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    Your greatest overclocks of all time!!!!

    My Core 2 Duo e8400, definitely. Default clock of 3.0Ghz and voltage of ~1.3 volts. It's still running to this day (right behind me) at 4.05Ghz at 1.275 volts using air cooling. It reached 4.32GHz stable but I didn't want to keep it at the voltage required to run that speed permanently...
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    Bargain gaming build

    Thank you for the idea. I'm reading up on the differences between R7 250X / 260 / 265 to see if one of those can be squeezed in. This was my thinking... get a Core i3-4130 first rather than wait. Excalibur55's suggestion really opened up that idea. It remains to be seen if some additional...
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    Bargain gaming build

    Thank you all... this is exactly what I was hoping for. I backed myself into a corner by cutting and needed a new way out. CPU..................Intel Pentium G3220..........................$65 GPU.................MSI HD 7770 1GB.............................$120 Motherboard.......Gigabyte LGA...
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    Bargain gaming build

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc gaming (ESO/Skyrim, WOW), general video playback/streaming, Bluray playback 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? ~$700, tax and shipping included 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please...
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    Mini ITX gaming build

    A little later than planned as I had to RMA my motherboard due to a defective inboard RAM slot. Go figure... I came across good deals for the motherboard and cooler during my buying sessions and wound up with the following: Case: Cooler Master Elite 130 Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-I Deluxe RAM...
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    Mini ITX gaming build

    Go figure... the only horrendous quality/service issue I've experienced to date where I literally couldn't find a solution was with an MSI Radeon 9800 PRO, so I skipped them when an opportunity presented itself. Hopefully I'll skate under the wire with HIS. I'm hoping the reviews/data at...
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    Mini ITX gaming build

    Update on parts purchased so far. I stumbled across a $10 price drop on the 3570k that is reflected in the list below. Only real change was to the HIS 7950 IceQ for same price as the original MSI card ($240) in an attempt to shuttle as much heat as possible directly out the back of my case...
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    Mini ITX gaming build

    I've never used Rosewill before except for a cheap USB hub, but then again I've never had to call customer service on a power supply, either. Lucky? Maybe, but either way it's got good reviews and the efficiency boost should help me keep the heat down in my little shoebox of a case...
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    Mini ITX gaming build

    Done! It'll be here Wednesday... Would there be a reason to prefer the Rosewill 550W over this Corsair 600W for 2 bucks cheaper? Gold vs Bronze rating? $65 - Corsair CX600M 600W Modular with promo code EMCWWWR46, ends 11/21 CPU cooling is missing from the list, but assuming the Seidon...
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    Mini ITX gaming build

    Hi tiraides. Case selection was based more on available space in/around my living room and matching general decor. The wife has spoken... :D Fortunately my overclocking goals this time around are fairly modest. If I'm stuck at stock then I'll need to target hardware beefy enough to support...
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    Mini ITX gaming build

    I've got the itch to build small and move my gaming options into the living room. My current build was given the fine-toothed comb review here back in 2009 and has been absolutely rock solid. I've read a few mini-ITX discussions here already, but many seem to be alternative suggestions or...
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    What additions needed for HTPC conversion?

    I am looking to make an HTPC capable of gaming as well as replacing my set-top box, DVR, DVD player and audio receiver. Basically I want to fit as many common HT functions as possible into a single box. To this end I figure I'll need to add the following to the system in my sig: - New...
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    Biggest game euphoria for you?

    KOTOR... god, I spent two back-to-back nights up til 7am playing it through the first time. Did I mention I was going to work at 9am on those mornings? Hooked me hard...
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    Wood Powered Pickup Truck

    Call AAA for roadside wood delivery.... HAHAHHahahHAHAHA Seriously, try that in North Central Texas where most of the trees are smaller than people. Then again, a truck that ran on smoldering mesquite would smell AWESOME! Rack a grill up on top of the reactor and smoke some brisket while...
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    Sub $450 "box only" build for a WoW-addicted friend

    $452.14 after shipping... dang, I'll have to buy him a couple 99 cent burgers to make up the difference. :D
  16. J

    Sub $450 "box only" build for a WoW-addicted friend

    Recapping: CASE/PSU - Antec 300 + Antec Earthwatts 380watt $85 CPU/RAM - AMD Athlon 64 X2 7750 Kuma + OCZ 4gb 1066mhz $98 MOBO- GIGABYTE...
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    Sub $450 "box only" build for a WoW-addicted friend

    elleana - ok, good to know. I'll re-run some numbers with a 4670 in the mix as well. I started with the 4650 to be cheap... the 4670 is about $20 more and the 4830 is about $20 more than the 4670 (hard to believe with the right discount that only $40 separates the 4650 and 4830!)
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    Sub $450 "box only" build for a WoW-addicted friend

    Direfox - if I thought he would ever OC then I'd be all over the E5200. As it is he's never even opened a case up before and has absolutely no interest in overclocking. I know that can change but I figured I'd go with it for now. However I will try to get him to move towards the 4830 as it's...
  19. J

    Sub $450 "box only" build for a WoW-addicted friend

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc - Gaming, WoW mainly 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? - about $400 3) Where do you live? - US, NC 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM, case, etc. Please be very specific. -...
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    Overclocking E8400 on P5Q-Pro, stuck at 4.32GHz- Suggestions?

