize bad sports and other channels I dont care about each month. Im all in favor...
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    AMD Press Conference at Computex

    It was a dumb demo because it was a crossfire gaming demo. Crossfire isnt applicable or funtional for 90% of gamers or games. Are they trying to sugest that you need two Vega to play at 4k? Dumb. They had already shown Threadripper PCIE with the 4X Vega blender demo. so that isnt a excuse...
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    AMD Press Conference at Computex

    Crossfire demo. RTG still clueless. I cant believe people at RTG think they deserve to be independent. Raja needs to stop playing with Indian actress VR fantasies and produce some competitive products on time for their existing markets.
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    Vega Rumors

    Are you trusting AMD's notoriously bad PR images or your own eyes? I see 8+6
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Ryzen 5 Hype
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    Who's planning to buy Zen?

    I doubt the reason for the rumored 6 core frequencies is any defect, my guess is the 6 cores are lower clocked to fit 65W TDP (25% less cores but 32% less TDP available). May be TDP targets with the 4 cores as well, but still suprising not to see higher clocked variant. I expect some SKU are...
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    Can I get skype back on my TV?

    Only solution I saw suggested in the Skype community forum thread about this issue was to follow this guide: (Note I do not own a Samsung tv so I have not tried it myself) There is also a project to "hack"...
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    Very slippery 10 inch tablet

    If you dont want to add a bulky case try some anti slip tape. I have used generic black "bat" tape but there is a ton of choices in every possible color. It will collect dirt so it does need to be replaced periodically. A single piece of well placed tape can provide enough extra finger grip.
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    AMD Ryzen 8C/16T Cinebench R15 & Fritz Chess Scores

    Ponitless leak that doesnt even have CPU-Z. Certainly not deserving of its own thread. Cant tell if bored or obsessed for garbage like this to be posted.
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    Radeon RX 480 Competition Poll

    970 as it is the current price competition. 390X/980 because this announced performance segment they said they were trying to bring to the masses. How well did they do? ( regardless of this being the original performance target during development or not ;) ) 1070 because everyone wants to see...
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    It's May 30th

    so two events no one will watch tomorrow :yawn:
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    AMD Polaris GCN 4.0 Macau China Event

    Yet another stupid move by AMD marketing. It is not like their cards wont be reviewed by the people they piss off, especially since you will be able to buy their whole Polaris stack this year for the cost of one NVIDIA card.
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    Skynet Happens To Be Real Confirms NSA

    Why pay when you could use Google Chrome for free?
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    AMD Fury X... Wait, no DVI?!

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    The [H]ardOCP Mini-Giveaway Sponsored by ASUS

    spacesaving and portability
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    Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

    Best power supplies I have ever owned. Would love to try out the Seasonic keyboard.
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    HDDs for a HTPC?

    Seagate recently announced their Video 3.5 HDD series in sizes up to 4TB which claims to support 16 HD streams and is engineered for DVR type applications. No idea when these will show up at retailers though.
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    Need tv buying advice

    The ST is a better panel but if you are a heavy gamer you may care more about the input lag than image quality differences. The S also has very limited 2? HDMI connections. I wouldnt really recommend it unless you are on a budget and prioritize input lag. I believe you can find youtube reviews...
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    Need tv buying advice

    They are preferred if you really care about blacks. RIP Kuro :( The ST is a great set but has increased input lag that isnt present on the VT or S models. If you intend to do a lot of gaming you may want to avoid it, but otherwise it is really nice price/performance.
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    AMD Pricedrops

    Should have been more clear. Response was towards the "small box" part of the quote. There are many good ATX mobos in AM3+. editted original reply to avoid confusion
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    AMD Pricedrops

    It already exists. The FX-8300, but it is an OEM only part. There are no decent small form factor AM3+ motherboards and the thermals are still bad so I dont see the point in shoving one into a small rig. Maybe steamroller will bring the small form factor motherboards the FX line needs. edit...
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    AMD or Intel for HTPC,3315-9.html really? Since the implementation of OpenCL to Handbrake last year, there has been a sizable performance advantage, but it is in favor of AMD not Intel. That is why Intel annouced last month they were working with...
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    Arch on a USB drive - Good idea?

