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    Microsoft releases its FREE hypervisor

    Microsoft has released its own embedded hypervisor for free.
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    FS: 2x1GB PC-8500 CORSAIR Dominator 1066Mhz

    This is a fresh pull from a DELL XPS system. 2x1GB CORSAIR Dominator 2GB 1066Mhz. The same part number as linked above however, its version 1.2 which runs at 2.2V. $110 Shipped OBO. ebay is under oakfan52.
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    WTB: Cheap IDE laptop HD

    I'm looking for a very cheap 40-80GB IDE 2.5" laptop HD. 4200rpm prefered but will consider 5400rpm.
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    939 board that uses ddr2?

    are there any 939 boards that use ddr2?
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    Gigabit to the desktop

    what kind of speeds are you seeing with desktops using a quality gigabit switch (Cisco/HP). HD speed would lead me to beleibe i'd only see @200Mb/s.
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    WSUS not Sync Office 2003 patches from Microsoft

    I'm aware that Microsoft has problems early this week with their update services. They say that everything is fixed but none of a WSUS servers are pulling the latest office updates ( office 2003) patches from Microsoft. No errors all servers say fully sync. Aynone else notice the latest patches...
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    XP SP2 fails during install

    We have had 29 machines dead this morning after an SMS push of SP2. here is the scvpack.log file. any ideas on what could be causing this? [svcpack.log] 6.259: ================================================================================ 6.259: 2006/04/10 19:02:36.858 (local) 6.289...
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    Dell Server deals The SC430 for 699 with Server 2003 SBS Std icluded is a great deal.
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    WTB: Cheap 2x1GB

    I'm looking for cheap 1GB memory modules. I would prefer PC3200 but will consider 2700 as well. High-Density is also welcome. I have my eye on some CORSAIR ValueSelect 2GB (2 x 1GB) on newegg for $150 but I thought i'd take a shot and see if anyone has anything they want to get rid of.
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    Best used card for arround $200

    I currently have a 9800XT AGP. I am moving to PCI-E. I am looking in the $200. should i be looking at ATI x800pro and unlock it or maybe a 6800GT?
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    LPT Port capture and printing preferences

    when I am capturing an LPT1 port via net use lpt1: \\saerver\share it doesn't appear to be using my deafult printing preferences. Anyone look at this before? I have already set the deafult settings on the advanced tab of the printer. when i add the print queue to the worksation is has all the...
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    Wtb: 939 A64

    I'm looking for a cheap a64 939. Not looking to overclock. Just looking for a cheap server build.
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    WTB: Socket A MB

    I'm looking for a cheap Socket A MB with a KT400 or KT600 chipset. min 3 DDR slots. One of these chipsets please...... *.VIA P4X266A, *.VIA KT266/333 *.VIA KT600 *.VIA PT800 *.SIS 645 *.SIS 648 * 648FX *.SIS 746FX * KM400 * K8T800 * KT 880 * KT 400 * KT 400A...
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    WTB: Pair 40/80GB SATA HD's

    I am looking for a cheap pair of 40 or 80GB SATA drives. 8MB cache would be nice but no required. Just looking for a decent RAID0 set.
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    web interface/database design

    I am going to work on my own litttle project for my Desktop support team. I want to create an web based app for asset tracking purposes. Basically it will include asset tag number, device model number, device type, assigned user, and cubicle location...;. maybe MAC address as well. what i was...
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    server 2003 cluster

    I have a 2 node cluster on server 2003. I am running a virtual print server on NodeA and a Virtual File server on NodeB. The problem is when either Node goes down and the cluster resource fails over to the other node both virtual servers are running on the same Node. They both work fine except...
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    FS: Kicker Amp KX800.4

    I switch to my new setup with two 12's so i went with two new amps. I was using this in 3 channel mode to two infitiy componets and a 12" Shiva. Birth sheet when i bought it said 996W. Includes amp, shroud, and remote bass knob. I would like to get $150 Shipped OBO. REF: ebay - oakfan52...
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    FS: Modded Xbox

    I have a modded xbox i picked up for from a client i was doing work for. I don't know much about xbox's, but it looks like its got an xcuter 2.3 chip and a 120GB hard drive. I don't have any games to really test it with but it boots up and looks normal to me. Comes with power cabe, video cable...
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    FS: (2) Opteron 242's

    Two used opteron 242's. 1.6GHz. OSA242CC05AH I am asking $180 +S&H OBO for the pair. I also have a modded xbox i picked up for from a client i was doing work for. I don't know much about xbox's, but it looks like its got an xcuter 2.3 chip and a 120Gb hard drive. I don't have any games to...
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    WTB: Hifonics AMP

    I'm looking for a HIFIONICS ZEUS ZX4000. Also looking for a RF Stage 3 12" sub (dual 2ohm DVC) P312D2.
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    Linux + ADS

