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  1. M have lots of 3900x in stock

    I just ordered myself a 3900x and gigabyte master motherboard
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    Anyone get a Creative Super X-FI yet?

    Unfortunately I live an Canada and I can't get one yet. I am super interested in hearing how you guys like it???? Anyone??? :)
  3. M on iPad going to mobile site

    Hi. on iPad is switching to the mobile site version. I factory reset my iPad, same thing is still happening. Any ideas?? Thanks
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    Why isn't ECC Ram the industry standard

    im curious why ECC ram doesn't become a standard. Prices will come down if it becomes the popular choice and wouldn't it just benefit everyone by using it?
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    AMD, please make all ur CPUs dual socket capable

    Wouldn't it help bring people back? IPC might be the best, but if you can buy two FX processors for 400$ and a mother around $250. I'm sure video editors would love these machines. Get people talking about AMDs again
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    Changes to Windows 8 File Management my question is. Wouldn't it make more sense to ask the questions in the beginning? So you can decide and just walk away.
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    Copying files in Windows is retarded

    When merging folders. Why does windows ask if you want to copy/replace/both files when it encounters the specific file. Wouldnt it make sense if it does a scan first so u can get over with the questions right away??
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    Intel motherboard raid enabled for hard drives, will my ssd still use trim

    I have my os drive on an intel g2 ssd. And I want to setup 2 western digital drives as raid 0. Will having my hard drives in an raid array (intel matrix drivers have to be installed) disable my trim on the ssd? Will I still be able to use intel ssd tools to optimize my ssd? Thanks, Mario
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    Why doesn't microsoft allow me to choose what stays in superfetch?

    Why doesn't microsoft allow me to choose what stays in superfetch? Doesn't this make sense?
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    The "bulldozer" opterons coming out tmmr, sept 26

    These will give us an idea on performance
  11. M on iPad going to mobile site

    This just started happening. Is this an error or it's intentional?? I mean hardocp. Autocorrect :) Thx
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    Windows 8 file copy changes I like the fact that u can pause file copies now. But why can't they also have a option to perform 1 file copy operation at a time, finishes 1 operation until the next one starts. If anyone has tried to copy...
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    external thunderbolt graphics enclosure (mod, please delete previous 2)

    re. previous 2 threads. for some reason, when i clicked submit, nothing happened..This looks amazing anyhow: Why doesn't amd and nvidia make these types of things An external video card...
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    External thunderbolt graphics enclosures

    This looks amazing Why won't amd and nvidia make these types of things An external video card that's already water-cooled would be amazing!!!! Would be great for desktops too. U can...
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    External thunderbolt graphics enclosures

    This looks amazing Why won't amd and nvidia make these types of things An external video card that's already water-cooled would be amazing!!!! Would be great for desktops too. U can...
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    When is 10 gigabit going to be affordable for home use?

    With SSD drives soon becoming the norm. 2TB harddrives reading and writing faster than 100MB/sec and with many people having fast raid setups in their home servers. We are all definitely exceeding the limits of our current gigabit networks. what i'm thinking, how much longer do we have to...
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    Who still buys a WD Raptor?

    In the past, i've purchased 2 74GB raptors and a 150GB version. But after i purchase an Intel 160 G2 SSD, i was wondering, why would anyone ever spend money on a raptor. If the price was 100 dollars for the 300GB version, then maybe. But at $210, it seems to expensive...
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    Recommend USB3.0 External Dock?

    i have an but it's giving me issues with my WD green 2TB drives when trying to play movies (works well with 1.5TB drives). Movies pause for a few seconds every once in a while. Anyone have these issues? Anyone recommend a...
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    6950 2GB in stock for 299$ CND FYI if anyone is interested..
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    Wirelession W1250 Tablet, good?

    This tablet looks good... However, i am unable to find any reviews for the Wirelession W1250.. Has anyone used one?
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    Who wants BIOSHOCK for free

    i got 2 steam passes.. but please, only if you haven't played it and your interested in actually playing this great game! lets be honest guys!
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    why ATI uses TSMC instead of global foundries

    for their video cards wouldn't it make sense to use a company you partly own? I dont get it
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    i'm a nice guy, i'll give you a game for free

    whoever says something nice first gets Half Life 2 - ep1 for free through steam :) --- <update> sorry guys, i'm an idiot.. for some reason i can't send the gift to someone even though a guy i sent it to last year didn't redeem it.. does anyone know how to solve that? for my mix up, i'll...
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    SharpKeys, best program ever!

