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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    These countries only: Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga. Bought from green man gaming only to realize it was for the wrong region. Please only PM if you can use it if your steam account is local to a country above. I will most likely reply in 24-48hrs.
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    RTX A2000 announced - fastest low-profile GPU

    My a2000 12gb will be arriving soon from shopBLT. Placed the order at the beginning of December. It'll be nice to finally get hands on one. Defintely pricey though, especially now that GPU prices are declining. I'll be curious how long it takes for a superior low profile graphics card to be...
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    JBL Studio 590 Floorstanding Speakers $399 each

    Living the dream! Feel free to post a photo when you get things set up!
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    I feel that. I live on a ship without internet from time to time :woot: Hopefully gamepass will work soon! Definitely exciting to see the rate that updates have been releasing and the support from the community as well.
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    Qnap NAS died...better alternatives.

    DIY is fun if you have the time. I love my TrueNAS system, but I can't see much wrong with prebuilts as long as the hardware is good. Those atom CPUs not so much. Good luck!
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    Not sure if gamepass is 100% supported yet, but it sounds like its getting close: IGN article: Steam Deck Now Supports Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Thanks To Help From Microsoft Ars Technica: Microsoft Edge’s new Linux beta supports cloud-streamed games on Steam Deck Phawx tutorial on YT...
  7. N Paradox scifi grand strategy game

    I know they've been moving a lot of Stellaris developers to other future products for awhile now. Its my hope that is to a Stellaris 2 of sorts. I would definitely be disappointed if there were not an engine improvement because performance is the biggest killer.
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    Q3. At least they'll be time for software kinks to get worked out plus some good accessories and poweruser type guides to be released. Maybe even those 2TB 2230 SSDs will release (and a mythical 2TB microsd someday?)
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    JBL Studio 590 Floorstanding Speakers $399 each

    Shouldn't be too long before they have another I'd imagine, good luck! Now you have me imagining a 5 channel setup with these haha.
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    4x4 bifurcation motherboard

    I would reccomend asking in our bifurcation thread: link Should find the help you need there.
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    Can we possibly turn this place into forum for handheld gaming, and not just about the steam deck?

    I think this will be an interesting subforum once people can actually get their hands on the darn things. I bit the bullet and bought a onexplayer mini while I wait for my >Q2 2022 steam deck reservation. I second having a pc handhelds subforum. Its a niche that doesnt quite jive with...
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    JBL Studio 590 Floorstanding Speakers $399 each

    FEB2022: On sale for 399$ each! (Free shipping). Lowest I've ever seen. That's a lot of speaker for the price!
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    RTX A2000 announced - fastest low-profile GPU

    I was hoping that the RTX 3050 launch would have featured the same specs as the a2000, but no luck. No announced low profile models either, so this really is the best low profile option out there. No LHR at least to soften the blow I suppose.
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    RTX A2000 announced - fastest low-profile GPU

    For those trying to get the 12gb variant, regardless of price, there is an ebay seller right now with 10+ in stock for a hefty $1000 each. Can't seem to find them anywhere else that is actually shipping. (Link)
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    Overclock your budget Alder Lake CPU with BCLK overclocking

    I feel like all enthusiast motherboards should come with clock generators. The more knobs to twiddle the better. Glad to see BCLK OCs being worthwhile once again.
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    RTX A2000 announced - fastest low-profile GPU

    I am also in line at ShopBLT. I remember the same thing happening when I tried to order an AMD 3300X from them. Ended up cancelling my order months later. Not a problem since they don't charge you in advance. I'm starting to think I should just buy one at scalped prices because by the time I...
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    RTX A2000 announced - fastest low-profile GPU

    Looks like they have since announced 204 cards on the way since posting. Hopefully they actually make it. Gotta admit I bit. Still, paying full price and feeling like its a deal is not something I hope I get used to. I'll probably mine it to make the sticker shock feel a little better while I'm...
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    RTX A2000 announced - fastest low-profile GPU

    They just announced a 12GB variant. (Link) Really insane considering the form factor. Would love one of these for my HTPC at some point. Leagues better then my GTX 1650 which used to be the best option for low profile cards. Curious if anyone here was able to pick one of these up? An online...
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    Hardware Requirements for TrueNAS server/cloud

    Hello all, I have recently decided to build a TrueNAS server (for home use) and have been currently working on making the most of its capabilities such as: -Storing media -Creating a NAS game library drive(iscsi) -PLEX Server -Cloud Server (outside my local network) My current hardware I have...
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    TrueNAS access denied

    I just installed TrueNAS for the first time last night and had an issue getting windows to accept my credentials to access my NAS. As a temporary fix I just allowed guest access for those shares and windows recognized it no issues. I just followed the install/setup tutorial on the tureNAS site...
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    WARM NZXT H1 $199 free ship

    Really good price considering the cost of the psu, riser cable, case, and aio individually.
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    "Safe" VGA Cable Wattage For Rosewill Photon 1200?

