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    Driver XP64bit for Gadmei USB 2.0 UTV330+ TV BOX :mad:

    Hi, I have a that comes with XP Drivers. However, when I plug it into Vista, guess what, it does not recognise the devices. It shows it as USB 2681 when installing, and the XP Drivers of course do not work. I have sent an email to GADMEI, but does anyone out there have a solution...
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    Quick test AMD LE-1600

    Processor AMD LE-1600 MOBO DFI Infinity M2 PSU Enlight 500W RAM: e-Device 667 MHz 2x1GB GPU: Winfast 7800GTX Chipset cooler TT-Extreme 2 CPU Cooler: Artic Frezeer 64 Pro HDD Sata 80GB Default: Finally...
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    PSU Gigabyte

    Any body one knows of the Gigabyte PSU models: Odin Pro and/or Delta, and manufactured by Delta? thanks and regards, jaelangkung
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    PSU’s: The Best of the Best of the Best!

    how about with Tagan product? :confused:
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    500 watts enough for future graphics cards?

    read: TS by: David Hammock
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    [H] Enthusiast Power Supply Reviewer

    Spectre, J Guru and davidhammock200
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    Opteron or Athlon

    Opty S939
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    Best PSU???

    Apologize me, after read some comments, I'm being confused. What the best PSU, Tagan, Silencer, Antec or etc.?
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    AMD 65nm chips finally arrive.

    From the Inquirer
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    prices going back up?

    depend: demand vs supply
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    AM2: 3800+ X2 vs 4200+ X2

    if 3800+ OC vs 4200+ default, i will buy 4200+
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    Need some quick upgrade advice.

    go with the CPU --> Opty / FX
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    Decision on which processor to use in my gaming rig

    Opty 165 @ 289FSB (2.61Ghz) (1MB Level 2)
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    New computer, suggestions please!

    If you want to used your DDR memory, used Opteron.
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    Will prices drop further?

    I hope so, Intel price drop too.
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    Holy crap, look @ this great price!

    when the new price will be come in my countries :(
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    AMD Price Cuts Now Official

    cool........ good info
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    AMD Price Cuts Now Official

    Indonesia, until today no chaned
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    Need reccomendation for CPU

    Opty 165/X2 4800+
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    What will you buy after the price drops?

    X2, to changed my latest 3200+
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    Future PC, What will it be?

    my reason is price of the AM2 cheapers then 939...
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    Love your Socket A?

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    Why are there no sempron dual core chips?

    I think AMD already leave the value market.
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    65nm A64s by Summer 06?

    good sound....
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    Switching to Conroe?

    Why not if price-performance conroe is more then AMD?
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    Presenting the AMD 586

    Good information, thank you
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    AMD stops production of Socket 939 Opterons

    AMD is not having only an Opteron shortage, but the same goes for many best-selling AMD products, namely Athlon 64 CPU's. AMD already like Intel and expensive. I love AMD era socket K7. I appologize, I means "AMD is not having only an Opteron shortage, but the same goes for many best-selling...