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    How to diagnose router WiFi disconnection problems?

    lmao at this tool. I am on channel 11. It says "Your link score would improve by moving to Channel 6." I move to channel 6. Reboot inssider. It says "Your link score would improve by moving to Channel 11." Lmao.
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    How to diagnose router WiFi disconnection problems?

    My router keeps disconnecting on me. It's a Linksys E1200 and will at least once a day show me "no internet connection" on the windows WiFi network icon (although I am still connected to the network) and won't connect to the router via (it becomes both unpingable and untraceable)...
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    1997 Half-Life Alpha Tech Demo

    The interesting bit is how the tech demo demonstrates new tech that is advantageous to gameplay, like new ai behaviors. Nowdays all you'd see in tech demos is fancy graphics or some other shit the MBA types like to think gamers want to see.
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    Let's Talk about Hackers

    irrelevant. 0/10. go troll elsewhere.
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    Let's Talk about Hackers

    Are you seriously saying that because you never do something it's ok to do something drastic like what you suggest? Because that always turned out so well whenever we've done it in the real world... I'm going to suggest that perhaps most of the "hackers" you've run into are simply people above...
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    Are there any games for adults left out there?

    Thanks, I'll check it out but I'm not really interested in fantasy settings, more scifi or present for me.
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    Are there any games for adults left out there?

    I don't mean adult as in nudity and extreme violence, I mean games that don't bother you with extreme hand holding, quicktime events, cliched storylines, and other dumb ideas that seem to plague and water down the games of this generation. I want a game that actually expects the user not be a...
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    File-Sharing for Personal Use Declared Legal

    I know. I agree with you 100%. But you were making a point that they were sending people to jail for a long time for small amounts of weed, which is not true most of the time.
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    File-Sharing for Personal Use Declared Legal

    3-5 ounces is not a small amount of weed. do you even know how much that is? no one keeps over an ounce for "personal use."
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    Laptop anti theft security

    I'm worried that my laptop might get stolen. I often use it in public places and I don't trust the kensington lock, and not to mention there's often nothing secure to wrap the cable around anyway. I'm wondering if there's any free tracking software that will track where the laptop is through...
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    ~$1000 15.6" laptop

    I ended up using the barnes & nobles discount and it came out to around $1300 with tax (I added the 9 cell battery, 3 year warranty, and several other options), which is reasonable I guess. Hope I made the right choice haha.
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    ~$1000 15.6" laptop

    I specced out a T530 with an i7, 1080p screen and 7200RPM hard drive and it came out to almost $1500. I am not sure if it is worth it. You guys are saying if I buy an Asus it will crap out in a year? Also does anyone know what the battery life of these machines is? I want to be able to stuff it...
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    ~$1000 15.6" laptop

    I'm a student and need a reasonably mobile laptop for work (programming and engineering), music production, and occasional gaming (I mostly play CS:GO). I want -good performance -good quality (I need something that will last for years) -good screen -looks decent -prefer to buy on amazon as...
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    Need help! Lenovo Y580 vs Asus N56vz vs Samsung NP700Z5C: at different price points

    OP have you decided on a laptop? I assume you chose the Asus N56VZ? How is it? I am picking among the same laptops.
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    CS: Global Offensive, I have no shadows!

    I thought even source had shadows inside.
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    Laptop for DJing and CS:GO under $1000

    How do I find if it's IPS? I don't see the panel type advertised anywhere.
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    Laptop for DJing and CS:GO under $1000

    I'm looking for a laptop that will work well with my DJ setup and playing the occasional CS:GO. I will still have my desktop so performance is not THAT important. #1 thing for me is reliability. I need something that won't crap out on me during a set, and also a readable screen from a distance...
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    DEA’s Servers Low on Disk Space, Drops Charges to Make Room

    Good. Hopefully we drop their disk space down even further with the "recession."
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    Are there any wireless adaptors that don't blow?

    Every single one I've had, I've had trouble with. All from reputable companies from linksys, netgear. They always have driver trouble, randomly drop connections, perform way slower than their laptop counterparts. Right now I have my crap netbook setup right next to my desktop with a Netgear...
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    Anyone else thinks Skyrim is boring?

    i never got into it myself. requires too much time commitment.
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    Origin Reps are Not Trained

    are you serious? who actually contacts tech support other than old ladies? if you want help google it or post on a forum.
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    Student Loses US Extradition Battle Over Copyright Infringement

    This is the future we are heading towards. The US will become the biggest police state in the world, if it hasn't already.
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    BF2 vs BF2142 vs BF3

    BF2 is better gameplay than BF3. All they needed to do was update the graphics, instead they fucked it up with ridiculous overpowered unlocks that make it impossible for noobies to get into the game and fucked up everything else as well. Fuck this gay earth.
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    Recommend a good immserive sci fi game

    thanks for the suggestions i decided on deus ex. playing it now, one of the best games ive played in my life. they dont make them like this anymore.
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    Recommend a good immserive sci fi game

    As long as the gameplay is good, I wouldn't mind a 10 year old game. FPS or RPG.
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    Recommend a good immserive sci fi game

    I'm talking along the lines of Mass Effect... big futuristic worlds, massive skylines, corruption everywhere, Blade Runner style. I already played Deus Ex Human Revolution and probably most of the big ones, just wondering if I missed anything. Or it's back to replaying Mass Effect.
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    Underwhelming Newegg black friday?

    Is a 2GB HD6950 for $229 shipped a good deal? Sorry I haven't really been following the video card world.
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    Flight sim with carriers?

    Jane's F/A-18 is what you're looking for. It's a full simulation, no half assed carriers here. If you can deal with the graphics I think you'll find it's your best option. Released in 2000, it's probably the last carrier flight sim we'll ever see.
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    Official Deus Ex: Human Revolution thread

    Apparently the cops react very badly if you try to throw something at them.
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    Official Deus Ex: Human Revolution thread

    That bug existed in the leaked beta months ago.
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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution - PC features/improvements

    Does anyone know what drm the boxed version uses? can you play w/o the disk?
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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    This. When are we going to see some footage with planes, huge maps, squad team play, all that made Battlefield great? IMO DICE ruined the Battlefield series on the pc when they came out with Bad Company 2. BC2 is a good game no doubt, but it's missing the epic scope of BF2. I've never had squad...
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    EA will cancel your "Entitlements" and may cancel your account after 24 months?

    This is retarded. What reason do they have to delete an account that's like 1kb in their massive servers?
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    Steam download throttling?

    I'm surprised Steam doesn't have this option. I thought for sure it had something like utorrent where you can limit your speed...
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    Take On Helicopters (new Bohemia game)

    It reminds me of a certain helicopter rescue simulator. Don't know if anyone remembers the title, it was released in the early 2000's I think.
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    New Deus Ex: HR trailer

    wowowwow calm down, have you played the beta? or heard the feedback from players? this game is massive.
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    Meet The Medic tell your friends!
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    New Deus Ex 3 gameplay vid: thoughts?

    are you sure about that? when I upgraded to 3 energy cells I thought my first 2 cells were regenerating. I think it's the last cell that won't regenerate.
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    New Deus Ex 3 gameplay vid: thoughts?

    I found a stun gun towards the end.