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    Ex-Uncharted Developer Alleges Sexual Harassment at Naughty Dog

    Reports started as early as 2004 with lawsuits in 2010. So actually, yes they did complain but no one listened.
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    Ex-Uncharted Developer Alleges Sexual Harassment at Naughty Dog

    20 years ago, this may have worked, but'll lose your job, even if you were harassed. More than likely what will happen, the woman whom you tried to intimidate will report you for harassment and no one would believe you that a woman tried to sexually seduce you. If you beat a man's...
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    Samsung Note 8

    How could anyone buy a Samsung at this point? I'm not even saying buy an LG either. Samsung has been nothing but failures and exploding phones that I'd never risk it. ;)
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    Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4 exclusve)

    Any luck?
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    [H] Destiny PS4 LFG / Raid parties.

    I'd love to get back into Destiny for Destiny 2 and I've never had a chance to raid or do much of anything except solo stuff. PSN is Venatus. Think I'm around 370 light level.
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    Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4 exclusve)

    You meet Rost at the gate and he takes you partway then tells you to go off on your on to kill the beast. If you didn't meet Rost at the gate then you glitched something out.
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    Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4 exclusve)

    I carry multiple sets of armor and weapons. If I'm fighting say glinthawks I put on my ice resist armor which is over 100 so their attacks literally don't hurt at all. If fighting rockbreakers or behemoths I will swap to various weapons, usually my trip wires and traps and just kite them...
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    new xbox recon controller

    Guess, what they make plain jane stripped down versions. It is what marketers do, make different styles to appeal to different people. Guess you aren't the ones they were trying to appeal to, but hey thanks for letting us know.
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    Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4 exclusve)

    24 right now and just got to the Carja border lands. Loving the story and the fact that is super funny to me.
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    Best shooter game you have ever played?

    Serious Sam. Never took itself serious, pardon the pun, gameplay was just downright fun and corny. Many of the others mentioned already are all some of my favorites, but SS was just downright fun.
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    Another question for those with families.

    This is what we do. Structure and routine is key when they are younger.
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    You wake up and find yourself in the last game you played; how well do you fare?

    Conan exiles. I think I would fare alright. Watched out of Bear Gryliss so I would be super ok in the wild.
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    Giving away 1 copy of Black desert online... but theres a catch

    Story driven or mindless fed ex quests and grinding to level?
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    CONAN Exiles funcom game

    anyway to save our server info?
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    Conan exiles min. reqs.?

    You should be fine on laptop settings. That is the lowest of the low. Best thing to do is give it a try,
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    CONAN Exiles funcom game

    Heading that way then.
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    CONAN Exiles funcom game

    I'm hoping into the game to give it a try. Been following it for a while and love the Conan universe so hoping they pull this off. So steam servers or private servers? Private servers more for PvE and whatnot I take it?
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    PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S

    This. I have yet to notice any of my consoles stopping me in the middle of something to download an update. If all you are interested in is pure gaming then go with the console your friends have. If just doing single player gaming then get whichever one you want based on the games you want to...
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    Pny gtx 1060 Best Buy at msrp

    Strange. When my pny 680 gtx died a year or two ago they replaced it with a 970. If you look at the claims, pny won't replace the 680 with a 680 after eol, but they will replace with a card of similar performance. So just because you have a 680 a lot of people were pissed they weren't getting...
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    XBOX One sales 18 Million

    Who cares? The PS4 may be more advanced and powerful but you can't tell the difference during active gameplay. I still game on both but as always multi-player games are done via the X1 and single player games generally get the PS4 treatment. Play which one you enjoy and don't worry about how...
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    Big RED "Egg" Smoker $288 Prime Shipping

    No I havent. However I keep my in an outdoor kitchen I built and when winter arrives I store mine indoors.
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    Big RED "Egg" Smoker $288 Prime Shipping

    The kamodas are really good. The construction is solid and I like mine alot, especially when compared to my neighbors green egg he spent 1k on.
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    More Rumors On Nintendo NX Controller “Gimmick”