    Failed at this, couldn't load OS: CPU multi 8 FSB 533 (4.26GHz) PCIE 100 DRAM Freq 1068MHz (auto-set by BIOS based upon FSB) CPU v 1.35 DRAM v 2.0 NB v Auto Will tweak a bit more but I re-booted three times and each time bombed out on the Windows splash screen.
  21. J

    Overclocking E8400 on P5Q-Pro, stuck at 4.32GHz- Suggestions?

    The RAM I have is 2.0-2.1v so I set it at that to rule it out. Typically I run it at AUTO and only set it manually when I hit this wall. NB voltage is the same story... typically at AUTO and I only specified it to nail down the variable. I was previously running DDR2-800 at 450mhz very...
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    Overclocking E8400 on P5Q-Pro, stuck at 4.32GHz- Suggestions?

    I've been overclocking my E0 E8400 incrementally since I built my new system last fall. I seem to be stuck at a plateau and I'm looking for any suggestions on the P5Q-Pro that can help me past it. This is my "everyday" configuration and has been stable through many days of Prime 95...
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    Kind of silly but where do you guys place your PC on the floor or on your desk?

    I had my old Sonata case up on my desk for the longest time since I was always swapping something in and out of it and undoing/redoing all the cables would have been a major pain. However, having said that, now that I've built a new box it's on the floor with all the wiring tucked up along...
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    vonage adapter/gaming current state of voip?

    The new Vonage router (VPortal) is much smaller than their older boxes. I used Vonage for about 2 years then switched over to another provider when it looked like Verizon might sue them out of existence. Since that cleared I switched back to Vonage 4 months ago or so... no real problems, nor...
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    OnLive...death of dedicated pc hardware?

    First thought: Next they'll want to have the cloud servers do the actual playing and just send the resulting stream to a semi-vegetative viewer... oh wait, that's about the same as TV. :D Second thought: How do you overclock a cloud? FTL if I can't get my hands on it, bend it to my...
  26. J

    Contemplating upgrade

    IIRC, GA-P35-DS3L only has one PCI-E x16 slot so the extra 4850 wouldn't work so well. The 2209WA is only 1680x1050. Are you lagging in something you're playing?
  27. J

    Google Says Break Up Companies Too Big To Fail

    At this point all I want is for an administration to pick a plan and stick with it. Both the Bush and Obama administrations act like they're playing the role of a sideshow pitchman: "Here's the big plan that will set things right!" ~ crowd (aka "the Street") thrashes the plan and...
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    Intel E8400 Overclocking Suggestion

    If you get the Xigmatek linked above, check out the retention bracket as well since it makes installation much easier and you don't have to worry if the push pins will let go one day resulting in a half-pound block of aluminum crashing into your GPU.
  29. J

    ZEROtherm Core92

    This is a decent article showing several different ways.
  30. J

    ZEROtherm Core92

    Wish they had some pics of the bottom to show the pipes and copper...92mm fan? I really like my 120s. As for the brand, I'm pretty happen with my Zen FZ120, getting 50ºC in IBT at max (see sig for thread). Next rig I'll build I'll put this one in my pile for consideration.
  31. J

    e8400 & p5q pro Stability issues, some advice needed.

    In reading the thread through it looks like you first had trouble with this: 9*400FSB = 3.6GHz @ 1.25v then tried this, also unstable: 8*450FSB = 3.6GHz @ 1.25v then went to this, also unstable: 9*450 = 4.05GHz @ 1.3v Did you ever try the middle? 9*400FSB = 3.6GHz @1.3v?
  32. J

    E8400 C0 on P5B Deluxe @ 4ghz with 1.33v using stock HSF =)

    Any results from the stability testing? If stable that's pretty nice for a C0.
  33. J

    Need Foam!

    Yeah but his comp room must smell great and no more annoying static zaps when you reach over to turn the PC off :D
  34. J

    Overclocking problem...

    Dominator RAM allows for tighter timings (4-4-4-12 or lower) than XMS2 (typically 4-4-4-12 or higher) but it's up to you whether the price premium is worth it... GB-for-GB it's a lot more expensive. Plus slightly lower RAM timings rarely make much difference in real-world performance on a PC...
  35. J

    Noob Question

    Harbor Freight is a good source for those "only going to use them once" tools... cheap and cheerful but not something you'll want to take with you to a job site :) $12.99 for a two-bit (literally and figuratively) set.
  36. J

    will my psu be sufficient?

    Who's the manufacturer of the PSU and what model? That will tell a lot about whether it's really going to deliver anything close to 300W clean. With a good quality PSU it'll be close but should still work... with a lesser quality PSU and adding an HD4670 you may be on the way to a long, drawn...
  37. J

    Overclocking problem...

    Ok, the 7500 should be able to provide decent cooling to bump up the FSB a bit more. Grab CPUID, the latest RealTemp (at least v2.90 last time I checked) and Prime95/OCCT/IntelBurnTest to keep an eye on voltage and temps and you should be able to start incrementing FSB and testing.
  38. J

    Overclocking problem...

    Yep, same RAM as mine. Based on my experience and my research in various forums when overclocking after my build I suspect you'll never get it to be stable on tighter timings. However you do still have some FSB room to play with. I recommend using CPUID to find out what CPU voltage the...
  39. J

    Yet another build up for review

    +1 for the WD Black or Blue 640GB drives. Cost per GB is equal to the 1TB and performance is awfully good for a normal consumer drive.
  40. J

    Overclocking problem...

    From your sig it sounds like you have memory like mine. I never could get this memory to faster timings than the default 5-5-5-18. However I am able to run it at 900MHz (450 FSB). If you have a Q9400 at 3.0GHz then I assume your FSB is at 375? Assuming you have adequate cooling you should...