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    Best TN for color reproduction

    i read that some TN can be quite good at color reproduction even with 6-bit and dithering. a friend needs a monitor but only $300 bucks to spend tops. while it is for gaming, it also needs to be used for some color-sensitive work so the search is on for the TN panel with the best dithering...
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    HDbit's invite

    i am in NJ with FIOS 20/20 speeds, that is a full 20 megabits upstream and am very interested in an invite. this is just now with azureus running:
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    9600gt a good buy?
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    Dell 2408 LCD $399 Shipped

    crt's are better for blacks since they can actually make a black by the absence of light vs an LCD that is backlit. lcd is catching up but a good crt > LCD
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    Westinghouse L2410NM or DoubleSight DS-245W?

    i was deciding between those two monitors just recently and went doublesight. last spring i wanted to get the dell 2407, and since the doublesight uses the same panel, i was leaning towards that. i also read the DS is built better than the westinghouse so that sealed it for me. dunno if...
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    DoubleSight DS-245W vs. Samsung 245BW

    will fire up a movie soon. tested it playing cod4 last night for a couple of hours. noticed no lag or ghosting. good stuff.
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    CRT or LCD?

    understood. i was just inquiring as to whether it has worth even though it is old. not even sure i want to sell the thing, but from the info in this thread, it seems newer crt's are not very good, so i was wonderin.
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    CRT or LCD?

    you guys think i could sell my 21" dell trinitron CRT? got it almost 10 years ago, its not going dim whatsoever. i went lcd for desktop space physically, and to get a 24" size for virtual desktop space.
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    Dell 3008FWP for under $$1500!!!

    i bought myself a 42" panny plasma & a doublesight 24" monitor for the same price this last week :D but i wish i could have dropped 1500 on this monitor but my career hasnt taken off yet. sniff.
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    DoubleSight DS-245W vs. Samsung 245BW

    well just set up this puppy and first of all DAYUM 24" from a 21" crt is BIG! i love it. did some pixel peeping and found 1 stuck pixel in the lower left, stuck in green mode, no dead pixels. tryin to read if u can get rid of stuck pixels but i cant notice it doing anything it is...
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    CRT or LCD?

    yes desktop space. my trusty dell trinitron 21" aperture grill crt has served me well for 10+ years but my doublesight 24" will be a welcome change in regards to physical space on my desk, even though it is a big desk - i cant wait. gonna look so much more spacious and feel more open. that is...
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    Dell "Crystal" 22 inch

    aesthetically i love it. but what a rip-off. this TN invasion must stop!
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    DoubleSight DS-245W vs. Samsung 245BW

    i will post my thoughts. il lbe usin it in about 10 days when i move to a new apartment. to the OP. if you want the doublesight you better get it ASAP. it is pretty much out of stock everywhere you look, and i think it is discontinued.
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    DoubleSight DS-245W vs. Samsung 245BW

    i was gonna buy a monitor last may. my wants were: respectable color accuracy & photo editing chops, i am an amateur photog @ 24" so i can have lots of desktop real estate, 2 windows side by side, etc solid response time for gaming, not a priority but need to be reliable...
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    8800GT Lockups

    with my 8800 GTS 320 i use riva tuner to run my fan at 100% during 3d applications running. i could care less about noise when i have a shooter blasting in my headphones or on my speakers. when i am just doin regular pc stuff the fan is quiet, and that is when quiet counts.
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    Isn't it weird how Crysis plays well at >30fps?

    im guess with a quad at 3.4 and 3 gigs of ram fraps is not boggin down anything :D
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    Bioshock FPS

    since far cry, this is the best fps for me. sick game - so immersive. on arcadia now and it is nutty. except to me, the people bitching are more like those fuckin psycho right wing religious capitalist moral police hypocrites that seem to have been in charge of this country the last 6 years...
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    bioshock demo hardware survey

    spec in sig, everything on high but dx10. 1024 resolution, fraps shows 50+ average never a laggy moment so far.
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    Anyone else *completely* underwhelmed with Bioshock?

