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  1. Starfalcon

    whats the difference

    if you plug your fans into the motherboard, they can be speed controlled by either the mobo iteslef of fan curves. Plugging into the PSU, they just run full bore all the time.
  2. Starfalcon

    Camelot Unchained - New MMO Kickstarter Project

    Yeah I swore off kickstarters after getting burned by the torment remake, and I am glad I did not support the bards tale 3. That ended up a huge trashfire too. Only kickstarter I was happy with was Bloodstained, all the other ones I did heavly disappointed me.
  3. Starfalcon

    Cisco Worker Trades on Inside Intel, Then Rats Himself Out to the SEC

    They also now have computers watching for trades like this, so it is a lot harder to get away with this now.
  4. Starfalcon

    GOG extends its game refund window to 30 days

    Because they want your money and dont care what you want.
  5. Starfalcon

    GOG extends its game refund window to 30 days

    Yeah another reason to keep supporting GOG. Cyberpunk cant come out soon enough....
  6. Starfalcon

    The creator of the Konami Code has died

    Yeah I used that in a few konami games back in the day. Respect to hashimoto, rest in peace.
  7. Starfalcon

    Accelero Xtreme IV 280(X) mounting question

    Dont forget the back of the GPU core also.
  8. Starfalcon

    Tom's Hardware confirms it still has no credibility

    I used to think tom's was bad back in the day when it was still owned by tom pabst. Looks like things have only gotten worse since then.
  9. Starfalcon

    Window AC/Heater Units

    Yeah I would avoid the window unit. I have through wall A/C untis and they are expensive enough by themselves, the ones with a heater add about another $150-$200 to the price. Plus they usually need a specialty NEMA plug also due to the heater power draw, after all is said and done you are...
  10. Starfalcon

    AMD CPU List (Price/Wattage/nm/Cores/Threads)

    Wow the price on the 3900X has come down a lot so far. I paid $529 for mine back in november, and still consider it worth what I paid. It is also only $100 more than I paid for the 3770K I bought back in 2013 that this rig replaced.
  11. Starfalcon

    Accelero Xtreme IV 280(X) mounting question

    You missed the card power VRM, its the strip of mosfets between the 2 rows of caps on the right side of the card.
  12. Starfalcon

    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    I still have that card in one of my secondary rigs, great card. I did have an issue with 2 of the fans dying on the card, but I did run it at high speed to keep it cool. Got a replacement fan set off amazon and card is good as new for $35.
  13. Starfalcon

    Just got my new Gig board. No factrory seal on box?

    No factory seal on the MSI mobo in my sig, and going back to even my old P3 and socket A boards did not either. About the only ones I can remember having seal are video cards.
  14. Starfalcon

    Prime Ultra Platinum vs Prime Ultra Titanium

    Titanium is more or less a waste of money for most people. The amount of power you will save versus the price difference, will take a very long time to recoup.
  15. Starfalcon

    Gigabyte Offices Raided

    My Gigabyte X48-DQ6 still works fine, got that board back in early 2008 now has a Q6600 in it now.
  16. Starfalcon

    Tiger handheld game systems coming this fall for $15

    My dad had a whole set of those Game and Watch back in the 80's I used to play on long trips, reminds me I should check if he still has them. Id play those over the tiger handhelds any day.
  17. Starfalcon

    Frag [H]arder RGB 24pin power cable! :)

    Yeah I saw that when gamers nexus was showing it off in one of their videos. It was pretty expensive though...
  18. Starfalcon

    AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6GHz 6 Core AM4 Boxed Processor with Wraith Spire Cooler $99.99 Microcenter

    With AMD making these so cheap, they are going to have everyone upgrading to zen+.
  19. Starfalcon

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Corsair K95 RGB and Logitech G502SE Hero
  20. Starfalcon

    Borderlands 3

    I will be happy when B3 finally comes out on steam.
  21. Starfalcon

    Louis Rossmann DISMANTLES Apple's PR stunt "repair program"

    He does support right to repair, something we have for pretty much anything else. You arent forced to take your car to the dealer for repairs , or appliances only to the manufacturer to fix. No reason apple should be special, and this would cut down on ewaste which is a serious problem now...
  22. Starfalcon

    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    Upgraded from a 3770K to a 3900X, been a problem free experience. Now I dont have issues when I tab out of games to do other things, plus I am ready for cyberpunk 2077 whjen it comes out.
  23. Starfalcon

    Sony CRT dying, any ideas?

