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    DDR 3 1.5 V vs. DDR 3 1.65 V

    Actually, I think the problem was the memory. I ended up replacing it with GSkill Ripjaws and my system has been running stable for about a week now (was previously crashing about once per day on the OCZ Gold).
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    Will 1333 9-9-9-20 DDR3 work at 1066 with 8-8-8-16 timing?

    It didn't work...I just RMAed the memory. It might be the case that my chipset (G41) is not speced to run at 1333 MHz, but I expect that the memory should run flawlessly at 1066 as my previous memory did. I just bought the GSkill Ripjaws on sale at Newegg. Hope this memory works out...
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    Will 1333 9-9-9-20 DDR3 work at 1066 with 8-8-8-16 timing?

    I don't think my motherboard will allow me to change the memory timing, it's an ASUS P5G41T-M LE...looks like a motherboard purchase might be in my future. Edit: I found a switch that allowed me to change the frequency, but I don't see anything that will allow me to change the timing. I'm now...
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    Will 1333 9-9-9-20 DDR3 work at 1066 with 8-8-8-16 timing?

    I bought this memory: It's supposed to run at 1333 MHz at 9-9-9-20 timing. However, when I go into memcheck86, I see that it's running at 1066 and 8-8-8-16 timing. Will the OCZ memory run without any issues at 1066 and...
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    DDR 3 1.5 V vs. DDR 3 1.65 V

    Thanks for the notes. I have not had any problems at all running the system today. I updated the MB Bios last night and then ran memcheck. Memcheck stated memory was fine and system has been stable. Problem probably had something to do with putting it in suspend.
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    DDR 3 1.5 V vs. DDR 3 1.65 V

    I have a Intel Core 2 Quad based system with the G41 chipset on a Asus P5G41T-M LE motherboard. I recently bought this ram: It's spec is 1.65V while my old ram was 1.5V. The memory is called "Low-Voltage" and is the same DDR3...
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    Four to Eight Gigabytes of DDR3

    Depends on what you plan do to with it...
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    Any disadvantage to using PC6400 memory in PC5300 laptop?

    My brother's laptop needs a RAM upgrade. Using Newegg's memory finder wizard returns only PC5300 DDR2 ram modules. PC6400 memory is actually slightly cheaper. Is there any problem with putting PC6400 memory in a PC5300 laptop? I assume that the memory will just run slower, at PC5300 speed...
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    Rosetta@Home needs more CPU Power!

    I think BOINC supports some GPU optimizations, but not sure if Rosetta takes advantage of that. They mention that their code changes often and it's a lot harder to change GPU code than CPU code.
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    Rosetta@Home needs more CPU Power!

    I have been contributing to FAH and Rosetta for about 10 years now. I just wanted to note that Rosetta has been running a new experiment that has been showing some promising results: I have allocated all my resources to Rosetta as...
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    How do I get DVI Output in WinXP on Intel G41?

    My motherboard has Intel G41 onboard graphics and my monitor accepts both DVI and VGA. At startup, the PC is driving the DVI out and starts loading Windows with the DVI output. Before I installed the Intel Graphics drivers, I was able to use WinXP with the DVI out. But after installing the...
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    Apple’s 10 Billionth Download Contest Won By 71 Year Old

    Not " be so anal about things" but a lot of people make it past 100. I think the longest recorded human life was around 122 years. And yes, if nothing else kills us, aging will, unless science can intervene at some point. I personally believe that one day it will, but that's a whole other...
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    Apple’s 10 Billionth Download Contest Won By 71 Year Old

    By the way, just to clarify, my comments were not directed towards everyone on the forum. I know HardOCP was the #1 team on Folding@Home as well as other DC projects and I believe there are many people here who share a different viewpoint than the pro-ageism and dehumanization of older people...
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    Apple’s 10 Billionth Download Contest Won By 71 Year Old

    I have a feeling that my previous post will start a very long thread, but I take this issue pretty seriously. And if I am over-reacting, tell me exactly what is incorrect about what I said. No one has done that except for the previous poster. So let's see what he said... First of all, I...
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    Apple’s 10 Billionth Download Contest Won By 71 Year Old

    The humor here has hit a new low. That was an extremely ageist comment. Would you make that same quote, "What would be surprising is if the guy is able to live long enough to collect all those songs." if the contest was won by a terminally-cancer patient? Why would an older person be any...
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    WTB: 1 GB DDR2 PC6400 Stick

    Looking for 1 stick of DDR2 PC6400 SDRAM. Make me an offer.
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    fios vs cable vs other, what do you have? POLL

    Nice, try to turn the thread racial :rolleyes: I am stuck with either Comcast or Qwest. Qwest wants to charge me $40 / month for a 1.5 Mbps DSL connection. Or I can buy their home phone package for $30 / month and get the DSL for $, what a deal...MagicJack anyone? Seriously, I've...
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    Any good software for ripping embedded flash off of websites?

