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    Best software for syncing two folders on the same PC.

    I need to be able to sync two folders on the same pc whenever there are changes made to either folder. I looked at Sync Toy but it looks like you have to set up scheduling? That would work but is there any software that will do it as soon as there are changes made?
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    Problem with Netgear N300 (WNR2000) not detecting internet correctly.

    I work for a service provider and have had nothing but issues with these routers and only this model of Netgear router. Customers buy them all the time because they are the cheapest router Wal Mart sells. All of my DSL customers are connected to DSLAMs that are in layer 2 config. They are...
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    3rd Party SFP's

    I need some 10G Calix SFP's. Calix wants $400 for single mode 10G SFP. I found some 3rd party ones for $44. What is the general consensus on 3rd party SFP's? I'd hate to have one of these be the cause of problems or be the cause for Calix to blame a problem on one. But the price is very tempting.
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    ESXi 5.5 on Dell T20 crashing after PCI Network Card install.

    I am a novice at vmware and virtualization in general. So keep that in mind. I recently bought a Dell T20 to install ESXi 5.5 on. I have it running on a USB drive. I also replaced the 4GB of memory with 16 GB of non ecc memory. I wanted this machine for home use to install a Win 7 vm and a...
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    Anyone have a Chuwi Hi8? $99 Andoid/Windows 10 tablet. I need a cheap device to watch Youtube and Twitch on. Anyone have one they can comment on?
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    2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz SSID names and 2.4 Ghz interference.

    I have a customer that has been having problems with their wi fi. They had a 2.4Ghz only router. They started having Netflix streaming issues and issues with web browsing on cell phones being very slow when connected to wi fi. They told me that ever since their neighbor moved in next door...
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    Anyone have any experience with Calix GigaCenter?

    My company is going to start doing fiber to the home and we are looking at either the Calix GigaCenter all in one solution or going with the traditional outdoor ONT's. Anyone have any experience with the GigaCenters? Just looking for feedback on the wireless mainly. Right now we have been giving...
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    Looking for precision GPS handheld device.

    I'm in the telecom industry and my company is going to start doing fiber to the home deployment. I need a highly precise handheld GPS device that I can use to map locations where fiber optic cable is being laid. I've never used the handheld Garmin units but is there anything that is accurate...
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    PS4 on a 4K monitor.

    I want to get a new monitor either a 1440p or a 4K monitor. I want to be able to connect a PS4 to the monitor to fulfill my Destiny addiction. My question is will a PS4 display a 1080p image on the monitor and will it have black bars on the sides or top and bottom of the 1080p image? Or will...
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    Looking for a CMTS router.

    The company I work for has about 30 cable internet customers. We are using an ancient Cisco UBR7111 for the CMTS router. It needs replaced for obvious reasons. I do know know anything about CMTS routers. I'm kinda having trouble finding a suitable replacement online. Is anyone familiar with...
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    I need a desktop twitter client for Win 8.1

    I am going to be installing Win 8.1 on my machine. I need a twitter app I can use on the desktop. I needs to be able only show tweets from people I am following and I need to be able to use it in a window that I can resize and put in the right quarter of the desktop. I don't want one that can...
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    Anyway to prevent DOS attacks on a network caused by Xbox Live?

    I work for a small phone company. We have about 800 DSL customers. Last night one of our customers got denial of service attacked due to pissing someone off on Xbox Live. This caused our whole network to crash. We have 200Mb/s from our ISP for our customers and it was maxed out because of...
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    Trying to get ports to forward on router. Need help.

    I need to forward ports 9000 and 2051 for a security system. I have tried two different routers with no success. The first was a Linksys WRT110. I followed the directions. Forwarded the ports to a static IP I put on my laptop. The IP is outside of the DHCP range on the router. I have internet...
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    Best remote login software for CentOS?

    I have a server with CentOS installed and would like to be able to remote access it from a computer on the same network. I am a Linux novice so the easier the better. I use Logmein for my PC's but I couldn't find a solution from them that didn't involve a bunch of command line usage. Any...
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    Problem with wireless in Windows using bootcamp.

    I have a 2010 Macbook Pro with Bootcamp and Win 7 64x installed. I have had zero problems with this for 2 years now. About a week ago the wireless started to randomly disconnect. Now it disconnects within a few minutes of starting Windows. This only happens on the Win 7 install. The OSX...
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    Need upgrade advice for 460gtx sli

    I need to upgrade my 460 Sli and would like to stick with a one card solution. I'm having problems playing Bioshock Infinite with high settings. 1080p. I am also trying to find a cooler solution before summer. I was thinking a 7950?. I would like to keep it under $350.
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    How do I stop my iPhone from destroying my bandwidth when it decides to backup?

    At just random times. Usually after I take pictures my iPhone decides to backup to iCloud. Using every bit of my bandwidth grinding my internet to a halt until it's done. Kinda annoying when you are watching streaming video. Is there any way to tell it to only do it at a certain time? Or do I...
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    WTS Q9550, 2 x 1tb Samsung F3

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    WTS Xbox 360 Slim with 250 gb hard drive

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    Microwave makes wi fi disconnect.

    One of my customers is complaining that their microwave shuts off their wi fi. I went to there house and did a bunch of tests and sure enough it is the problem. It's a Panasonic Inverter. I searched google and this is a problem that a lot of people are having with this particular microwave. I...
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    Do you need to do a new install of CentOS if changing hard ware?

