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    FS: 1080Ti 1070Ti 1070 1060 PSU

    All 1070Tis and 1070s sold
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    FS: 1080Ti 1070Ti 1070 1060 PSU

    Hello all, I'm looking to off load a few parts. All items are used, working well, and generally will come with their original boxes. All prices OBO. EVGA 750W G3 PSU - $Pending EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 - 6GB - Reference Design - $SOLD EVGA GeForce GTX 1070...
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    3x R9 270, eVGA 750W PSU, CPU/MB/RAM

    Last R9 270 sold.
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    3x R9 270, eVGA 750W PSU, CPU/MB/RAM

    1 R9 270, R9 280X and PSU sold.
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    3x R9 270, eVGA 750W PSU, CPU/MB/RAM

    1 R9 270 and the system combo shipped.
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    3x R9 270, eVGA 750W PSU, CPU/MB/RAM

    Bump. New processor and graphics card.
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    3x R9 270, eVGA 750W PSU, CPU/MB/RAM

    All prices OBO. 3x XFX R9 270 Graphics Cards - SOLD eVGA NEX-750G Power Supply - SOLD Intel Celeron G1630 Processor - $45 shipped Brand new. Opened package, then realized that it was the wrong socket. Been sitting in package since January. Gigabyte R9 280X - SOLD 6 of 1X PCI-E powered...
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    FS: XFX R9 270 (6), USB Risers, etc.

    Bump. 3 XFX R9 270s gone. 3 remaining. Price drop on motherboard/memory/cpu combo Price drop on PCI-E 1X risers
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    FS: XFX R9 270 (6), USB Risers, etc.

    Buy 5, get 1 free EDIT: And free shipping
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    FS: XFX R9 270 (6), USB Risers, etc.

    I have the following for sale, prices without shipping (3) XFX R9 270 - $100 - Purchased in mid-January, litecoin mining through mid March. Focused on stability/power consumption, so these were mildly overclocked (focus on mildly), and undervolted. (6) PCI-E 1x powered risers (the kind with...
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    Gigabyte R9 280X w/ Free BF4 - $299 Free BF4. 1100Mhz core, non-reference cooler, and it's in stock!
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    Did you run the setx command? setx gpu_max_alloc_percent 100 That should fix your issue.
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    F/S: 4P Combo ( CPUs/MB/RAM/PSU )

    What PPD were you getting? Stop tempting me...
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    Windows 8 Previews to Go Dark in 3 Weeks

    I thought it was terrible when I installed it, so I went back to Windows 7. When I tried it again with an open mind, I realized it wasn't bad at all--in fact, I find it so good that I installed it on all my computers.
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    3570k and Gigabyte z77x-d3h--cheap!

    Used 2 weeks. Includes new packaging--decided to go with a 3770k. Price: $sold
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    low power consumption, great performance!
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    AMD Radeon HD 7770 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    I'm a fan because of how low power their latest generation of cards is. I still have the 5xxx series which are great performance wise but definitely use a lot more power.
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    Had one H50 installed, then picked up another H50 as an extra in a deal that had cracked tubing. Add in some PVC and tubing from Lowes, and viola!
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread

    So I'm on the fence. Already have my bigadv folding rig set up with extra PCI-E slots. Free electricity, incredibly fast internet, and I found a decent deal on two new 5830s. Not looking to make a lot off of them, but getting a decent discount on upgrading the weakest part of my system would be...
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    Different fans either side of radiator - disadvantages?

    ever take a fan and put it flat against the ground? You notice it especially with 38mm Deltas--they spin incredibly fast because they don't have as much resistance, because there is no air (or, at least, a very insignificant amount of air) going through them. Taking that case to dual fans of...
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    What lens spends the most time on your camera?