    This program allows you to reassign your keyboard keys.. For example, many games don&#8217;t allow me to bind the apostrophe key.. With this program, I just make the system think the apostrophe key is an A and it works like a charm.. I use an odd FPS keyboard configuration, I need this and I...
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    ATI doesn't have many card available with water blocks?

    i can find many nvidia cards that come with a built in water block. However, not to many ATIs... I'm looking for a 4890 card with a water block, any recommendations? thx
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    small personal file server, vista or xp?

    I have a dual core AMD computer (4GB RAM) that i want to use as a basic file server (basic file shares)... using gigabit (w/ jumbo frames) which OS would you install? Which would provide faster transfers?? The main box accessing these files has Vista 64 installed... i have access to the...
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    Intel 34nm SSD will have a 60% reduction in price! nice!
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    sports games online, do feel the same?

    i'm thinking about buying a PS3 just to play fifa and nhl online.. Is there lag when playing online? Are the graphics the same when playing 2player standalone? I'm assuming the gameplay is identically? I just want to make sure before dropping down alot of money!!!
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    Mirrors Edge

    This has to be the best game ive played in a while: i like the concept of running away from the enemy instead of running towards them: Trying to run aways gets your heart pumping full speed because you really have no idea how far ahead you are; all you want to do is continue running: AMAZING...
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    FEAR2, what is with the glowing enemies??

    I started liking the game, and right when i was able to use slow-mo, the game went to the crapper.. wtf, isn't slow-mo easy enough, you have to make the enemies glow blue too!!! just venting, sorry
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    vista: Network Share to Local = ~50MB/s | Share to Share = 1MB/s.. Huh?

    When i had windows XP installed, i never had trouble tranfering from one network share to another... I would at least get roughtly 25MBs.. but with Vista (32 & 64) and Windows 7, transfering between network shares is super slow.. could takes days sometimes... is this happening to other people??
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    RAID controllers are too expensive

    I would totally love to have a nice raid setup, but god are they expensive..... how could a simple card like this cost 500+ dollars!! i could build a whole system with that kind of money
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    easiest way to make an iphone ringtone

    watch video, no software needed, well other than itunes 8.0+
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    why is wake on lan so complicated

    I dont understand why windows can't do this naively... like, why do we need all these stupid applications and magic packet this and wol app this... you would think i could leave my computer in sleep mode and wake it up when i try to remote desktop it from work.. just bitching
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    HardOCP unofficial iphone app list

    I was thinking of making a list so people can easily find usefull apps for their iphone with a breif description: I'll start off with a couple i've been using: Shazam: The app records 10 seconds of a song via the mic and gives you the title and group of the song.. very cool app, i use this...
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    PC gamers complain too much!

    every single day this is all you read about: - Steam sucks, i need the internet to play the game (you dont after you activate it, and really, who cares if you need the internet.. and if you dont have the internet, why did you buy the game through steam in the first place!!! steam is the best...
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    crysis warhead, liking it more and more

    at first, i didn't like the game much... but once i got into the mine, the game got really good... the graphics seem to have gotten better too... anyhow, i thought i create a positive crysis thread :)
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    please, no more crysis runs like crap threads

    Guys.. please stop with the bitching.. you can't expect to run games on crazy resolutions all the time.. turn down the settings, play the game and have fun... frig, xbox 360 is only 1280x720 res, and people seem to be having fun!
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    Vista 64bit: ditch my x-fi and just use onboard (hear me out :p)

    Hi: Since vista doesn't use EAX and hardware acceleration when it comes to sound cards.. I was thinking, whats the point of using my creative sound card.. Why not just switch to the onboard, since with vista, it doesn't matter which sound card you have, they all sound the same (not quality...
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    anyone try RDM+ (remote desktop for Mobiles) on their iPhone

    I would totally be into getting an iPhone if i could connect to my home PC without any real difficultly... Is this program to good to be true???