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    This Cyberpunk creator interview made me realize that tabletop games are a potential gold mines

    He mentions the scope of books and backstories they have for things like cyberpunk in addition to other games. It made me think of how well done novels are fertile ground for new tv shows. Anyone know of any other tabletop games that are in depth that could be good candidates for rpgs?
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    Is Bioware done?

    It seems everything they have touched recently has not ended well. Andromeda was seen as lackluster, and I heard 90% of the playerbase of anthem is gone. We may never see a dragon age game set in Tevinter.
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    I just discovered a dream game is in development. Spellbreak.

    Just learned about the existence of this game, it's in alpha now. They are initially building out a battle royale style game mode, but if you look at that clip it's clear this magical combat system could work in numerous other game modes, even an rpg, but with characters with more freedom of...
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    Anyone else excited for Age of Wonders : Planetfall?

    I heard about this recently, had no idea it was what triumph was working on as their new game. I tend to prefer fantasy for these types of games, but it looks so good I am eager to jump into this. I have not played age of wonders 3 in quite awhile but I remember clocking in almost 500 hours of...
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    Any gpus in 2019 going to support hdmi 2.1? lg's 2019 tvs confirmed to support it "And through the inclusion of HDMI 2.1 ports, all 2019 OLED TVs and selected NanoCell TVs with ThinQ AI will support high frame rate (HFR). The result is smoother and clearer...
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    I have finally arrived - free of cable internet shackles

    I had to post this somewhere, just got back home after a fiber internet installation from at&t. And... we're done folks. And not just the bandwidth, down and up... look at that ping, that glorious ping. I feel so complete now.
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    I think I may have just stumbled on the single greatest display youtuber of all time

    He kind of focuses on tvs, but this is relevant to monitor displays as well. He is precise and methodical in his presentation, and extremely thorough. Looking at some of his other display reviews he brings up all sorts of details that are not obvious to the lay person. In that video I...
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    Lots of game sales today, what should I buy?

    I want to look at something pretty on my pc, what pc games are out there released this year that look truly stunning? I know battlefront 2 looks good but I am both not a big shooter player and I know there is a big backlash against that series right now.
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    When will a graphics card being able to render this in real time?

    So I have some time off this week and decided to catch up on some movies. One was that movie Passengers about the people waking up early on a ship traveling to another star system, and in that movie, there was a flyby of a star in what must be the single most impressive cgi star rendering I've...
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    Missed this article on AMD studios awhile back

    This came out a couple months ago and I just stumbled upon it. Found it really interesting and people here might find it an interesting read. It goes into a bit more detail about what amd is trying to...
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    I just found out pascal supports 4k netflix streaming through the windows app and edge

    I am going to test this later on tonight when I get home, but before that, does anyone know whether HDR works as well, or is it just 4k? And beyond being able to play 4k content, is there a quality difference between the pascal decoding through the app on a pc compared to the internal decoding...
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    Bad board or bad ram?

    So, I jump in tonight finish putting together my new ryzen build -ryzen 1700 -msi b350 gaming pro carbon -2x8 GB corsair ddr4 3200 Vengeance lpx ram -500 GB m.2 sata I am using the same rx 480 gpu and power supply in my old system. I get the core stuff together and installed, but it will...
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    Turns out the pc is the best way to play breath of the wild? Probably not legal unless you rip the game yourself after buying it. I had no idea wii u emulation was that good. The last time I checked into emulators they could never play current console titles, I guess that is...
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    Reports about Ryzen 7 being smoother than intel

    They talk about it there. I suspect this has to do with many modern games making full use of quad core / 8 thread parts that target intel i7 models, but when there is any sort of background process that crops up in windows, that hits those intel quads more than it does something like ryzen 7...
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    Will buying a new wifi adapter fix a notebooks ability to wifi share?

    Hey all. I have foxfi and pdanet for my own personal use. Not too long ago they added a feature called wifi share that basically takes advantage of windows ability to turn your notebook into a wifi hotspot. The main use case for this is using wired tethering from a mobile phone with...
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    The trailer for Tides of Numenara looks REALLY good

    This is not gameplay, just a trailer giving the setting and mythos you will be playing through. I think it looks extremely compelling. As long as gameplay is decent, this looks to be one of the most promising rpg worlds to dive into. 2017 will be the current year of the rpg again, it's been...
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    Laptop just died, and new options often use usb type c... what about my power pack?

    Ok, so I have a dilemma. My notebook I got back in 2011 just died and I need to replace it. Many of the notebooks on my radar for my usage use usb type c as the power input. No problem right? Except for one thing. I recently bought this...
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    Freesync 2

    Just read this on anandtech about amds new initiative with freesync 2 Basically, they intend to have the gpu take over some of the tone mapping for the display in the place of the chips...
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    What do you think the top end Vega model needs to do to be successul?

    I think that top end model needs to at LEAST trade blows with a 1080 on launch day if not best it clearly in most games on average to be considered a win, especially since nvidia will obvious leap frog it with a 1080ti in short order. And even if it achieves all that, I think it should be...
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    The game engine wars are now over, EA/DICE/Frostbite won

    First, this is not directly related to video cards, but this game will run on video cards so... do with the thread what you will. But have you seen this latest trailer? I am not a shooter player, don't give a damn about battlefield 1, but that is the engine that is being used for mass...
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    Has anyone tried one of those displayport to hdmi 2.0 adapters?

    Hey all, I recently decided to forego the mostly side grade to every so slight slanted upgrade to an rx 480 from my r9 290, and instead wait for Vega and just upgrade to a larger display/tv in the meantime with one of those displayport to hdmi 2.0 adapters. Here is the adapter I got (not the...
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    Anyone preorder those ossic x headphones for use in vr?