    Never noticed the "hole" in 55-70--guess I didn't think about it much. They don't make primes in every focal length--if pros can do it, I think I can deal with it too :)
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    What lens spends the most time on your camera?

    like you, I love the 17-55. Expensive though! I also picked up a used 70-200 2.8L (non-IS). It's a great lens...IS would be nice sometimes, though.
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    mtb2005's FS/WTB Thread

    For Sale: -OCZ Gold 6GB DDR3 1600 8-8-8-24 1.65V memory -- Brand New. $70 shipped. -i7 920 -- week 38, one of the best batches of i7s made. (ie, 4.0Ghz @ ~1.2V, 4.3Ghz @ ~1.325V). Overclocking is not totally guaranteed (due to variances in cooling, motherboards, etc), but I will get a screenshot...
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    Points per Watt?

    I just went through my case and unplugged everything I don't need--extra fans, hard drives, etc. and brought it down to 330ish. Most likely when it's all said and done, I'll be in the 115-120 range....though if I see a nice hex core deal, I might have to jump on it!
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    Points per Watt?

    Hello all! As a long time Folding@home advocate, I just recently started paying attention to electricity consumption. My kill-a-watt just came in the mail today, and I have the following readings: Only GPU folding: 6000PPD/310W = 19.3 Both CPU and GPU: 42000PPD/456W = 92.1 Only CPU...
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    WTB: i7 970

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    What do you guys think about Signature Confirmation on deliveries?

    Word. I got signature confirmation from OCZ and Fedex 1. thought my house was an apartment and knocked on the wrong door, 2. Knocked when nobody was home. Funny thing about it was that the person in customer support told me the Fedex hub was open on Saturday--so I drove the ~10 minutes to...
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    WTB: i7 970

    For Sale: OCZ Gold 6GB DDR3 1600 8-8-8-24 1.65V memory -- Brand New. $60 shipped. i7 920 -- week 38, one of the best batches of i7s made. (ie, 4.0Ghz @ ~1.2V, 4.3Ghz @ ~1.325V) $235 shipped with Paypal, or $225 shipped with Paypal gift. Want to Buy: i7 970. Willing to pay $485 or $300 plus my...
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    I just got a 2692...but I'd still rather have a 6900. They're better than the 2684s, a long shot! Bloomfield @ 4.3Ghz: 2684: 39:42 (24.6k) 2692: 29:43 (37.6k) 6900: 28:06 (41.3k) This is all without a GPU--I always want to run the GPU for a touch extra PPD, but then it hurts...
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    Your CPU progression

    Some old 486 Pentium III 1Ghz Pentium D 820 (Maxed at 3.5Ghz) Intel E4500 (Maxed at 3.5Ghz) Laptop phase: Intel Core Duo 1.8Ghz (Macbook) Intel P8600 (Macbook Pro) Intel 920 (4.1Ghz) Intel 860 (4.0Ghz) Intel 950 (4.0Ghz) Intel 920 (4.3Ghz)
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    FS: FLECOM lost his job - everything must go, even the hex cores

    curious on what you're asking for the SR-2 setup.
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    S1366 advice - discount DFI board?

    zero money available? Keep checking the F/S section. You can pick up decent X58 motherboards for under $100 (I got mine for $85). Add in some decent memory, and you can be set for under $150 easy. You can always put the rest into better cooling.
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    i7 930 @1.2v (4.2Ghz)

    First of all, 20 passes of Linx is usually only adequate if you have a good amount of ram (ie, 4-6GB). Try OCCT and run the linpack test for an hour and see if you're stable. Also, you should be getting faster results--I'd guess that it's due to your small amount of 4.2 I'm usually...
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    FS: 13" Macbook Pro

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    FS: 13" Macbook Pro

    I have bills to pay and haven't been using this as often as my desktop, so this has to go. Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53Ghz processor 4GB DDR3 memory 320GB 7200rpm hard drive (upgraded from stock hard drive which was a 250GB 5400rpm) Nvidia 9400M graphics Superdrive (DVD read/write) Included software...