    I have setup my ubuntu linux box to authiticate suers against my server 2003 sp1 AD domain using winbind. The users can logon fine but when they try to access shares on the server its still prompts them for their creditials. why does it not use their currently logged on creditials?
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    Linux + ADS

    I have setup my ubuntu linux box to authiticate suers against my server 2003 sp1 AD domain using winbind. The users can logon fine but when they try to access shares on the server its still prompts them for their creditials. why does it not use their currently logged on creditials?
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    FT/WTB: PC3200

    I have 4x512 Kingston Valuse RAM, PC2100 DDR CL2. I am looking for 512+ of some cheap but soild PC3200 DDR. Maybe some valueram. CL2.5?
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    WTB: 4- port switch

    I'm looking for a cheap 4 port switch. 10/100 would be nice but 10 is ok as well. PM me if you have one you looking to unload. ref: oakfan52(ebay).
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    Wtb: Nf2 Mb

    My MSI Delta NF2 board just died so i am in need of a replacement NF2 board for my Athlon XP. I would prefer not to spend more than $40+S&H. TIA.
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    Exchange 2003 Hosting Multiple Doamians

    Well as you may or may not be aware there is a limitation when hosting multiple e-mail domains on an exchange 2003 server. When clients are connecting to the exchange server they can receive all the e-mail from all of the different e-mail; domains that you have setup. However, users can only...
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    DHCP lease

    This is a Windows 2000 Server running DHCP for the site. You can see the DHCP setup in the picture. The problem is the server shows the DHCP scope as being full. If you look in the lease pool it only shows the 4 or 5 leases that should be there. However when you reconsile the scope the problem...
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    Access 2000/VBA check if record already exists

    I want to to check if a record already exsists in the DB based off the field i have setup as the primary key. I know i can just set the field to not allow duplicates but i want to handle what to do on that error.
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    FujiFilm 128MB xD card That card was on sale when i went into the store dor 29.99-10.00MIR=19.99 which is a pretty good deal since it regularly 79.99. There weekly ad had it priced at 39.99AR so i don't know why it was cheaper in...
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    3com SSII 3900 password recovery

    Anyone know how to recover the password on a 3com supperstack II 3900? I have tried: adm/(none) admin/synnet admin/admin admin/(blank) admin/nopass debug/synnet ... always "incorrect password" ! -------------- and: root/(blank) root/manger security/(blank)...
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    W2K DHCP scope problem

    The server is a AD W2k server running dhcp. There are 4 client pc and 1 jetdirect printer. scope is set w/ a reservation for the printer. I noticed a DHCP error in event viewer stating that the scope was full. I looked at the leases and it only showed 5...
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    FS: Baystack 350-12T switch

    For Sale: Nortel Baystack 350-12T Specs: Managed Switch Serial console port 12 10/100BaseTX Fast Ethernet Ports 1 MDA Slot Rack Mount Brackets Power Cord $50+S&H Ref: ebay id "oakfan52"
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    Hardware firewall (alternatives to a pix)

    I am looking for alternatives to a pix for a small business invironment. This will be for a site with 10-20 users running a few services such as e-mail and a webserver. what have you used?
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    FS: Car Alarm

    Brand new in the factory sealed box. Avital 2200 car alarm: 2 3-button transmitters 3 Receiver Channels Parking Light Flash Relay Starter Kill / On Board Interior Light Illumination Power Door Locks Dual Zone Shock Sensor Mulitplexed Sensor Input Six Tone Siren...
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    server 2003 TS liscensing issues

    I have a server 2003 TS server. Have TS cals and server 2003 cal's installed w/ liscensing server. The problem is it is not handing out perminate liscnses when i user connects for the second time. Now when they try to logon the tirminal screen com,es up then closes. Error is logged saying temp...
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    WTB: Citrix Metaframe NFR

    I am looking for a citirix metaframe xp marked "not for resale". i Just want to set it up at home. :)
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    Linux ICA thin client

    Has anyone used a linux distro as an ICA client? I looking at this. Currently installing SUSE 9.0, but the 96MB ram req will be a drag. I need something that will install on a 166-233 w 32 or 64 mb of ram. Just a minimal gui to launch the ICA client. Any suggestions?
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    Fs: 9800xt

    ****SOLD**** I have a retail ATI 9800XT that was used for only a few days that i need to sell. It includes the card, power connector, and DVI connector only. I am looking for FS only please. I am looking for $350 shipped OBO. ****************** I also have a Rockford Fosgate mono amp. Used...
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    Where to buy wall mount patch panels or 1U brackets

    I see them all the time. i just can't find a place to buy wall mount 24-port patrch panels.....what i'm really interested in is the 1 or 2U wall brackets. Anyone know of a good, cost effective source?
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    WTB: Car audio amp

    I am looking for a Quality 2-channel amplifier. I would like arround 100-150w rms @2ohms. It will also need an adjustable HPF. PM me or e-mail me Thanks