    I have CentOS installed on a Dell Power Edge 1950. The 1950 has died. I am replacing it with a Power Edge R410. Both use sata 7.2k hard drives. Can I take the hard drive out of the 1950 and put in the R410 and have it work properly? Or do I need to do a new install on the new server?
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    Best card to replace 2 GTX 460's?

    I need to free up a PCI E slot on my motherboard so unfortunately that means getting a new mobo or getting a single video card to replace my SLI's GTX 460's. All my specs are in my sig. What would be the best replacement? A 6950? A 560 ti? I haven't been keeping up the past few months. Looking...
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    Can a Huey Pro fix my monitors problems?

    I recently bought an ASUS VE276Q. For the life of me I can't get it to look like my old BenQ 2400HD. For one it came out of the box brighter than the sun. After playing with the settings for an hour the I can get it better but it still kind of looks washed out. The funny thing is all the colors...
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    Using FTP to verify internet speed to ISP.

    I work at a phone company and am trying to figure out if I am getting the speed I configure ports on a Calix C7. I have a modem connected to a port that is trained up to 19000 Kbps. I have a ftp server set up on a laptop that is connected to our ISP's router. I can get an average of 32 Mbps...
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    Dynamic DNS cannot be updated Windows Home Server 2011

    I have a problem with my Windows Home Server 2011. Every day I get a warning on the launchpad that says my Dynamic DNS cannot be updated. This prevents other computers from using the internet as well. I restarted the server and checked to see if the Windows Domain Name Management is running and...
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    Newb SLI question. Nvida Control Panel keeps saying I need to move my cards.

    This is all on a new install with the newest Nvidia drivers. I have two GTX 460's. I have enabled SLI. Everytime I restart my PC the Nvidia manager pops up on the bottom right of the screen and tells different things. Most of the time it says that my cards are not optimized. I need to move them...
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    Need a firewall for a small business with questions.

    I need a firewall for the business I work for. We need a firewall for a piece of equipment we have that needs to be accessed over the web by a small IP pool. I'll call this piece of equipment Unit A. This is basically for customer support to get into the Unit A. I do not want the rest of the...
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    Reliable speed test?

    I have 15 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up DSL. Why is there only one server I do a speed test from shows me the correct speed? My ISP speed test shows 7 Mbps down. Speakeasy shows 3. The only one that shows what I am suppose to be getting is if I choose the Chicago server on Any place...
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    Question about recording from output to input on sound card.

    My wifes workplace blocked Sirius recently so I want to be able to record Howard Stern so my wife can listen to it at work on her Ipod Touch. Right now I unplug my speakers and plug in a 3.5mm cable from the output of the sound card to the input and record it that way. But i'm tired of switching...
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    Installing Redhat ES 4 on Dell Poweredge server. Question about drivers.

    I know nothing about Linux. But it's my job to figure out how to install Redhat ES 4 on a Dell Poweredge 1950. During the first part of the graphical install it says there are no hard drives found and that I have to install device drivers. I have the Dell disk with the drivers on it. So I click...
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    Any problems having two wireless routers two internet connections 1 house?

    I now have two DSL connections in my house and I want to have a wireless router on each. I have a Linksys WRT54GL which is configured with G only. I want to get an N router for the second DSL connection. As long as they are on two different channels will I have any interference problems? Or is...
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    Another q9550 temp question.

    Sorry to ask this but I just need some comfort. I have a q9550 at 3.4ghz and with a Xigmatech HDT-S1283 and my idle temps are about 44 degrees across all cores and while playing Bad Company 2 with all cores at 75 percent the temps are in the low 60's. While running the IBT temps are in the lower...
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    E8400 100% during games. Normal?

    I have an E8400 at 3.6ghz. I haven't really played many games on my PC in the past year or so except Fallout 3. I never noticed the CPU maxing out with it but with Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age the cpu is almost always at 100%. Even at the menu screens. I haven't noticed any negative effects...
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    FS: E2180, Gigabyte P35-DS3, Radeon 3870, Airport Extreme, More

    I am selling: E2180 Intel Processor. Box and Intel heatsink and fan included - $40 shipped. -SOLD Visiontek Radeon 3870 512 Overclocked Edition...
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    Got a new monitor. Need VESA adaptor.

    Anyone know where I can get a VESA mount adaptor bracket for a Samsung 2494 monitor? I got a two monitor arm mount and this stupid monitor won't mount to it without an adaptor. Any ideas? The screw holes on the back of the monitor are twice as far apart as the VESA mounting bracket on the mount.
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    My ISP banned my laptops MAC. Funny story inside.

    I work for a telephone company and use my work laptop to trouble shoot DSL installs and problems. A few months ago my onboard nic stopped working. So I bought a PCMA slot nic. Then a few weeks later it stopped working. I put Windows 7 on my laptop and they both started working again then a few...
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    Nvidia GTX260 or ATI 4870?

    I've always owned ATI cards in the past but since they can't get drivers that aren't complete crap and I can't install more than 4 gb of ram without the video card drivers crashing I am thinking of going Nvidia. I have a 1080p monitor. Would a 1gb 4870 be better than a GTX260 896gb? Or are there...
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    Question about video out on laptops

    If a laptop has a vga out and an HDMI out is it possible to hook a monitor to each and have dual monitors? I am looking for a desktop replacement laptop and have noticed most have the vga and HDMI. I would be getting one with a dedicated video card if that matters.