    They had a pretty successful kickstarter months ago, raised.. 2.7 million Here is an in depth interview with the ceo and one of the devs, they are apparently refugees from logitech (incidentally, maximum pc apparently merged with pc gamer, the original site is no more) It sounds super...
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    This is what AMD should do around the VEGA launch to switch the high end away from nvidia

    First, Vega needs to offer decent performance. If it can't outright BEAT the 1080ti, then it has to get DAMN CLOSE with competitive pricing overall. But the other thing is related to partnerships AMD can try to leverage. Freesync. They should do everything in their power to get the xbox...
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    If anyone wants to make suggestions directly to the head of Vizio, he started a forum post...

    Over on avs forum about things people want to see in their 4k tvs going forward. Discussion: what do you want in your next UHD display? - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews I've already chimed in about the virtues of the 43 inch 4k size for pc gamers and more gaming focused...
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    AMD Radeon interview Today at 6 PM Pacific Time

    Not exactly sure WHO they are interviewing, a member of the radeon graphics team? Multiple members? Just someone from marketing? An unrelated group? The title was a bit unclear, but there are tons of questions listed and it might be of general interest here if anyone is free during the live...
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    AMD Siggraph Presentation

    Looks like they posted the event video. For anyone that wants to hear what they are trying to do with some of the new professional cards directly, there it is.
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    Texture loading slower in doom on nvidia vs amd cards?

    Looks like a milder version of what happened to ATI cards with the launch of rage years ago. Partially an engine quirk with the megatextures taking longer to load. Interestingly, not an issue on the rx 480. Yes on the 970, and according to a reddit thread in pcmr, on the 1070 as well. Both...
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    280x over double the performance in doom with vulkan

    52fps to 116 I think he posted elsewhere that it was as low as only a 40% gain in the foundry, but nice gains all around. When someone tries to deny that amd cards last longer and have more legs and performance over time, just point to things like this.
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    Does anyone have a guide to the hierarchy of board partner brands?

    I know each brand has their own calling card for different gpu treatments. For example, Sapphire has.. -nitro -tri x -vapor x -toxic And the same things goes for the other gpu vendors... is there a clear hierarchy of performance where one nameplate is considered the top dog or are these...
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    1060 graphgate

    Ok, so this is nowhere NEAR as substantive an issue as the power draw of the 480, but hey, may as well point out the chosen marketing graphs from nvidia regarding the 1060. That's SOME improvement eh guys! The wccftech trolls have gotten ahold of this and created their own variations...
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    So... who else is waiting for the aftermarket "golden sample" 480s?

    Straight from wccftechs mouth earlier today, which got it by ease dropping on Kyle posts AMD RX 480 Custom Cards Can Hit 1.4-1.6Ghz AIBs Report - Asus Announces RX 480 Strix & MSI RX 480 Gaming Leaks Out We should see some of these boards being able to get into the high 1400s to low 1600s...
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    Worst gpu advice buying article ever?

    Best graphics card deals today | PC Gamer It's like the guy was paid by online retailers to convince gullible rubes to help clear our their soon to be obsolete stock.
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    Admit it, the polaris launch is more exciting than pascal

    Go on, admit it. Performance expectations all over the map, longer delays for solid and confirmed information, more fanboy clashes. The 1080 pascal chip is like a space plane flying well above the fray, it's the polaris parts that are going to actually have to do battle with dozens of other...
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    I want a pc game with colors that look like these

    So this is not a game of course, it's a trailer for a new disney movie, but it's literally the best looking animated trailer I've seen in a long time. Frozen looked terrible, so does everything else in that it's fairly sterile looking and bland. This was the polar opposite. I have never seen...
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    I think I have a solution to getting more tv makers making gaming focused tvs

    AMD will be releasing chips for all three new consoles, so I think they should work with sony/microsoft/nintendo to implement freesync support on the newer consoles. Console players hook up their boxes to tvs almost exclusively, and if all the new consoles had the ability to do variable...
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    Where are the VR power gloves?

    People keep talking about the virtues of 3d controllers, but isn't that a sideshow? Isn't what we all really want a modern version of this? Ideally I'd want some sort of futuristic material that could stiffen and act as a virtual wall when you tried to interact with an object, we just...
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    Looks like apple notebooks will be using polaris from amd

    Apple 2016 laptops will have AMD GPUs Makes sense, we have heard about a full nvidia 1080 gpu coming to notebooks, but those class of notebooks are extremely rare to see. The most common notebook gpu on the nvidia side is the 960m (the non budget gaming notebooks, that is where tolerable...
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    RX 480 should be a big hit for AMD

    Why? Let's go back through some recent history. A lot of people (not all, probably not most here) are constrained by lower end desktop systems and power use. When the nvidia apologists come in and wax on and off about greater efficiency for performance given being one of the ultimate metrics...
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    AMD should create 3d rendered representations of the star code names for marketing

    This should be both for still shots, and animated versions for video presentations. Since Vega is supposed to be a bluish white star, it could look something like this: As a marketing visual, it would serve as a nice contrast to nvidia. What would nvidia do? Have Pascal the man as visual...
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    AMD should come up with an nvidia shield type device for tvs

    I was reading an article on the hdr capabilities of different set top boxes, and then I came across one talking about an update to the nvidia shield. Nvidia Shield update brings Netflix HDR, Vudu, Spotify and HDR games Now to me that sounds pretty great... if you intend to go nvidia. AMD...