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    BFG to offer Step-Up-like program!

    This is from Fudzilla, so take it with a grain of salt, but it sounds like BFG will soon offer an upgrade program much like EVGA's Step-Up! Great to see the good customer-service-oriented graphics card companies competing with each other. :)
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    1600MHz FSB Penryn on 1333MHz FSB Motherboard

    If I get a 1600MHz FSB Penryn in the future, is all I need to do get a BIOS update and set my FSB to 1600MHz (aka 400MHz in the BIOS)? Or will it be more involved than that? And is it guaranteed to work if the motherboard supports the FSB frequency (as I'd think almost every P35 would...
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    Upgrade Dilemma

    My current rig is in my signature. I built it late 2005, and had a grand plan of skipping DDR2 entirely and upgrade most of my computer in late 2008, exactly 3 years later. However, two things have happened that have made me question my resolve and upgrade one year earlier. For one, I was a...