    Good to know. I'm a novice miner and I'm realizing the pain of having enough cables to power both risers and the graphics cards. I was trying to see if I could power more than 2 risers off of one 12 pin. 3->4 risers off one 12-pin would be ideal. Unfortunately I do not have any molex cables...
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    "Safe" VGA Cable Wattage For Rosewill Photon 1200?

    Hello all, Got an interesting power supply on my hands. The Rosewill Photon 1200. It has 3 12-pin VGA inputs as opposed to the normal 8 pin. I read that 288 watts is the normal max wattage to use for 8->8 pin VGA cables from what I read here. However, with the unique 12 pin cables.. I was...
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    AIO would be better. That said, my noctua DXi4 still would cool my 6950X adequately. Its in a different system now so I can't share themals unfortunately. A fine cooler though! Whatever cooler you buy, just make sure the brackets/blocks are compatible with narrow ILM before you buy!
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    30 Thousand Members On Reddit.

    Yeah the hype is getting pretty extreme. Mostly justified I am hoping. I'm very eager to get my hands messy in linux setting up all my normal go to applications. Really curious on how Steam OS will handle external applications into their streamlined interface. Hopefully external applications...
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    Advice Cooling Graphics Card (passive heatsink only)

    Going to try ducting a 3000rpm 120mm noctua industrial series fan and see if that'll do the trick. Undervolting as needed too. If that's not enough, I'll bite the bullet and get some proper high cfm server fans. Will try and update the thread with how it went when I get the orders in.
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    Advice Cooling Graphics Card (passive heatsink only)

    Firepro S9300x2 (basicly radeon pro duo Fiji HMB 4x2) Its a dual GPU card so mounting a 3rd party cooler would be pretty difficult. 300 Watt TDP may be the fun part. HVAC tape is a great idea though! That may just do the trick!
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    Advice Cooling Graphics Card (passive heatsink only)

    I just bought a used HPC card off ebay for a decent price. Only problem is it doesn't come with a shroud and is completely passive. Pictures: Any recommendations for cooling this properly in a non-server case would be much appreciated. I am sure I will have to duct it to a fan in some...
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    Daily Mining Profits

    Same, makes me wish I had more cards!
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    LG Exiting The Mobile Phone Market

    Owned the V20, G7, and G8x. All great phones. Biggest flaw I experienced was the lack of waterproofing of the V20. Otherwise that would have been my dream phone (removable battery, microSD, good DAC). The G8x dual screen "gimick" was actually pretty neat. Got it on sale for $400 which seemed...
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    1000 Watt Silverstone SFX-L PSU Now Available

    Sounds like the review about it frying itself was due to their old modular cable sets not being compatible with this SFX-L unit. Which sounds pretty dumb if true. And no surprise, another unit with a noisy fan. Cooler Master's 850 watt SFX unit is also known for a noisy fan, however CM has put...
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    11900K Benched

    A great overview of what to expect when overclocking Intel's 11900K vs the 10000 series.
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    GameStop to Sell PC Hardware

    My jaw dropped
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    (Dead) 16 TB WD External HDD $259.99

    Newegg sale. Promo code: 93XQR56 Best price I've seen. Very tempting. Not sure if these are SMR or PMR. That's $16.24/TB!
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    Can 11900K beats a LTX gold sample 10900K? Let's find out!

    Are these 11900K CPUs able to do per core overclocking like X series CPUs in Intel XTU? (Would allow core 0 at 5.6ghz 1.6 vcore, core 1-2 5.4ghz 1.5vcore, and cores 3-4-5-6-7 at 5ghz 1.3vcore for example) Something like that to go for highest single threaded performance using the best cherry...
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    GameStop to Sell PC Hardware

    The biggest issue I see is having room to store all the cases. Selling individual components takes up a lot more room then selling a pre-built. That said, even large pre-built desktops we see these days take up a considerable amount of room. Lets for arguement say that Gamestop goes the...
  37. N Paradox scifi grand strategy game

    The difference in performance from Xbox One to Xbox Series X is staggering. Such an advantage for modern consoles to have such a great CPU. (Storage and graphics too)
  38. N Paradox scifi grand strategy game

    Yeah I really want to find a semi-reliable way to benchmark this game as no one ever attempts it on review sites. This is one of the few genres where FPS in near meaningless. Might as well be playing on a GT1030, but the CPU makes a huge difference. Hoping to get my hands on a 5600X to do some...
  39. N Paradox scifi grand strategy game

    Anyone here play this?? Its got some fantastic Star Trek and Star Wars mods. Its also one of the most CPU demanding titles I know of. IPC and MHz are king as it is largely single threaded. If anyone plays here, I'd love to see how AMD's latest 5000 series fares against Intel when it comes...