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    WTB: Microsoft Surface Pro & Google Pixel C

    So my Pixel C bit the big one last weekend. Looking to replace it. Also looking to upgrade my ancient netbook that I travel with. Looking for something like a Microsoft Surface Pro 2017. Would consider a Surface Pro 6 for the right price. Hit me up and let me know what you got.
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    Front Page Display

    Thought I'd drop a quick comment. The front page looks like [H]ardOCP, brought to you by Asus ROG. I'd say not quite half of the front page (for me) is Asus Banner ads on the right and left hand sides (say 45% of the screen) while the center is the front page news. If it pays the
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    FS: M/B CPU RAM Combos + Google Nexus 9 Tablet

    As per the title I have 3 motherboard+CPU+RAM combos that I'd like to sell Combo 1 AsRock Z77 Extreme 6 Motherboard 16 GB G.Skill F3-10666-CL9D-16GBXL kit Intel Core i7 2700k CPU $150 for Combo 1 SOLD! It was a hot buy for sure. Combo 2 Gigabyte F2A88XM-D3H Socket FM2+ Motherboard 8 GB...
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    FS: R9 380

    I'm not much of a FS/FT kind of guy, but we'll see how this goes. Title says it all. Sapphire Nitro 4GB R9 380 for sale. Never been OC'd (beyond the factory OC) and has seen very very light use. I know they're popular for mining right now, had it sitting around doing nothing, so it's up for...
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    Poor parallelization performance on Xeon (E5 v4) Workstation

    Question: At work we recently built a workstation (2x E5-2683v4, 128GB kingston ecc RAM quad-channel, Intel DBS2600CW2R motherboard). Hyperthreading is disabled for the particular application that we are running, as HT is known to cause poor performance for this app. OS is Win7 x64...
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    Asus A8V no POST with primary IDE connected *SOLUTION* - please read

    Reference this thread: In short, I had an Asus A8V motherboard which would not POST with a device connected to the primary IDE channel. This was following a brand-new build up. Everything functioned *flawlessly* when connected to the...
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    Asus A8V won't POST with device connected to primary IDE controller

    Title says it all. I've tried 2 different devices (HDD, CD-RW), 3 different cables, and still no luck. When I connect either device (HDD or CD-RW) to the secondary IDE controller, there is no problem. The system boots into Windows when the hard drive is connected, and the CD-RW is detected...