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    All set for iPads at this time.

    I have a 9.7 pro 256gb WiFi only in sliver if you are still looking.
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    WTB: Lian Li full tower case

    I have this case if it will work for you brand new in the box .
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    WTB: Mid Range Laptop

    Have a older sager p151e i73720 16gb ram 480 msata , it has usb 3.0 , esata gtx970m ,1080p screen. Will have to mod nvidia driver to install the latest version 300.00 shipped . Have heat.
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    Forza Motorsport 7 thread

    I can not get the game to load without crashing. Takes two or three shots at it to get to start . But the big problem is I can’t get my pedals to work . Using a fanatec csw2.5 and csp v3. I have the pedals plugged straight into usb . Every other game I have tried they work just fine iracing , AC...
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    I5-4690k iPad Pro 9.7 for sale

    Chip is gone thanks .
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    I5-4690k iPad Pro 9.7 for sale

    I have a intel i5-4690k that I bought new . Looking for 125.00 shipped no heat sink just the chip. Also have a iPad Pro 9.7 256gb in silver . It has been in a case and with screen protector since day one . The case will need to be replaced as it was a cheap infinite case. It is adult owned from...
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    WTB: Complete or semi complete Desktop/Laptop that can play Dota 2 $300-$400 max

    I have a older Clevo p151em .it has been upgrade to gtx970m with a custom bios . It has a i7 3720qm 16gb ram and 480 gb msata drive.
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    WTB GTX 1070 or maybe a 1080

    I have a GTX 980ti if interested as fast as a 1070 .
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    Same GPU Same Monitor - New Everything else - Getting tearing now

    Below only works on desktop/laptop . Not on your phone. I see no signature.
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Here my entry
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    WTB: Android Tablet

    I have a Shield K1 8gb with a 128gb SD card and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 32gb with a 128gb SD card . Both are WiFi only both work with no issue's . Both have case's the K1 has a Nvidia cover the Samsung a Fintie case.
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    Digital Copy Movie Codes

    sent you a pm
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    WTB: RX 480 <$150 RX 470<$130

    I have a HD8970M it came out of a clevo/sager . No heat sink , it is mxm 3.0b card
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    Games with Built in Benchmarks

    Assetto Corsa
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    FS: Sager/Clevo NP 9150 Gaming Laptop

    Bump for a nice machine I own NP9130 , different keyboard . And yes it will upgrade to a GTX970m/GTX980m using Prema Mod bios. I already did it to mine.
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    iRacing S42014 Update

    This and Assetto Corsa will give my Surround setup and wheel a good workout this winter can not wait. Now I just need to order a Rseat for a proper racing seat .
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    WTB: Laptop

    I have Dell E6220 with a I5-2540m . It has a backlit keyboard and extended battery . Looking for 180.00 shipped I do have heat .
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    Mad Max (2015)

    For mobile users I am running it on my laptop and getting great performance . It is maintaining 70+ FPS on very high setting no vsync . The laptop is a i7-3720qm and GTX970m 6gb version to my desktop monitor 1920x1200 . No overclock on either the CPU or GPU .
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    Which latest video card do you own?

    Went from a gtx970 sli to a single 980ti , for now . I upgraded for more vram as I am running a surround set up with three 24 inch 1920x1200 monitors .
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    Wtb Motherboard, Cpu, and Memory Combo

    I have a ASUS Z97a if you are interested .
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    Two Dell Latitudes For Sale

    thanks for the bump
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    Two Dell Latitudes For Sale

    Bump added pictures
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    Two Dell Latitudes For Sale

    I have two Dell laptops for sale. Both are Sandy bridge based. Dell E6220 this a 12 inch laptop specs It has a i5-2540m 1366x768 monitor 4gb of ram Backlight keyboard Intel 180gb 530 SSD Intel 6205 wireless card Extended 67w battery , Genuine Dell battery will give you about 4 hours...
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    Cases and mobo

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    Do gamers using steering wheels generally get better laptimes vs control pad?

    I use a controller and I am almost as fast as wheel users I have done a.handful of league assetto corsa and almost alway finish mid pack. I can lay down a lap that is as fast as the leaders but not lap after lap. I would be more.consistent with a wheel.
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    Cases and mobo

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    Cases and mobo

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    Cases and mobo

    I have a brand new in the box Corsair Vengeance series C70 gun metal black 105.00 shipped UPS or FedEx ground Brand new in the box Lian Li PC-7HX this all black inside and out . 90.00 shipped UPS or FedEx gound ...
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    Nvidia or AMD does it matter?.
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    FS eVGA GTX970 SC ASUS Z97a

    price drop
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    wtb 14-15 laptop with gpu. 400 or less.

    I have a MSI GX60 with a ES a8-5500 cpu that will overclock to 3.4ghz . It has a AMD HD7970m 2gb gpu , 1080p screen . Looking for 350.00 shipped .I do have heat
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    FS eVGA GTX970 SC ASUS Z97a

    SOLDI am looking to sell a eVGA GTX 970 SC ACX 2.0 card . I was bought new by me in October 2014 . Card comes with a 3 year warranty form eVGA and is transferable , 260.00 shipped . ASUS Z97a was bought a NIB was going to go SLI but...