    The Southpark website has, I think, all the South Park episodes in high quality flash available for streaming legally. But I want to view these episodes on my HDTV. I only have HDMI connection to an XBox. I have streamed videos before using the XBOX, but it only reads MPEG and WMA. Anyone...
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    Refresh Rate - 5 ms vs. 2 ms -- can anyone notice?

    There are a lot of monitors which look good in all other specs, but only have 5 ms refresh rate. Can anyone tell the difference in a monitor with 5 ms refresh vs. one with 2 ms? And I mean really be able to tell the difference as if you could tell which monitor had the slower refresh rate if...
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    Google Voice Invites

    If anyone has extra invites, please send one to me, PM for e-mail.
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    Dell E2310H 23" 1080p $169(+tax) Shipped w/3 Year Advanced Exchange Warranty

    All of these monitors are 5 ms response time...dammit.
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    Intel kills of consumer version of larrabee

    AMD sells x86 CPUs, so how come they have been inferior to Intel for the past several years? It's not about owning all the rights and patents because AMD was making better products for a while back in 2005 (Intel had a bad design with the Pentium 4). But when they fixed the design (really just...
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    Intel X4500 or ATI 9200

    I know they both kinda suck, but I currently have ATI 9200 (AGP) and am thinking of getting a motherboard with GMA X4500. The 9200 is definitely older, but the X4500 is integrated. X4500 also has better Linux support which is what I use. But for gaming, which one is better?
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    Acer P235 or Samsung 2494SW

    Ok, decided to cancel the order. Reason is because my Samsung monitor is a 2232 SW. Although the contrast on both of those monitors is better, I would be downgrading from 2 ms response time down to 5 ms response. That's too much of a sacrifice.
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    Best Buy Criticized for Holiday Greeting

    Oh, it happens in a different country so it's ok...Nazi Germany...
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    Best Buy Criticized for Holiday Greeting

    I have always wondered why Best Buy sells more flight simulators than any other store and at no profit. ;-)
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    Acer P235 or Samsung 2494SW

    I actually like the glossy monitors, think they look sleek.
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    Best Buy Criticized for Holiday Greeting

    Lol, that's the last place I would shop for electronics.
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    Acer P235 or Samsung 2494SW

    Need advice on monitor: Current monitor is a Samsung 22" Flat panel LCD which I picked up on Newegg last year on sale during Black Friday for $150. Resolution is 1680x1050 I am considering replacing it with one of these: 1. Acer P235Hbmid Black 23" ($140)...
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    Bluetooth cordless phone?

    Does anyone know of a cordless phone that works with bluetooth headset? Obviously, most cell phones do, but are there any cordless (landline) phones that do as well?
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    Any way to bypass password prompts?

    My company's IT enforces a really horrible password policy and forces their employees to change passwords about every 50 days. It's very annoying especially since I have to type this horrible password which is basically "asdfjkl;" followed by a bunch of symbols. Is there any way to make a...
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    How do I define user-variables in Cygwin?

    Does anyone know how to define user-variables in Cygwin? Example: setenv home /cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/SNYP40A1/Desktop I want to define this one someplace so that it is already loaded every time at startup.
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    How do I change file icon assocation in Windows XP?

    I downloaded some .ico and .png files that I would like to use for some file types. How do I change these icons in Windows XP?
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    Have Outlook 2007, Need Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager

    I have MS Outlook 2007 (part of Office 2007 Enterprise Edition), need Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager. Anyone know how to get it? I don't see an add-on upgrade option.
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    0.3 mile wireless network? How much?

    Wow, quite a few posts. First, I am not trying to rip off Starbucks internet. In order for that to work, they would have to upgrade the antenna on their router to broadcast long range. Otherwise, I would be able to transmit to it using a powerful antenna, but would not be able to receive...
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    0.3 mile wireless network? How much?

    There is a Starbucks 0.3 miles away from my house. I don't have direct line of sight, but the only obstruction are trees. I would like to be able to use my laptop at Starbucks while connected to my home network. What's the cheapest way to do that? Don't need much bandwidth, 128 kbps would be...
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    How do I speed up folder access - Windows XP?

    Both laptops were running XP Pro (same config from IT). However, some optimization pack was patched onto the new laptop about a week after I got it. Don't know if that caused it to slow down or not.
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    How do I speed up folder access - Windows XP?

    It was reasonable on my old laptop over the same connection. But on my new laptop, it totally sucks.