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    DashBored free on [STEAM] till 2PM Nov. 4

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    Logitech G604 Lightspeed up for preorder.

    Wireless 15 buttons 240 hr battery life Hero Sensor 99 bucks Personally six small side buttons is too many for me. I'd rather have 3 or 4 larger, more easily "findable" buttons.
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    Free on steam till the 16th.
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    Logitech creates electromagnetic mouse wheel
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    Dishonored 2 $8 Deluxe Edition $12

    Lowest price it's ever been.
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    Himno a 2D pixel platformer anti-roguelike

    Free on Steam. Seems to buck the trend of unforgiving deathfests of the Roguelike variety. More of a chill after work zen experience.
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    Alienware's new triangular computer now available. Only 4500$ for the top end model.Sounds like a bargin.:D Edit: Eh I guess linking to Dell isn't allowed here for whatever reason. Im sure you can figure out how to get there.
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    Element 32" 1080p at CC

    Circuit City has an "Element Electronics" 32 inch 1080p LCD HDTV on sale for $579 in the new Sunday add.Anyone have this panel?Is it any good for as a large monitor, or for that matter any good at all?
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    Should 32bit OS users avoid 4870X2?

    Does a 32bit OS see the 2 gigs of memory as 2 gigs or is it 1 gig mirrored? If it's using a full two gigs of memory address space then taking into consideration other system devices, and a standard two gigs of ram something has to give.:confused:
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    Good deal on WoW gamecards at Circuit City

    60 day cards are on sale for 19.99. Ten bucks a month is cheaper than even the 6 month package plan which comes out to 12.99 per.
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    Headphones,Amps, and Volume Controls

    Ok so we've all heard the mantra "get an amp" a thousand times over.After getting one I do love it, but am left with nagging questions.How does one properly set the power/volume controls? As it stands I'm looking at three separate controls.Knob on the amp,standard volume control for windows and...
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    Headphone amp noob questions

    Well I've been reading through the forum and it seems a headphone amp is really important.Most of the sugestions have been to buy something on Ebay pieced together from radio shack parts and stuffed into and altoid's box.This didn't apeal to me at all. Using my best friend google comes up with...
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    X-fi problem "CTXFISPI"

    Card seems to work fine until I try to turn off the computer.Error box pops up at this point saying "CTXFISPI" is not responding and do I want to end now.This was using the minimum install.Tried new drivers at Creative website with no luck.Next tried the repair drivers option in the Add/remove...
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    Radeon 850 XT pro AGP 249.99@Bestbuy

    Must be trying to offload cards before the 520 hits...
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    Fix for skipping/repeating audio in Doom3

    Doom3 was nearly unplayable for me with constant repeating/stuttering of the audio which would cause the frame rate to drop like a rock. That was until a game reviewer found a solution.Link to review After making the change audio works perfectly and no more frame chugging. :)
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    Need help with stupid moron friend

    Friend asks for help buying a new system.Sounds simple enough yes? No. I could give you the long version but it boils down to him only willing to buy from a brick and mortar store like Best Buy or Circuit City. :rolleyes: Soooo I check out whats available.The horror. Choices seem to be HP...