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    Unifi UAP-AC Will Not Adopt

    Check out the messages log on the accesspoint and see if there is any additional info there: I had a hard time once joining a switch to a UniFi controller. Turns out the switch shipped with really old firmware that couldn't join the controller due to a TLS handshake mismatch. I had to manually...
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    Site-to-Site VPN Performance good enough to run quickbooks enterprise for other locations?

    No. QB should not be run over a VPN of any type. The DB will get corrupted easily with any type of drop outs or other internet glitches. Best to run QB on Remote Desktop Services if you have multiple remote users.
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    Home Cable Modem keeps resetting itself...

    A truck roll is probably in order. Also, I believe the SB5101U is no longer supported on TWC network. While it works, it's a good time to upgrade your modem. You'll save several dollars a...
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    Domain Folder Redirection

    Redirected Docs doesn't sound like a great idea over VPN. You get one person who drops an ISO or other large file on their desktop and that will try to sync up and use up bandwidth on both ends. I think RDS server & redirected docs would be a better solution.
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    How smoothly should a Modem swap go?

    Sounds like your parents have phone service from Comcast? If so, then you'll need to put a coax splitter on the cable line and connect the SB6190 separately because you have to leave the TM722 for phone service. So they'll have two devices instead of one. You may need to call into Comcast...
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    How do I connect all the rooms for ethernet?

    Depends on the sparkies,the state and local building codes, and enforcement of them. Codes in this area, and enforcement are practically nil. No real way to know without giving the cable a good ol' yank. :whistle: Depends on the sparkie (and the age of the home). Good sparkies home run all low...
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    ISP needs a ulternative solution to Ubiquiti for Residental/Business customers

    Yes, it sucks if you accidentally set the wrong setting on a CPE and it loses wireless connectivity and you have to roll a truck. Been there, done that. But you're going to get that with pretty much every manufacturer of wireless to ethernet CPE bridges. Plan accordingly. Plan maintenance...
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    Analog fax machine over network?

    You could get a VoIP ATA & a SIP trunk from any number of providers. However, faxing over VoIP can be problematic. Landline is the gold standard for reliable faxing (and I use that term loosely). Really depends on your level of patience and tolerance for incomplete or garbled faxes.
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    UPS Store Rep: "We don't offer damage insurance on self-packed boxes." Guess what packing costs?

    I have a mailbox and have shipped packages at UPS Store. I'll ask the staff at my local UPS Store if that is their policy too. Note that the UPS Stores are just franchises. Corporate has nothing to do with them. In fact corporate considers them the red headed step child.
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    Recommend a Cable Vendor - DVI-I and VGA D-Sub

    I've had great luck with Startech products. Good quality cables. Only once did I have a bad Active DVI-D to Displayport adapter cable. They sent me a new one for free under warranty.
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    docsis 3.1 vs fiber?

    You are confusing a bunch of different technologies. ADSL/ADSL2+ is run over copper (telephone) pairs. ADSL2+ maxes out at 24Mbit (sometimes more depending on equipment). You can bond two pairs with Annex.M to boost speeds to theoretically double. If you want faster data you have to look at...
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    T1 Phsyical Layer Question

    Sounds like an AT&T circuit install. That's the SOP for them.
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    Windows 10 time gone nuts

    I've had clients turn off their computers via a power strip or shut off the UPS and that drains more life out of the CMOS battery.
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    Lost my job...

    Ever think about going into IT consulting business yourself? Or think about working at an MSP/IT consulting firm. Even if they don't have the 500-2000 seat environments, they probably have a lot of different sized environments that may meet up to that total size. And someone with your skills in...
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    Recommend me a good dyndns service

    DNS as well as Dynamic DNS service, free from Hurricane Electric:
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    Cisco to Buy Network Security Company OpenDNS for $635 million

    If this goes through, I think Cisco will end the free OpenDNS service and require subscriptions at some point. I can't even remember which of my clients that I've enabled OpenDNS DNS server settings on. Wait and see.
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    Looking for a 35ft Cat5e cable

    If the cable will be exposed to the elements, then you should get outdoor grade UV resistant cable. I've seen too many sparkies running indoor cable outside to NIDs, and after a couple of years in the sun, the outdoor jacket becomes brittle and falls apart, leading to shorts and other cable...
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    WTB: 16 port managed gigabit switch

    I'm looking for a 16 port managed gigabit switch. With rack ears. Needs to support port-based VLANs. Web managed is fine, or CLI or both. I'm not looking to spend a lot, preferably less than $75.00 shipped (northeast US destination) for a used switch. Send details and photos. Thanks.
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    Need to replace section of coax

    True, they might cover damage for free up to the demarc point on your home (usually a ground block near the power meter). BUT, they will repair any lines in or on your home for a nominal fee. Plus they will make sure it is done correctly. Could you do it yourself? Sure. Are you willing to risk...
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    DSL constantly resetting. Help?!

