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    Rt-ac68r+att gigabit

    I have the ASUS RT-AC68R with spectrum right now with speeds at 400/30 and the wireless router seems to do good but I just signed up for att gigabit and was wondering if i'd need a new wireless router? I have 4 ppl in my house with 2 4k tvs and ppl are always gaming or steaming. Thx!
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    wtb aftermarket cooler for ryzen 2600x.

    I'm looking to get a deal on a aftermarket cooler for a 2600x. Another option is if anyone has the am4 bracket for the hyper evo for sale I'd take that.
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    fs Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R, xeon x5650, and ocz 6gb ddr3

    I'm looking to sell these, Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R, xeon x5650, and ocz 6gb ddr3. All are used working condition. $65 shipped obo.
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    fallout 76 xbox digital $13

    I got a fallout 76 digital code from a xbox one x that I don't need. How's $13 sound?
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    Milwaukee water cooling.

    I'm looking for someone that can help water cool my rtx 2080ti fe. The card runs too hot and loud for my liking. I'd buy the parts. I'd just need someone to install it seeing as I have absolutely no experience with water cooling, and I don't want to experiment with a $1200 gpu. I'd compensate...
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    Gtx 1080 ti evga ftw3

    I'm selling a gtx 1080 ti evga ftw3. Near perfect condition. Used for a little over a year. Never overclocked or mined with. Adult used and non-smoking house. $575 shipped.
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    FS: EVGA GTX 1080 SC

    I'm looking to sell a used EVGA GTX 1080 SC in excellent condition. This is straight from EVGA with thermal pads and new bios installed. The card is 11 months old and was in a smoke free home and never overclocked or mined with. Comes with original box. $430 shipped.
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    Gigabyte z97 motherboard, i7 4790 proces, 16gb ddr3, 850 power supply

    I'm selling some used computer parts because I recently upgraded. Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI motherboard, Intel i7 4790, HyperX FURY 1866 16gb ddr3 memory, and a wired corsair tx850w power supply. Cpu, ram, and motherboard were bought in 2014, and psu in around 2006. All parts work fine. $265 shipped.
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    ethernet cable through vent

    I'm looking to run a ethernet cable from one room to the next. Two hot/cold air vents connect to the two rooms which are opposite of each other. Is it ok to run the ethernet cable through the vent to the next room?
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    ASUS VG248QE 24" 144hz

    I'm selling a used ASUS VG248QE monitor in excellent condition. No dead pixels or light bleed. It's 24'' and does a 144hz high refresh rate for gaming. I'm selling it for $175 local pick up in Milwaukee only. No shipping.
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    evga 1080 sc fan clipping

    So I was playing Doom today and the I was curious to hear how the fan sounded under load and I heard some huge clipping sound. So I turned off my pc and took out the gpu and spun the fans gently and i heard some clipping. I examined more and could see that the fan is clipping a huge wire that...
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    Auto switch between 120hz and 144hz.

    I'm looking for a way to automatically switch my monitor from 120hz to 144hz and back when I launch Quake Live.
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    nvidia brand 970 register

    I just bought a Nvidia branded 970 and I'm trying to register it on but when I try to enter my part number it says that it's product part is invaild and that it should be in a different format. Any clues?
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    7870 and 550w psu

    I'm giving my 7870 te to my brother and he has a antec neo 550w psu with i7 920. I was wondering if this psu would be good enough.
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    Pc sending weird single to receiver

    I have my pc hooked up to my receiver through amd hdmi for video and audio. When I'm just browsing the web or not using any audio my receiver's display keeps changing display info like it's receiving and losing a connection. If I play any movie or audio the display on the receiver's display...
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    Windows 8.1 5.1 audio

    I think that I'm having an issue getting 5.1 to work from my pc to my receiver Sony STR-DH810. I have an Amd 7870 connected to my receiver with HDMI and then my receiver connected to my tv with HDMI. I'm getting audio and video playback but when I configure Windows for 5.1 audio I only have a...
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    fs:e8400, Gigabyte GA-73VM-S2, and 4 gigs ddr2

    I'm looking to sell a e8400, GIGABYTE GA-73VM-S2, and 4 gigs ddr2. These are all used and come no manuals or boxes. I'll throw in a creative soundblaster XtremeMusic sb0460 too. $50 shipped.
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    wtb:windows 8 64bit

    I'm looking to buy Windows 8 64bit.
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    weird amd audio problem

    I'm having the weirdest audio problem. I'm in the process of moving in with my girlfriend and I decided to hook up my pc first. I had my pc hooked up to my tv via a amd 7870 through hdmi. I hook everything up at her house and everything is good except that the audio cuts in and out. So I'm going...
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    Fs:5850 and Bioshock and Tomb Raider

