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  1. N4CR

    Which Gaming monitor? LG 42 C2? AW3423? Or AW3821?

    Had a good look at the 42 and 48 last week and if your desk isn't 10k, the 42 is great. 48 or 55 is tempting as can be used for entertainment down the line and also further from desk so my sound stage imaging is less affected. The AW is great but has its downsides. The input lag is high enough...
  2. N4CR

    Is this peak idiocy in case designs?

    It's quite unique. Looks like the inspiration for it came from the McLaren F1 of hifi speakers.. B&W Nautilus Glass side panels can eat a dick. Always paranoid breaking them and they get finger prints and dust shows so easily.
  3. N4CR

    Rumors of ARC's cancellation...

    Yeah was going to say, this isn't the first time they canned a card/GPU early. staknhalo to be fair, AMD actually wasn't totally wrong on Volta, if you consider that they never released a consumer product line.
  4. N4CR

    eVGA Supernova 16OOw P+ $199

    This is the key factor here IMO (assuming good psu quality), glad to see someone thinking that way.
  5. N4CR

    Boost wireless - extender vs antenna

    Raise the AP up to ceiling height. Do a site survey at the wall where it drops out. Switch to clearest channel. If this doesn't work then slap a cantenna together, wokfi or some off shelf ptp dish based antennae and you'll be fine at that distance. Literally lifting AP up and aligning it and...
  6. N4CR

    Who is still using a Sandy Bridge era chip

    Me. With a socket 939 passive scythe ninja rev1. Its getting replaced with a 7950xt full flagship build after 11? Or 12 years in Sept. Now that's a big upgrade 😆
  7. N4CR

    How well would a vintage Lian Li case like this deal with modern hardware?

    Yeah lot of old cases had hose holes. OP: I run a 20 year old case with modern hardware. The main limitation as pointed out is fans/airflow. Water cool, dremel or choose a case with large mesh/open rear and you can sort of fudge it. I just stuck 2x180mm fans loose inside and luckily the front...
  8. N4CR

    AMD GPU Roadmap: RDNA 3 With 5nm GPU Chiplets Coming This Year

    Was same with 7nm. Chiplets are tiny with high yield, it'll be ok.
  9. N4CR

    Do you think it is worth spending $60 about to upgrade old laptops with SSD drives instead of Hard Drives ?

    Yes it's the best possible thing you can do if you have enough ram.
  10. N4CR

    High framerate and OLED

    Interface is a big part of it but yes fpga and associated hardware needed to drive panel also is an issue. C2 also does 138hz OC, same guts.
  11. N4CR

    High framerate and OLED

    In case of 4k it's actually the interfaces that are the limitation unless you want 6bit colour..
  12. N4CR

    AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs

    I I'm coming from skylake so I get the same sort of jump now, enjoy the jump when you get there. Chiplets are going to be epic for gpus this year.
  13. N4CR

    New EU rule will require all phones and electronics to use a standard charger

    Good, the amount of times not having 'insert correct apple/USB variant' here has caused issues before, makes this welcome.
  14. N4CR

    How can you still use your old 128 and 256 GB SSD drives?

    Use my old ocZv3 for video editing output and temp workspaces etc. Also has os backup boot.
  15. N4CR

    AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs Roadmap update from shareholder meeting. A slightly obfuscated one in terms of time, but better than none. New uarch coming in 2024, could be some exciting jumps there - let the...
  16. N4CR

    Daily Mining Profits

    Fair it has definitely been through the cycle before, multiple times, just am less sure now with the additional factors. Other coins are more use for exchange, while btc is basically a piggy bank at this point. And if not accepted for value due to instability or regulation, it might it become...
  17. N4CR

    Daily Mining Profits

    When tether goes it'll crash BTC and consumer confidence. I'd be getting out while the gettin' is still good, lot of barts, let alone regulation, pessimism and SEC finally starting to prosecute insider trading and the DOJ the myriad of scams. When grandma is talking crypto investment, you know...
  18. N4CR

    Refurb SB X3 DAC at Creative for 80 bucks free shipping

    What dac do they use? Sabre?
  19. N4CR

    AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs

    Delid leaked in wild, IHS is super thick to retain AM4 mounting compatibility and some room for 3d stacking. This is presumably an EE and I'm curious if there will be much measurable impact on thermal conductivity under normal use...
  20. N4CR

    Sons of the Forest

    Definitely will be checking this out. Thanks for heads up.
  21. N4CR

    AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs

    I'm aware there have not been many new leaks, but it might be nice to take the peripheral autism to another thread, so people don't have to scroll pages looking for new info...
  22. N4CR

    Oddworld: Soulstorm

    Finally! New N' Tasty was one of the most accurate and faithful remade games I've seen yet, no bugs on launch etc, only criticism was not dark enough compared to the originals. Yeah, lighting was about it lol! Lorne Lanning and team are old school no BS when it comes to games, would be pretty...
  23. N4CR

    Intel announces Rialto Bridge

    Yeah that's the real news here. Neat, keen to see what they are up to next in consumer in a year or so.
  24. N4CR

