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    barton 2500 stepping, is this a good one?

    AXDA2500DKV4D 98813628270088 AQXEA 0324RPCW 1999 AMD Bought it off from a friend including his whole setup, sn41g2. Is it a good one? I have oc to 11x185. Board only stays at the 11 multi.
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    WTB: retail Audigy 2

    looking for retail audigy 2 card. the ones with the gold connectors. dont need the cd or games just card. lmk. will use paypal cc for faster transaction. pm box is nice and clean. thanks. FOUND ONE ---THANKS!!!!!
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    can u oc a barton 2500 on SN41G2

    i just bought a SN41G2 with a unlocked 2500 barton, 1 gig of corsair xms and 9800 pro 256 mb. Its running stock at 1.83 ghz. I wanted to check with u guys 1st if i can oc this to like 2.0-2.2 ghz. not much. i know i cant changed the PS ( can i? ) to a higher wattage. Dont want to add a lot of...
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    best combo of mobo and this new m amd cpu

    Itching to upgrade, i wanted to get that new amd 2600 m cpu. what mobo to get? leaning towards abit nf7-s. Is that a good board? Of course i will try to oc it. Does it lock the AGP/PCI? so when i OC it,it doesnt affect my soundcard and video card. also if i upgrade my mobo and cpu, what memory...
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    upgrading memory

    i may have a chance to upgrade my memory. From corsair value select pc2700 to corsair xms pc2700. Would i notice a difference? Board would be a Abit kx7-333. Im not even sure if i can run dual channel on this board. Can i? What do you guys think?
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    Upgrade question? 9800 pro

    Currently i have a 9700 pro in a XP 2400 machine with 1 (pc2700) gb ram. Question is, will i see an improvement if i put in a 9800 ori 256 mb. A friend of mine is selling it to me for like $200.00. What do you think?