    I'm selling a xfx 5850 1gb for $80 shipped. The card is used but in very good Condition and it was never overclocked. It also has a transferable lifetime warranty. Plus I have a amd Bioshock and Tomb Raider download code for $50.00. Game codes sold. All sold.
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    I'm selling a xfx 5850 1gb for $85 shipped. The card is used but in very good Condition and it was never overclocked. It also has a transferable lifetime warranty. Plus I have a amd bioshock and tombraider code for $55.00.
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    Good cheap psu for ati 5850

    could anybody help with some good cheap psu recommendations for a ati 5850?
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    PowerColor 7870 myst

    Does anyone know how can I see my 2d clocks with the 7870 myst? My Catalyst control panel overclock tab seems to disappear when I enable it so I can't see my clocks. What 2d clock does the 7870 myst suppose to run at?
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    wtb wii games.

    I want to buy new super mario, donkey kong, and Mario galaxy 2. Im looking to pay 20 bucks shipped for each.
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    flooded with private calls

    For the past two days I've been getting flooded private calls at night. These calls are back to back like 10 times in a roll. So I called sprint and the said my phone might be in a software loop so they had me do a factory reset that erases everything but the sd card. So later that night it...
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    fs: lg 24 inch(LG L246WP-BN) monitor

    I'm selling a used lg 24 inch(LG L246WP-BN) monitor. It's about 3 years old but works great. This is only for pickup in Milwaukee. I'm asking for $125.00. My price is negotiable. I need the money so I guess I can do $100+ shipping. Sorry for the edits, but 135 shipped is to low.
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    John Carmack Says iD Will Take A Console-First Approach To Games

    With all the bugs and graphical glitches plaguing the release of Rage, it’s no surprise to hear that John Carmack’s getting frustrated. On the other hand, the console versions of the game don’t rely on updated Nvidia and AMD drivers and they’ve had a remarkably smooth ride. Maybe Carmack was...
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    amd audio and mic

    I'm using my hd 5850 on my pc to stream my audio to my sony receiver and want to use a mic for a language program to record my voice. Where would I plug in the mic?
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    fs: used z-5500

    I'm looking to sell my used set of z-5500. I'm asking $165.00 plus shipping from 53202. Uploaded with Uploaded with
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    sms copy and paste

    I have seemed to run into a bug on my evo. Im trying to use copy and paste with my text messaging but the person receiving the copied and pasted text is only receiving bits and pieces of the text. I initially ran into this problem using sms translators to write in English first then translate...
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    wtb: prepaid verizon cell with qwerty

    I'm looking to buy a prepaid Verizon cell phone with a qwerty keyboard. Thank you for looking.,
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    wtb: boost mobile phone

    I'm looking to buy a boostmobile phone.
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    4-pin pwm connector

    I'm trying to fix my ati 5850's fan noise. It seems to be rubbing against the shroud, but I'm not sure. It's not the normal noise on startup as it won't stop. It doesn't happen all the time. I did a google search and round that I can disassemble the card and maybe see where it's rubbing. I...
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    Quake Live Fps Drop

    I've been noticing a fps drop in Quake Live after the beta closed. On some of the more open maps I can drop to 80 fps. My pc should be able to handle this game at 125 fps. Has anyone else experienced this and is the a fix?
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    wtb:socket 478 mobo for p4 2.6

    I'm looking to buy a mobo for a socket 478. I'm looking to spend around 25 shipped. Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    Crysis 2 Release Date Now Q1 2011

    Publisher Electronic Arts just announced in their Q1 FY11 Financial Results report that Crysis 2 release date window has moved to Q1 2011. So, now the estimated release date for Crysis 2 is January 1st - March 31st, 2011. While listening to the conference call we heard EA boss justify the move...
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    wtb cheap pci-e with s-video

    I'm looking for a cheap video card that I can use to run to my tube tv. It has to have s-video on it. I will be running it in my ex58 motherboard as a second video card. I'm just looking to spend 20 bucks. It should be pci-e I believe
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    ati 5850 to s-video cable

    I just bought a ati 5850 and was using a 4870 which had a s-video cable that I would use to hook up to my tube tv. But now I have the 5850 and it doesn't have a s-video cable, it just has 2 dvi's, hdmi and 1 display port. Is there an adapter I can use to still use my tube tv with s-video?
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    ipod without itunes

    I'm trying to transfer music to my ipod without itunes, does anyone know of a application that lets you drop and drag music to ipod without itunes. Has to be free also.
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    Dual screens and fullscreen

    I have a tube 27 inch tv hooked up to my ati 4870 and a lg 24 inch as my primary monitor with windows 7. When I'm surfing the web and put a internet explorer window with a video playing in fullscreen on my tube tv and go back to my primary monitor the video on the tube tv screen comes out of...