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    [DEAD} - Acer A770 16GB $260

    I keep hoping Intel will drop a higher end Arc GPU. $500 range that would compete with the 4070/7700XT
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    IROK FE75 Pro RGB Portable TKL 70% Gaming Keyboard $22

    It looks like you are trying an invalid code. It appears the code should be 2013DGLT Hope it helps
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    2TB Fantom Venom8 NVME Gen4 SSD - $147.95 @Newegg These appear to have DDR and decent R/W speeds. Not the lowest for a 2TB drive but a decent deal. 5 year warranty by MFG if registered in the first 90 days after purchase.
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    Best Buy Samsung 980 Pro 2TB for $159.99

    uOpt - It's marketing at it's finest.... the more meta words they can attach to a product the higher the hit rate when people search for anything "gaming". So very true that all SSDs are "gaming". Wouldn't want to game without one or 2... or 3... Loving the prices approaching reasonable levels.
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    Logitech G604 Lightspeed Mouse -$35@ Bestbuy

    Picked up the Newegg one. Can't wait to get my paw on it... I've got a wired MX518 new model... I think I'll like the form of this G604 and wireless.
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    Logitech G604 for $39.99 at Amazon and Best Buy

    Already showing out of stock for me and the promo code doesn't work on the G502 X Lightspeed (non-RGB blinged) version sadly!
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    Maneater is Free on Epic Games Store

    Thanks OP.... Should be bloody fun!
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    **It's DEAD, Jim!** Logitech MX518 $19.99 and more on sale at Best Buy

    This deal is still alive as Maro mentioned above for $19.99 +tax and shipping if you don't want to go to a local store for pickup. Just ordered one today.
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    Warm? Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds 40$

    Honestly, they are decent but there is zero Bass with them. You won't get a full spectrum audio experience by far and I can't get them to stay in my ears very well when I run and I've tried all the included tips. I paid much less on a Anker special for them. From my experience, $40 isn't...
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    [Epic Store] Sid Meiers Civilization Vi (Free till [DEAD])

    Picked it up! Thanks for the reminder!
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    Best USB Bluetooth host? (range especially)

    Asus BT400 seems to be the best choice that are showing in most Google searches. Better driver support than most of the generic brands and works well with older Win OSes. $22.99 with free shipping on Amazon Prime.
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    Fortnite crashing

    89C is very high for a non-OC'd 2700X. I would suggest getting some fresh thermal paste and repasting the cooler on the cpu as it seems as if it isn't mounted well. The other possibility is that the motherboard is overvolting the processor in Auto mode. Check the voltages while running time...
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    Black Desert Online Free until March 2nd while supplies last

    Thanks OP. Picked it up.
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    [Epic Store] Faeria and Assassin's Creed Syndicate free now til feb27

    Thanks Jim Kim... Picked up Innerspace.
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    Just got my new Gig board. No factrory seal on box?

    Realistically, I would put a drop of that cut finger blood somewhere on the MB. An offering to the electronic deities... may get you a bit higher OC, if you are into that! :cigar:
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    Anyone here old enough to understand this ?

    We had an Egghead in San Diego back in the day. Was a candy store for nerds. Loved it. Bought those 720KB 3.5" diskettes and used the hole punch to make them dual side 1.4MB diskettes. I remember buying Starflight there and losing whole weekends to it.
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    China dominating in the race to file tech patents

    Does this mean we get to ignore their patents and intellectual properties, just as they ignored the world's patents and properties to get where they are now? (snarky response, but seriously):banghead:
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    Kingdom Come Deliverance Free next week on Epic

    Added this to my huge backlog. Thanks OP
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    Forgot the password? Your device is bricked.