    Still unaware where I denied this. A regular remote when discussing the Wii can be confused with a Wii remote. Anyone with decent intelligence should be able to understand this. But you've made your point, no since expounding on it further.
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    More Rumors On Nintendo NX Controller “Gimmick”

    I am unaware of what you are calling me out on as I'm not defending anything Nintendo has done as that isn't my job, I don't work for them nor do I give any input in their business decisions . I just find it amusing people are criticizing the fails of Nintendo and they can't even get anything...
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    Paramount Says The Klingon Language Protected By Copyright

    I'm pretty conservative but more moderate than most. I can't stand TV shows pushing agendas, let along liberal agendas, and BSG was pretty painful to watch. Usually give a show 3 episodes to take off and after a couple of years and trying numerous times I've never finished season 1. Even tried...
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    How much visual difference is there on viewing a game on a 40" screen vs. the VR gear?

    Then you shouldn't be playing video games at all. Too many health issues related to normal video game sessions as it is.
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    More Rumors On Nintendo NX Controller “Gimmick”

    The amount of fail in this thread is lengendary...the Nintendo "Genesis", Nintendo doesn't have any cash, and the Wii U would have sold like hotcakes if it included two Wii remotes? Does anyone even Nintendo?
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    Paramount Says The Klingon Language Protected By Copyright

    BSG was horrible, disjointed, and pretty much lacked any compelling story lines that were even semi-relatable. I've tried over a dozen times to watch the series and it becomes such a tedious effort that I've sworn off even trying. But then again, I hate the vast majority of Star Trek series and...
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    Paramount Says The Klingon Language Protected By Copyright

    If anything Webster would "technically" own the "American English" since he (Noah Webster) categorized and standardized the usage and created the first American dictionary. Does the Tolkien estate "own" elvish?
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    40,000 Unionized Verizon Workers Walk Off The Job

    Not sure where you work but $15 an hour is incredibly high for an hourly wage. Most companies start out around a couple dollars more than minimum wage. He'll when I started for the State of COLORADO I was making $12 as a full time technician. When I hit 15 I was thrilled and that took 4 years...
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    Linux Will Eventually Be Desktop King

    Most Linux enthusiasts are, but you never know.
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    Linux Will Eventually Be Desktop King

    Really? So you have 1 issue with a netbook's wireless driver and this prompts you to say linux is vastly windows with driver support and compatibility. So last time I tried Linux, ubuntu and mint, I went through 2 ssds and 2 hhds before I got one which was compatible and then...
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    Linux Will Eventually Be Desktop King

    Haha not even remotely close. Linux is a mass of non supported hardware. Always has been always will until the day they give and make a mass friendly version then they'll be called sellouts.
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    Batman v Superman Shrugs Off Reviews, Heads For $180 Million Weekend

    The new scenes are being added to suicide squad based on the success of Deadpool and the fan reaction to more mature and darker humor. At least this is what i read somewhere. They started adding the scenes well before BvS was released. Anyways, haven't seen BvS yet and not sure if I'm going to...
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    Xbox Head Suggests There Won’t Be An Xbox 1.5

    DPI claims to have an inside source that has all but assured him that the XOne is the last MS console. However, I have two very close sources that laugh and flatly deny that is the case and considering they're actively working on the next console I'm more inclined to believe them rather than...
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    Xbox Head Suggests There Won’t Be An Xbox 1.5

    You keep saying this but you can't be more wrong. Your "inside source" is an idiot.
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    next call of duty set in space?

    Actually yes it does. I suffer from Crohn's Disease and IBS and every 6 months when a "new" CoD is released I suffer from horrible bloating and cramping and the ensuing shit that inevitably happens which relieves the stress is always in the shape of an infinity ward or treyarch logo.
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    next call of duty set in space?

    This series needs to fuckin die already.
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    The Division Discussion

    I generally play an hour or two at night and the missions aren't hard at all solo. True the game, as usual, is light years better with friends but soloing isn't what I'd consider a grind. I'm lvl 27; lvl 20 dz, and about 90% of that is solo. Just as a comparisons sake I gave up on Destiny after...