    man people complain about the dumbest things this review says it all quite well: "Oh, BioShock... The last year or so you've been called the next big game by many journalists and gamers, won numerous awards at conventions and events, and spawned a day or two of nothing but BioShock related...
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    *Official* Quad Core Overclock Thread

    i just installed a thermalright ultra 120 extreme with shin-etsu paste. my ninja was a POS compared to this cooler. my load temps with the ninja were hitting 69/71 @ 3.4ghz with the same volts as my loads now @ 3.42ghz being 10c less at 61/59. ambient temps have been more or less the same...
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    how do i get my quad at 100% load??

    use this, it is the best. launches 4 worker threads (or if you want less you can do so as well)
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    Anyone else failing to see a reason to go quad core?

    i love photoshop cs3 although most of my shots are pretty much in-camera with standard digital darkroom manips like curves and some selective color.
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    E6850 or Q6600. Both similar prices, but which one should I get?

    question has been asked many times. what do you do with your pc mostly?
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    Q6600 G0, is it just HYPE?

    you know there is a difference between quad and dual cores right? :o
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    Xtreme Low Q6600 G0 Temp on Air !!! (Lots of Pics)

    im runnin exactly the same speed on my chip except my ram is at 1:1 with my multi at 8x - also the same voltage. considering my ambient temps in here are 80F i am kinda stuck. i primed for an hour at 1.42v at 3.6 and was plowing through small ffts no problem, but my temps reached 71 so i...
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    Q6600 - Which stepping did you get?

    ordered mine 5pm 07/25 and it arrived this morning at my house in NJ at 9am. pretty fast from BC to NJ if you ask me. nobody was home so i called fedex and my SLACR will be waiting for me at their place nearby for me to build with tonight.
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    Prices are low, but will they go any lower?

    how low were the prices the other month when people say they were the best? i bought 2 sticks of OCZ platinum rev. 2.0 back in december/january for like 240-250 i think. i just bought 2 more sticks today of the same memory for 109 with a $45 rebate so these are costing me just about 60...
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    Q6600 - Which stepping did you get?

    if they are accepting a sealed unopened cpu box back obviously they have nothing against exchanging a non-defective item. nothing wrong with that.
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    Q6600 - Which stepping did you get?

    you get the spec number once the status goes to shipped. most likely that just means the order has been packed to be shipped but still, probably too late to guarantee that they dont ship it to you if u call to stop it. and also, they have already charged your card by that point FYI.
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    Q6600 - Which stepping did you get?

    ive seen a few people tonight get shipped B3 from NCIX. i was shipped a G0 today though as a lot of other people were. i have a brand new sealed B3 from mwave if anybody wants it before i return it. pay me of course.
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    Xtreme Low Q6600 G0 Temp on Air !!! (Lots of Pics)

    i pulled the trigger. ncix has my loot :D
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    Q6600 - Which stepping did you get?

    id call them. some places that tell me to refuse delivery asked me to write an rma# on box before i do. trouble of calling? if calling a toll free # is that much trouble cause you changed your mind on an order from a good company, you got issues :D
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    Q6600 - Which stepping did you get?

    if you return a SEALED unopened chip you will get a full refund from mwave. just got my RMA. mwave is cool ive done business with them for many eyars, though most of my money went to newegg and zip
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    Q6600 - Which stepping did you get?

    im pretty sure you can return unopened boxes. im checking now.
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    Q6600 - Which stepping did you get?

    you got the priority shipping?
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    Q6600 - Which stepping did you get?

    i know. i gambled and lost. but i placed an order with ncix anyways, ill just retunr this one and eat the postage fee.
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    Q6600 - Which stepping did you get?

    CORE2QUAD Q6600 LGA775 REQUIRES ELECTRICALLY COMPATIBLE BOARD PCG 05B BX80562Q6600SL9UM MM#887620 FPO/BATCH3 L721A338 VERSION # D80956-003 1.35V MAX Pack Date 07/11/2007 MWAVE shipped monday received today. 280 shipped.
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    Q6600 - Which stepping did you get?

    for all those who got from mwave, id like to know how they OC if you have any numbers (the B3 stepping)
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    Applying thermal paste on your Quad core.

    ill do that with my shin-etsu compound on my q6600 this week :D :confused: :rolleyes: :cool: :D ;) :p :o :(
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    Dell's sale on the 2407WFP

    can u forward that to me?