    The problem with a hardware forced timeouts is that would be tantamount to a denial of service/access to the device. A hacker could deny the owner the ability of accessing the device. Sure, save the in internet from an IoT botfarm but deny the owner of the device the ability to access and...
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    [Epic Store] Farming Sim 19 (Free Till [DEAD])

    Picked it up, not entirely sure why. Guess I'll take a look and see!
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    Vengeance memory not playing nice with older EVGA board

    I'll throw in my 2 cents. Reseating the CPU has often "fixed" ram issues on these older boards, especially when ram is not being seen on particular slots. Also, you will want to have both 8 pin power ports plugged in between the rear I/O ports and the CPU. It's possible there is a voltage...
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    OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro

    That would be unfortunate as continual use of the USB C port eventually causes failures on the port. Plenty of users end up having issues of intermittent charging due to loose plugs that wiggle and break connectivity. I really enjoyed the OnePlus hardware and software but adding such a simple...
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    Black Friday 2019 Deals?

    Try EVGA's B stock items. Here is a link
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    What 18 GB looked like about 20 years ago

    I miss dial-up BBSing. I started with a fancy 1200 baud modem. I definitely miss some of the daily turn games that were common back in the day. Never had to deal with a TRS model 3, thankfully. Went from a Vic20 to a Leading Edge model D. Swapping floppies FTW!
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    Age of Wonders III Is Free on Steam

    Thanks, picked it up to add to my huge backlog!
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    What was your first pc?

    My parents bought a Commodore VIC 20 with a cassette drive for storage. Programmed basic games from the back of a computer magazine at the time. All those lines of code took forever to input just to see it fail from a spelling or punctuation error. Then we got a Leading Edge Model D with...
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    Looking for a good deal on a Power Supply

    I have always had good luck with EVGA products and support. They typically have great great B Stock deals (refurb/recertified units) as well as new units. Here's a link to their B Stock Hope this helps!
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    Do I have 8GB or 16GB? Conflicting info

    It may seem weird but you may want to remove your cpu from the motherboard and then reinstall. I seem to remember back in the day that cpu coolers could just slightly warp the boards enough to cause issues like this, especially with memory. I still run my old 2600k and had the ram issue as...
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Looks like you could potentially use 2 of the QNine adapters in the hightlighted PCIe slots but they are likely limited to x8 speeds and booting from them may not be possible. Somebody may have a better handle on that aspect.
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    HP Omen 65 Emperium

    I certainly can see the point of the 14ms G2G time but this isn't a 1440 display, it's a 4K display. I am hoping somebody has some in person experience/testing on it. Just saw this in the footnotes: 4. Default refresh rate is 120Hz with NVIDIA® G-SYNC® HDR on I guess HDR mode cuts down the...
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    HP Omen 65 Emperium

    Have any of you [H]ard brothers and sisters picked up one of these HP Omen Emperiums? Looks like a hell of a BFGM! 65" 4k @ 144hz native HDR1000 G-Sync Quantum Dot 384 zone dimming built in Nvidia Shield $4999
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    If you look at the pictures attached to the OPs post, you will see the screenshot of the product page. The product page does say Professional, not Premium. $134 is a smoking deal.
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    2600k, Best board for casual OC

    Derp on my fingers... 1155...still not easy to find new and not cheap at that!
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    2600k, Best board for casual OC

    You will be hard pressed to find many new 1150 motherboards at this point. It is very long in the tooth at this point. I'm still rocking my 2600k and it works just fine for casual gaming. I did a searching and there are a few new boards to be found but nothing really enthusiast class, at...
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    Simple Case for 9900k

    I picked up the Thermaltake View 22 a couple days ago off Amazon for $50. Looked very similar to many models from other vendors that wanted $80-100 more. I should have it soon. For the price and features, it was hard to say no! Plus, I needed a larger case so I could drop in a Corsair H110...
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    LCD,LED screens 'burn" my eyes! What is the solution?

    I'll throw in my 2 cents. I work with 3 monitors for 8-10 hours a day at work and had alot of headaches for some time. I got my eye prescription redone and made sure to get the blue light block coating added. It made a world of difference for me. I also have the Blue Light Filter setting...
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    EVGA 1000 WATT 80+ GOLD $89.99 - Best Buy

    I went ahead and bought the 1000W G2. Going to replace my 9 year old Thermaltake 1200 Tough Power. It started having vdrop causing system freezes. I am a big EVGA fan. So glad this deal came through!