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    Help me update my gaming experience.

    Throw your money at a decent SSD. You will not be disapointed. After that, I would work on the graphics. For now, I would work on the hard drive performance.
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    2600k dies. Advice?

    Time to get a new processor. Microcenter is a trip away. Or you can visit them online.
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    Building a gaming PC

    Those are some insane cases. Don't mean to troll post. But, damn man. Thanks for posting. I have never seen case-lab before.
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    What to look for if you value stability/reliability above all else?

    Its generally best to look into Motherboards that have been out for some time, and have Firmware upgrades out. I wait for the first firmware/possibly second. This fixes the bugs....etc.
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    Is iTunes still crap?

    Itunes is def crap. They have changed it too. So, if you were used to the way it was, it isn't that way again. The only bonus I hear, is that you can hack iphones etc, and download movies for free. This has been around for some time though.
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    Microsoft's officially pulls DRM on XB1 & Region free!

    Wow. I didn't know that. Yep. The kinnect 2 is def going to be protested.
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    Have some Qestion's, I think my Hard Drive is Failing

    However, looks like you have a reg drive. Running Checkdisk won't hurt. Outside of that, look into the warranty, and back it up to an external temporarily. More backed up, is less redone.
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    Have some Qestion's, I think my Hard Drive is Failing

    Especially an SSD. You can't do the same troubleshooting/defragging that you can with a reg drive.
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    new build 3770k vs 4770k

    The only benefit to purchasing from Microcenter would be saving money. When you buy motherboard/processor they remove 40 bucks additional. You can't beat that. They are already almost 150 bucks cheaper than most with their processors, then they throw in 40 bucks. Its almost too good to be...
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    Just for gaming upgrade i5 or i7?

    Microcenter has the 4770k for 279. You can get that and an awesome motherboard/new memory for less than 500. I love Microcenter.
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    2600k dies. Advice?

    Microcenter has the 4770k for 279. Thats what I would do. Though, if you are an overclocker, I hear that the 3770k which is 249 at Microcenter, and it is a better choice for overclocking.
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    New Laptop Hard Shutdown

    Sounds like its overheating. Are you playing on a bed or covering the fan in some way?
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    The Ouya

    How is it?
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    Rise of Flight coming to Steam

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Solution for RDP Only (2 monitors)

    or you can go with a USB Graphics card for the second. Those things are dirt cheap.
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    Solution for RDP Only (2 monitors)

    You can go with a cheap dual graphics card. Or get a card with 2 Display ports on it. You can get the adapters for like less than 5 bucks each for the cards.
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    RIP Dell Vostro.. you will be missed

    Wife still uses the 1500. I recently upgraded the Wireless card to a wireless N. Also put in an old solid state I had lying around. It still lives. And it isn't a bad machine for surfing the web, which is really all that she uses it for.
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    Where to find anti-static bags? Seems to have all different sizes/quantities.
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    Plex connection issues

    I believe that the purpose of a Guest Network is to seperate the networked devices. I had a similiar issue. In the end, the best way is to have the Plex Media server/devices on the same network natively.
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    need new keyboard

    I have a G19, and I love it. I have heard mixed reviews of logitechs stuff, and they come out with 2 revisions. Revision 2 is usually made cheaper, and the keys wipe off. Not sure what propells them to make these crap keyboards second. I haven't had the problem, but, I know a fw who have.
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    A mouse that's resistant towards the entropic decay that occurs with Logitech?

    My Rat 7 is better than the logitech hands down. My only complaint, is that dust gets on the lens sometimes, and I have to flip the mouse over and blow it out. Other than that, it has been the best mouse I have owned. I wanted to get a Rat 9 for Wireless, but, I hear there are problems...
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    which GTX 770 to go for??

    The windforce cards seem to be best, as they have the most ventillation. Extreme cards are a trade off, as they run a little hotter, but, are overclocked from the factory.
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    ATTN GTX 690 and HD 7990 owners some questions

    Also, don't forget to upgrade the firmware on the Nvidia cards. Especially, the EVGA cards. They have come out with new Bioses on several of their releases. Which have improved performance each revision.