    Okay. Looking at the photos, the grey CAT5 that feeds the two jacks next to each other, blue and orange pairs, appears to be a homerun back to the NID. Blue pair is connected to the jack that the DSL modem plugs into, correct? If so, then the DSL modem appears to be on its own circuit, so the...
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    DSL constantly resetting. Help?!

    I'm guessing you have VDSL, given the two circuits in the NID and not ADSL2+? TDS tech should have a test meter, like a brown meter (resistance tests) or a Sidekick T&N which can do Stress, Resistance, and Leakage testing of the inside wire. That would be the best troubleshooting method to...
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    Reselling UTM's on eBay?

    I know if you do a tradeup with Watchguard, the old unit cannot be transferred and no upgrades or licenses can be applied to it. Not sure about Fortinets or Sonicwalls.
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    Lengthen Cat5e cables Used them before for clients. Probably wouldn't certify, but connections were fine after adding a few feet to some runs cut too short by original cable...
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    FS: XBox Live Gold 3 Month Subscription

    I've got an unused XBox Live Gold 3 Month Subscription digital key that I want to sell. Was a gift from a vendor and I don't own any consoles (except for a SNES :D). Once transaction is complete, I'll e-mail you the code (or even forward you the e-mail with the link to the code). $18.00...
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    which tool to remove rootkits?

    Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Combofix can remove some rootkits too. Kaspersky's TDSSKiller (only removes the TDSS rootkit variants) Roguekiller (not entire for rootkits, but also good)
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    Stuck on new PC build, need case recommendations

    I ended up getting the Silverstone Temjin case. Was easily able to attach the Corsair H75 radiator to the rear 120mm mount. Lots of cable management and room behind the motherboard to store slack on cables. I moved the 2.5" drive bay from...
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    Stuck on new PC build, need case recommendations

    Mini-ITX case won't work with a regular ATX motherboard.
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    Stuck on new PC build, need case recommendations

    It's been 6+ yrs since I last built a new PC and am definitely due for a new rebuild. I went to Microcenter a couple of weekends ago and got all of the components (Asus Maximus 7 Hero, Intel Core i7-4790k CPU, Crucial Ballistics 16GB RAM, 512GB Crucial MX100 SSD, Asus BD-RW (just because)...
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    Amazon Android App Store 11/28 bunch of free paid apps

    In for Moon Phase Pro and Mobile Observatory. Thanks.
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    Small Rural Office Network Rebuild

    Most T1s are provided over SHDSL circuits these days. And copper plants in most areas are aging rapidly, plus maintenance is lacking and fewer employees to do that work. :|
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    Need help with phone cabling

    What you have there is a NORDX/CDI 568A 8 Position Jack with BIX termination. A bit uncommon here in the US, but from what I have learned, BIX is very common in Canada. I am not sure about the rest of the world. It looks like it is terminated properly, though not 100% sure. The top part of the...
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    Microwave satellite dish must be installed 350 ft away from house, too long for CAT5e

    Personally too much of a risk of damaging the end connectors (plus having to pull through conduit, forget that). I'd buy bulk fiber and have a contractor come in to terminate it. Sure there are pre-polished connectors you can install yourself, but it's nice to have a contractor do it, as they...
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    I have a Cisco 3600 Series router

    Need more details like what exact version it is (3620, 3640, 3660), what IOS version, and how much RAM it has. Here's a guideline from Cisco about what the chassis can handle and what each card can handle.
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    Wall-Mounted UPS: Why so hard to find??

    Closest thing I can think of is Cyberpower telecom style UPS units. DC output though and the telemetry (i.e. remote monitoring) cable only plugs into certain ONTs.
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    Network pics thread

    Back in 2001-2004 when I worked for a small WISP in central Maine, we had some radios and antennas colocated on a tower right next to an MPBN tower (like 30ft away). We had a phone number that we could call into MPBN Ops and they would turn down their transmitter to half output so it was safe to...
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    Corporate Antivirus

    GFIMax, as you said clients, so that makes me think you work for an IT consulting company or MSP.
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    Dell Wireless 1540 - Good/Bad?

    You say your client is having wifi problems? I have a client with the identical laptop with a Dell Wireless 1504 wifi adapter. It started going bad. Dropping off the network, losing dhcp lease and not getting it. Now it gets where the laptop is on for a few minutes and the wifi adapter...
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    phpmyadmin being picky about mysql version

    The reason phpMyAdmin is picky about MySQL version is because 5.1 is end-of-life: I understand Redhat treats RHEL as not using latest and greatest due to compatibility & bugs, but they should have released an updated version of mysql before RHEL or...