    PlayStation 5 Pro and New Xbox Series S / X Specs and Release Date Leaked by TCL

    Agreed 100%. They would be dumb as bricks to do this, Sony/MS would smack them hard if they actually leaked it. I think they have some inside transport/connectivity info as that would be realistic, maybe heard some rumours and put out some investor bait that's 'provable' and scraping the grey...
  25. N4CR

    ASUS 25" 500hz TN panel

    Depends how hard it's driven. Well heatsinked LEDs exceeded projected longevity testing in data I have seen. Longest test I know of was/is cree with an XR-E? (one of their first LEDs). Was less than 1% per year at outrageous driving/temp conditions. Later models also have exceeded projections...
  26. N4CR

    PlayStation 5 Pro and New Xbox Series S / X Specs and Release Date Leaked by TCL

    What I'm saying is a manufacturer with enough volume might know what is coming down the pipeline in terms of transport tech and may have enough industry whispers to put something like this together. It's not a leak, its possibly an educated guess. Didn't name any names or methods. It's now...
  27. N4CR

    PlayStation 5 Pro and New Xbox Series S / X Specs and Release Date Leaked by TCL

    Without breaking NDA, for at least 4+? years now I've known of a compression solution that can do lossless 4k120 monochrome over a few gbps, well before HDMI 2. whatever was out. So yes, this stuff is known about and projected many years in advance for transport and compression tech, because...
  28. N4CR

    AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs

    Was much the same from Hallock himself on r/AMD few days back. They are sandbagging as many have said, myself included. Also, they glossed over the '30% less time' in blender, which is actually 40% faster than the 129000SH(space heater). So seems there might be more in the kitty which makes me...
  29. N4CR

    What is the history of HardForum?

    Yeah the redesigned forums are a step backwards for me in most cases. Can't jump to new posts in a thread with one click from searc results/new post search, the floating bar is absolutely unnecessary especially on mobile (I never use it), the issue where you can't write under a post if you quote...
  30. N4CR

    Samsung showcases the first 240Hz OLED display for laptops

    Great, the 4k spec box checking bs has rendered these pixels to being so small that it's 400 nits. Great for a portable display :/ Absolute big brain move. Well done. I think people would've been stoked if it was a usable (and drivable) 1440p. Even 1080 would be okay at 13". Just do it on the...
  31. N4CR

    Have there been any firmware updates for the PG32UQX?

    Yeah seems like LG cares more about TVs than any of the damn 'gaaammeeerrr' monitor assholes. Sooner TVs take over, the better, as much as I hate the smart BS and apps to disable. If it gets bad enough someone like Zisworks will make kits for the popular ones to turn them into true monitors.
  32. N4CR

    AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs

    Unfortunately there are no Delids out in the wild but from marketing it is stacked on top which does cause thermal issues. The voltage range was the 'official' reason for the lack of OC, I'd say it could contribute (HBM also was pretty sensitive to heat/voltage) and also to not shit on the Zen4...
  33. N4CR

    Most Milked Franchise

    There are multiple versions of it which are different, so could also argue it's basically it's own franchise of one game at this point. But I get what you mean (and you're more correct) and I was pretty tired when writing that post! Star Wars is a good call though, between games, toys, movies...
  34. N4CR

    AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs

    X3d they only marketed for gaming and were accurate on the games listed. It's not an all-round cpu. As for the 5900x I'm pretty sure they used IPC for Zen 3 which turned out accurate in most tasks the CPU is designed for. Note I said marketing claims, you said minimums. Yup sounds like you are...
  35. N4CR

    AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs

    AMD has exceeded CPU marketing claims in recent years, i.e. sandbagged every time, even a few percent usually, sometimes more. Especially this far out, they don't want to give the game up so Intel can perfectly stratify their lineup. Honestly not expecting much over the 5800 x3d in quite a few...
  36. N4CR

    5800X3D gaming review

    I'm using default setups on people's computer trying to help them, so yeah, I don't know where everything is as I don't use 10 and it's very unintuitive after 7,xp etc. Yeah 11 seems worse again. 8 is also cancerous to me. Both of them can get off my lawn lol. Sort of figured that out through...
  37. N4CR

    Dell Alienware AW3423DW 34″ QD-OLED 175Hz (3440 x 1440)

    The CX/C2 is fine for me and what I'm aiming at now. They do not exhibit burn in in later models when used with some precautions, as mentioned earlier, I am just concerned about the sub-pixel structure and small size of the oled elements, plus lax ABL leading to some decent burn-in. I was...
  38. N4CR

    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Ahhh forgot about that, thanks for clearing it up. I'm one of 'those other sub' guys but like many there, people just want to see the game actually make it to a decent portion of what was promised. Because the way things are going (bed sheets, bartenders etc), the game isn't focusing on the...
  39. N4CR

    5800X3D gaming review

    Will it actually give higher FPS in games? Or just snappier OS. Reason I ask is every time I use win10, I find everything is behind 2-3 extra menus to tod the same thing. So it's much slower and less intuitive to use. And updates have bricked friends and family rigs multiple times, all I can do...
  40. N4CR

    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Why would you buy a ship that you can't utillise fully, without a crew that's more than 50% of server population? And isn't in game for another few years. Seems absurd to me. But I play a game with 500usd tanks. At least you can use them. Is it purely from funding PoV?