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  1. jstanthr

    Ryzen APU Case, Ryzen 2600, M.2 SSD

    Info on ssd?
  2. jstanthr

    What Paste Application Method do You Use in 2020?

    According to Stephan previously from The Verge, aren't you supposed to smear it into the pins, and then put a toothpaste size patty on top of the cpu? on a more serious note, I typically heat the syringe in hot water prior to application and couple it with another, move it back and forth...
  3. jstanthr

    WTS: Thermalright U120, HDD’s, RAM older gpus

    pics came out a lot bigger than i expected lol ttt
  4. jstanthr

    WTS: Thermalright U120, HDD’s, RAM older gpus

    Answered pm’s added items
  5. jstanthr

    FS: AMD Ryzen 2600x - $85 + S&H

    where was this wed when i bought a 2600 from newegg, lol. bump for a killer deal
  6. jstanthr

    Whats your "go-to" TIM ?

    the last rig i tore down (sold to chiefjoe) was an i5-2600k that i built right when they launched, can't remember the day, i replaced the tim once back around 2013-2014 and when i took it down, it was still moist and tacky, but had obviously wicked from center to sides, probably due to the curve...
  7. jstanthr

    Likeliness B450 will get support for Ryzen 4000?

    yea was thrown off by the way usb done things for a while. you know what i meant tho.
  8. jstanthr

    Likeliness B450 will get support for Ryzen 4000?

    wasn't talking about pcie 4, im reffering to pcie 3.0 gen 4. b450 has pcie 3.0 gen 3, x570 bumps to pcie 3.0 gen 4. there were talks of enabling gen4 on b450 but amd blocked it from what ive read. atm there aren't really that many gpus that gain from it, but nvme drives do. IMO if i were to...
  9. jstanthr

    Taming the beast (24-disk file server)

    I also converted a closet to fit a slide out 42u rack (i use rails on all of them since i can't easily get to the back of it. i installed this on the roof used a short run of 6" stove pipe to go from roof to the ceiling and put in a standard 6" ceiling duct for hvac, and then i put this inline...
  10. jstanthr

    Whats your "go-to" TIM ?

    I've been using artic silver 5 for years. Finally my tube ran out and its time to get more, stick with as5 or go with something different? was looking at the noctua stuff, gelid, and others. Conductivity isn't a big deal, i DO NOT wanna go with liquid metal, prefer a standard paste type TIM...
  11. jstanthr

    Likeliness B450 will get support for Ryzen 4000?

    even if they did, why would you want to. b450 isn't going to support pcie 3 gen 4, and that is one of the big pluses for the 3xxx series and up. at first it was said that b450 may get bios update to allow it on some models, but then amd said it wasn't gonna happen on b450 im looking forward to...
  12. jstanthr

    Ryzen 5 2600 vs Ryzen 7 2700 for daily driver desktop

    Originally was only looking at the non-x models, but now that the price has really dropped I may go for the X, as far as the hsf is concerned, i've never used an oem heatsink for my desktops and probably never will. I'll stick to my trusty towers and downdrafts. as soon as i can source a solid...
  13. jstanthr

    Checking in with my Ender3 pro

    modi123 have you updated the firmware to do mesh bed leveling? i took the touch probe off my mini-cnc and put it on my prusa and mesh leveled the bed and boy did it make a difference, i was kinda amazed. the bltouch probes work pretty good too, just need to disassemble and tighten them up a bit imo
  14. jstanthr

    If you buy a cheap CD Key...

    i have bought the "oem" keys from the thread here before and never had any issues, i see them on newegg sometimes for 8 and they offer to send you a busted drive for 500 shipping if you want it (kinda shady) but its an oem key too, at least they mail you the sticker thing. but as far as the...
  15. jstanthr

    What do we think of the Corsair 1000D?

    myself i would have preffered a bit more room between the board and the back panel for that size of a case. and maybe a horizontal itx tray option for the top. i've always wanted to put a low power mini-itx, or sbc in a system for monitoring and performance, maybe even link it to a small touch...
  16. jstanthr

    Which would be Better suited

    i've been looking at something similar to that. are there any internal splitters that can do 10gb/s ? i haven't found any reasonable yet. took forever for me to decide on my board as well, was wanting a type-c 10gb port but it didn't work out that way if i need to add a pcie card to do it i...
  17. jstanthr

    Ryzen 5 2600 vs Ryzen 7 2700 for daily driver desktop

    i was thinking the same thing. my editing rig has twin xeon's so this is more or less just my go to desk pc, will be used for web and stuff, minor coding, monitoring servers, nothing really user intensive, the only games i really play are LoL and WoW and they don't use much. Will be upgrading my...
  18. jstanthr

    HOT! Ryzen 7 2700 8 Core Processor $135 @ Newegg

    Microcenter has the 2700x for 139, seen some for 119 open box w/ warranty tried forever to find someone close to one to pick one up for me
  19. jstanthr

    Ryzen 5 2600 vs Ryzen 7 2700 for daily driver desktop

    Re-building my daily driver desktop, will only be used for productivity apps, web, light coding, terminal, some very light video encoding (most of that is done on other rigs/servers) In all seriousness the 5/2600 would be sufficient, would there be any real advantage other than bragging to use...
  20. jstanthr

    Ryzen 3 after 4 price speculation.

    yea the big change for the 3 series and x570 is the pcie gen 4 which really bumps bandwith, 4xxx will use same and from what ive read x570 will support the 4xxx chips. kinda waiting on the b550 or w/e its going to be
  21. jstanthr

    Thermalright, where did the go?