    If you want an introductory distro based on Arch I would suggest Manjaro.
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    Comcast Is Now Encrypting Basic Cable Data

    Not sure about new boxes but part of the law that allowed this states that all cable systems implementing this encryption have to provide one free cable box to subscribers. So if any of you are subject to this make sure you have any charges removed for your primary box. Additional television...
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    Got the go-ahead to build a couple Plex HTPCs: main requirement is small size

    No, the celeron is more powerful and runs cooler which makes it a better fit for such tiny cases. They are certainly powerful enough for your needs, but not as capable as the new celerons. If you select an AMD system check for user reviews to make sure it isnt known to have thermal throttling or...
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    Got the go-ahead to build a couple Plex HTPCs: main requirement is small size

    Ah well sorry then. $249 is a hot price, shame you cannot take advantage of it. Still its a solid unit according to everything I have read. Post a review if you get one! I cant believe I forgot to mention Zotac. They are a pretty big player in ultra SFF systems and may have something you like...
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    Got the go-ahead to build a couple Plex HTPCs: main requirement is small size

    If that is the one you decide on be sure to search the web for coupon codes. Lenova has been running constant specials on the Q190 celeron units with new codes every two weeks or so. This code USPQ500404 appears to currently work for the basic unit making it $249 pre-tax, but there may be better...
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    Got the go-ahead to build a couple Plex HTPCs: main requirement is small size

    New Celeron embeds should definitely be enough for you but with current pricing for decent SFF cases and PSUs it makes it very hard to compete with the major vendors latest nettops, especially if you are going to add windows. I really wouldnt suggest building yourself unless you will be gaming...
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    Got the go-ahead to build a couple Plex HTPCs: main requirement is small size

    Lenova Q190, Asus Eee Box, Acer Revo or any other modern nettop is a good choice. Many can be found around $300 complete. Lenova and Asus seem to have the best pricing if you want windows included, but you can also get the Asus with Linux to save money. If you want to build your own nettop the...
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    Need quick answer about square trade.

    Check into other phone insurers, there are tons of them. You can even add you phone to certain homeowners insurance policies. I have used Squaretrade and liked the service. They shipped me a brand new unit for replacement instead of some crap refurb and I had it within 2 days. Depending on the...
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    [H] Challenge for you guys

    Since you have an extended time to prepare the PC before BF4 and because a new architecture is coming in between, I would suggest you either: 1. wait for Haswell so that you buy into the latest tech 2. buy used SB or Ivy components from people moving to Haswell. You may notice that both of...
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    The PC Has No Future

    "Will your next PC be a smartphone?" No. In courties where wifi is actually the internet backbone it could be realistic but no way I will ever have my access limited by the crap cellular coverage, exorbitant data costs and limited device portability. That is without even considering the size...
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    So what is the cheapest cell company now?

    You are comparing two different service plans, one with double unlimited data and another with only increased data on one phone. Data is the real price issue. Also their Galaxy Nexus 4 pricing is nearly $150 more per unit than buying from Google. So whichever plan you choose buying the phone...
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    So what is the cheapest cell company now?

    I have Tmobile, but I dont use Unlimited on our two phones thanks to prevalent wifi (I pay $90 now with only 2gb on one and 500mb on the other). My old 1000 family plan with $10 data and text charges was more expensive but maybe you have a nicer grandfathered plan. TMobile new pricing is...
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    SeaSonic M12II Power Supply Lucky Draw

    S12-420 (SS-430HB). My first premium PSU purchase and it still works seven years later. Fantastic quality.
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    Amazon AutoRip Extends to Vinyl

    ^This. They also have given me rips of CDs that I purchased as gifts for others which I do not currently own. Hello RIAA.
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    AMD should be held responsible to CF owners who bought cards based on reviews.

    Agree 100% on the refunds to owners who think this is a significant issue. I also believe AMD should blacklist these customers making them ineligible from all future promotions and warranties on AMD GPUs. CF has had problematic scaling and specific game issues since its inception and any...