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    Audio device switcher for Windows 7

    Don't suppose there is a program/script that could also change between Stereo mode and 5.1 Surround for the same device? Mine always reverts to 5.1 Surround on reboot, but i would like it to stay in Stereo mode.
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z Initial Impression

    Anyone had any problems with the speaker configuration resetting it self to 5.1 Surround even though you set it to Stereo? This happens to me each time i reboot my computer. Possible to make it stick somehow? Am using the headphone part of the ZxR soundcard, and i guess since the amp is...
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z Initial Impression

    Don't suppose anyone else have noticed that the windows speaker setup seems to reset whenever you restart the computer? Am using the headphone option in the Sound Blaster control panel, and that stays correctly even if i restart, but the control panel in Windows, more specifically the Speaker...
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z Initial Impression

    Just purchased the ZxR today, had the Titanium HD before it, can't say i hear any big difference in the sound, but my ears have never been really good at that, only tend to manage to tell between good or bad sound. Though i feel that am able to reach higher volume level with the ZxR. But i...
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    Asus Rampage II Extreme, chipset drivers?

    So this board got the Intel x58 chipset, and i've been checking the Intel page lately for drivers, or the inf update tool, but it doesn't look like there is any download for this chipset? And Intel Rapid Storage Technology, running at the moment, and according to what i've found...
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    Creative X-FI Titanium HD, switch between headphones and speakers?

    Thanks for the answers. Got a little side question here, if i get some kind of splitter, or a keyboard that got a headphone and mic cable connected to the soundcard and then have a headphone and mic output on the keyboard itself(like the qpad mk-85) will that disable the "processing" or the...
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    Creative X-FI Titanium HD, switch between headphones and speakers?

    So i've had the X-FI Titanium HD for a while, and so far i've only been using headphones with it, but am thinking of getting 2.0/2.1 speaker system for my pc as well, and am wondering if this card support some kind of swapping between headphone and speakers? Or will i need to go behind the...
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    Dell U2412M

    Bought two of this display the other day, like them so far, but i've noticed that one of the screen seems a bit more yellow than white on the right side of the screen if i look at a completely white picture, the other screen looks a bit more yellowish on the whole screen compared to the first...
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    Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium HD Sound Card Review @ [H]

    Well the cable is coaxial, but the connector is RCA, if am not mistaken, which is what i have going from my receiver, but as i've found out, the soundcard only supports a optical cable for digital as you mention, so i guess i have to get one of those, but getting one that is 10meters doesn't...
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    Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium HD Sound Card Review @ [H]

    How would i go about connecting this card to my receiver with one RCA cable/plug? The receiver is only connected to two front speakers, so am only looking for stereo. Hoped it was as easy as connected the RCA cable to the red connector(which also have a red led) and then connect the RCA cable to...
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    Will a PCIe x1 card work in a PCIe x16 slot?

    Thanks, did actually do a few searches on the matter, but wanted to be 100% sure about it, so i decided to make my own thread. But yea, sorry for posting something that's already been posted and answered before.
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    Will a PCIe x1 card work in a PCIe x16 slot?

    Got the Asus Rampage II Extreme motherboard, it got 3 PCIe x16 slots(2 blue and 1 white), 2 PCIe x1 slots(1 white and 1 black), and one PCI slot. The black PCIe x1 slot is on the top, but it got heatsink in the way, second PCIe x1 slot is covered by my graphics card, also the second PCIe x16...
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    What input/cabel to use on Dell U2410?

    As i can choose between DVI, DP and HDMI (VGA to but that's inferior last time i checked), am wondering what to use? My graphic cards has DVI, DP and HDMI as well. Should i just stick to the "default" DVI or will DP/HDMI give me any better picture? Currently running DP, just had to test it...
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    Problems with Sennheiser PC 350

    Hmm, seems like i may be experiencing similar issue with my PC 350. For a while now, i've been hearing some weird/light static/low frequency sound in the right earpad. Haven't really been sure if its my soundcard or the headphones themself. You said "couple of weeks", think this started about 2...
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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) RAID driver v9.6.0.1014 is out!

    This Intel RST control center, what use it is for? Can't seem to do much in it, beside getting the status of my HDD, is that all or is it bugged? Also after going from MS win7 drivers to Intel's drivers i lost the possibility of hot-swap it seems, at least there is no more option to eject my...
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    Aiming and Mining Script for ME2

    Will this script work with Logitech G15?
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    Catalyst 10.1 is out

    Anyone else have the issue with this driver that they went let your screen into sleep? The screen goes black, but the powerbutton still lights green? Got a G2400WD, and when the screen enters sleep, the powerbutton should light orange.
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    BenQ G2400W

    Just got a G2400WD today, and the screen looks really good. It seems to be very good calibrated from the start, all i've done so far is turned down the brightness a bit. Edit: Also zero problems and zero dead/faulty pixels so far.
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    BenQ G2400WD detected as G2400W?

    Just got this monitor, and it shows up as G2400W in Vista here as well. Checked the CD, under drivers G2400WD folder, and the inf file there said G2400W as well, so i doubt it's anything wrong, it's just how it's supposed to be. Because these two monitors are almost identical.
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    Vista UAC (User Account Control) on or off???

    I think UAC is a great feature, its just badly implemented. When UAC comes with an option to add programs to some sort of exception list, i'll be sure to turn it on. But until then it will stay off at my computer. I've tried several times to get used to the prompts, but in the end they just...
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    Software to monitor internet activity?

    It's for windows, mainly only on a single machine, but the whole network would be nice as well.
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    Software to monitor internet activity?

    Am just wondering if there is any good software out there, which can trace/log/monitor your computer for software/services etc.. which are talking with the internet on what IP-address and so forth. Anyone know?
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    HP LP2475w (Possible new IPS)

    To be honest, looking at those picture doesn't tell me anything. Seems to be exact the same, beside the different conditions it's taken in. If there really is an text issue, i probably wont see it before i've started to use the monitor for a bit. So i think this is gonna be my new display...
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    HP LP2475w (Possible new IPS)

    The text issue you are talking about, could you explain that a bit futher? Or link to somewhere i can read about it?
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    Possible to alter noise level from optical drive?

    Apply? There is no apply button?
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    Possible to alter noise level from optical drive?

    Tried it out, not sure, but it doesn't seem to work right for me. It keep automatically switching back to "maximum".
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    Possible to alter noise level from optical drive?

    Is this what you are talking about: ?
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    Possible to alter noise level from optical drive?

    I really think my optical drive is a bit to noisy when playing movies. It's a Plextor PX-755A, is there anything i can do about it?
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    Gaming Monitor

    And could you mention some screen that have this function?
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    HP LP2475w (Possible new IPS)

    Yea of course, that would be the best. But i was just looking for, what in general, people was thinking about this display. And yea, this whole thread is probably full of opinions, but this thread is getting pretty long, so it is getting hard to find any good info/review among all the posts.
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    HP LP2475w (Possible new IPS)

    Just wondering in this price range, is this one of the "best" 24" you can get today? Am looking to buy a new LCD screen, and am tempted to buy this one. I currently have an NEC 2070NX which is starting to deteriorate. Thing's get very easy "burned" into the screen, like if i have a webpage up...