    Probably going to end up going with Noctua or BeQuiet, but there is something to be said for the Ultra 120 extreme that i have, its a 6pipe cooler and tbh it hasn't failed me, been using it since my core2quad q6600, it survived that, to my i7-920, then to the i5-2500k, and i7-2600k, its been...
  22. jstanthr

    Thermalright, where did the go?

    I've been searching for a thermalright venomous x btk ii kit that has the pressure screw on the crossbar. it used to be called the "pressure vault system" i have the bracket for 1155, 1366, 775 but now need one for am4 and no one has them in stock, even the cheaper one. I emailed thermalright...
  23. jstanthr

    WTB: Windows Server Key & W10 Pro key (see inside)

    also curious about this, there are several selling them and was going to get a few. i've seen nothing but good things tho
  24. jstanthr

    WTS: Thermalright U120, HDD’s, RAM older gpus

    Added pics, answered pms
  25. jstanthr

    WTS: Thermalright U120, HDD’s, RAM older gpus

    answered pm's added HSF
  26. jstanthr

    WTS: Thermalright U120, HDD’s, RAM older gpus

    answered pm's added pics
  27. jstanthr

    WTS: Thermalright U120, HDD’s, RAM older gpus

    All were working when pulled, have not been re-tested. Cleaning out my bins to gain funds for new build. Some of this old stuff has gotten hard to find/expensive. I’m putting it cheap here, might have something you need to spruce up an old rig. All prices include shipping via USPS Priority Mail...
  28. jstanthr

    OLOy 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 $99.99

    gonna snatch some up, its just for my desktop daily/driver so no oc or anything crazy on that one. Thanks for the link!!
  29. jstanthr

    Finding a cpu heat sink clip for an Abit VH6T Motherboard

    i have a metal one that may work for you. i'll dig it out and send pics, i may even have the plastic ones but i think the lever on mine is blue and not green if that matters.
  30. jstanthr

    What ya using your 1x slots for?

    video cap card, usb card
  31. jstanthr

    macOS Catalina

    so far the devices that seem to have the most issue are 2014 and earlier macbook airs, 2013 earlier pro's. and any unit with less than 8gb ram. If it still has 4gb ram i would use high sierra or mojave instead just for performance reasons. i've upgraded 100's since release and i wish they would...
  32. jstanthr

    Checking in with my Ender3 pro

    i have been eye-balling the ender as well. came close to pulling the trigger a few times. i would mostly use it to print stuff for my mini-quads and rc planes/wings. probably other things as well have you tried any printing with TPU yet? no one around me has a printer, so it'll be a fun...
  33. jstanthr

    Building New Rig. Comments, Suggestions, Philosophy, Opinion, and Theoretical, all Welcomed!!

    In all my research in the b450 v x470 came down to a few things (x570 if ur going with the new chips) -Not going SLI so both choices are valid -Main difference is how they divide up the pcie lanes when it comes to the nvme sockets and the pcie slots -worst of all choices is the asus prime...
  34. jstanthr

    Thoughts/suggestions for new build

    I was in the same boat during the planning phase of my build. I see you say 'mild-gaiming' which is about the same as me. Mine will be my daily driver desktop and will need to be solid. I decided to just pick up a used r5 2600 as the extra cores didn't really make that much diff in standard...
  35. jstanthr

    WTB: Thermalright AM2/3/4 Backplate-Standoffs
  36. jstanthr

    Gauging interest in build-your-own case kits

    i can see me with one of these and some tempered glass panels. maybe even put a beveled edge mirror on the indside of the back panel for a nice reflection through the side .
  37. jstanthr

    FS: Lightly used Ryzen 5 2600

    msg sent
  38. jstanthr

    JST's WTB: Ryzen 5/7 , Gtx760ti (ish) pcie2.0 gpu

    Looking for: Ryzen 5 2600 or Ryzen 7 2700 Nvidia GTX 7xx gpu (as long as its pcie 2.0) its for an older p67 board Thermalright AM4 mounting plate/studs for the btk kit. or HSF for AM4 equal to or better than Ultra 120ex Enermax Galaxy Evo cable set
  39. jstanthr

    WTB: Thermalright AM2/3/4 Backplate-Standoffs

    Long story short, I've got a Thermalright Ultra120 extreme, love that ting, built like a tank and i've used it for over 10 years. Figured i would carry it over from my i5 to my upcoming Ryzen build. Its my daily driver rig so no crazy oc or anything so it'll be fine. I have all the intel kits...