    Yeah I was sad when it died years ago, but I did end up replacing it with a sony FW900.So it did lead me to an upgrade.
  24. Starfalcon

    Decision between AM4 motherboards

    Ive been very happy with my x570 MSI creation board, been stable and problem free since I got it.
  25. Starfalcon

    Soundcard or external USB

    Ive had a Sound Blaster Zx since it released, and I have had zero driver issues with it. Used both speakers and headphones without any issues.
  26. Starfalcon

    What to do with old 10/100 switches?

    I just have a stack of old routers with the newest on the top. I have a netgear FVS318, with a FVS 338 next, and my current Asus RT-AC88U on top. 20 odd years worth of routing.
  27. Starfalcon

    Intel Plans To Battle AMD Ryzen 4000 In 2020 With Mass of Hyper-Threaded Processors Including 5.3GHz

    People forget how expensive things used to be back in the P2/P3 days, or when you had to buy your P4 with rambus memory as a package deal.
  28. Starfalcon

    SATA vs NVMe vs NVMe Gen4 tested by LTT

    Back 20-30 years ago, I got around boot times by just leaving my rig on 24/7. Only rebooted it if I needed to so I did not need to wait. Once I got my first SSD I stopped doing that.
  29. Starfalcon

    Sony CRT dying, any ideas?

    Yeah I have an old Sony G500 21 inch CRT from back in the day that stopped working years ago, I am pretty sure the flyback went out in it. I was never able to find someone close to check it out and fix it though, so I just kept it around in case I ever did.
  30. Starfalcon

    How does Windows see more Ram than the BIOS?

    At least it isnt like the old days when you put more memory than supported the board wouldnt even post. Like the time I put an extra 256 MB in my Asus intel 815 board....512MB was the cap.
  31. Starfalcon

    Nintendo/Sony Playstation Prototype

    Still some time left on the auction, plety of time for people to start bidding it up higher. No one will put 1 mil up as their starting bid.
  32. Starfalcon

    Nvidia giving away 0077 Extremely Rare GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Cyberpunk 2077 Edition GPUs

    I do not do social media, guess I will never even have a chance of seeing one of these.
  33. Starfalcon

    Escobar Inc. Fold 1/2 smartphones

    Yeah but they have a video up on youtube with ladies in lingerie holding the phone.....that they never show.....hmmmm.....but yeah ladies....
  34. Starfalcon

    I accidentally broke a $2500 video card... like an idiot

    I am sure NV would overnight him a stack of titans if he needed them.
  35. Starfalcon

    Why do inexpensive highly reviewed "good" headsets all have trash mics?

    I agree, push to talk was invented for a reason. We had a guildie that refused to use PTT, and we all ended up muting him on discord. It took him 2 weeks before he figured out no one was listening to him anymore.
  36. Starfalcon

    What is wrong with my curved videocard?

    Wow that is some serious bend in that card....thats about the worst Ive ever seen. No backplate for support, heavy cooler, best combo for the win.
  37. Starfalcon

    The Z Build 2.0

    Shame about the rivets, sad in that expensive a case too. It isnt even anything structural, should just have some thumbscrews to remove if you do not need it.
  38. Starfalcon

    Graphics Card Autopsy - MSI 980 Ti "Golden Edition"

    That card looks like it got mega-toasted. Shame too, that was an expensive card back then, look at that before settling on my gigabyte 980 Ti.
  39. Starfalcon

    Happy Birthday Tom & Jerry!

    Yes they made her legs white, when they didnt completely edit her out of the scene.
  40. Starfalcon

    Need a 512GB 2.5 drive for game installs. Recommendations?

    Samsung has been good to me so far, although I did manage to avoid the 840 EVO fiasco.