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    Suggestions for new build

    I finally have all my parts for my new build, except the power supply. I have a Ryzen 5 3600, 16GB RAM, and an XFX RX 5700 DD Ultra. It's been almost 10 years since my last build (Phenom II 1055T) and I am totally out of the loop on power supplies. I would reuse my current power supply, and XFX...
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    Cases with Horizontal Motherboard Orientation

    I'm looking for cases that let you mount the motherboard horizontally. Either mATX or ATX. So far I've only found the ThermalTake V 21 that has this. Any others?
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    Best mATX Board for Ryzen 3600

    I'm looking for motherboards for the Ryzen 3600 $100 or less, and there doesn't seem to be too many mATX boards available that look great. The best one I've seen so far seems to be the ASRock B450M Pro4 AM4 mATX. Is that any good in terms of the VRMs and such? I'm not too entirely sure what to...
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    GPU Replacement in Old System

    My GPU recently stopped working (RIP GTX 470) without displaying any kind of artifacts, just each time the driver installs, it won't output anything and reboots the computer. That can be read here if anyone has anymore input: I Need Help - System Issues Anyway, I know the hardware is a little...
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    I Need Help - System Issues

    Hi, I have a computer issue that I can't figure out. Please help! Here is what happened: Yesterday I turned on my computer and everything was normal for about 30 minutes. I was watching a YouTube video when it suddenly froze. The audio continued but the image was frozen, and the computer...
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    What's the latest on the preview to full upgrade?

    I haven't heard the latest on how this is supposed to work. The news was that you could get a free copy of 10 (I have a few computers still on Vista that I would like to upgrade) as long as you installed the tech preview before the release date? Is this still true?
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    Installing Android on HP Touchpad

    My dad still uses his Touchpad daily, but he has been complaining lately that a lot of stuff doesn't load correctly or isn't compatible with WebOS anymore. So I've been thinking about putting Android on it. I did it once before on another TP, but this was back when it was still Gingerbread or...
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    C2D E6750 vs Pentium E5400

    Hi, I was given a used Dell Optiplex 380 business computer (had viruses and couldn't be bothered to remove them) recently. It has a Pentium E5400 in it. I also have a C2D E6750 lying around in a computer with a bad motherboard. Would it be worth my time to swap the C2D in? They have roughly the...
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    Can a single bad capacitor cause restarts?

    I noticed a computer next to the trash a couple weeks ago and brought it home. It is this model: It restarted at random times, usually seconds after turning it on. I put it to the side and got back to it today, and now it doesn't...
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    Upgrading Old Computer for Streaming

    I was given an old HP a1230n desktop and was thinking about turning it in to an HTPC. It has an AMD 64 3700 socket 939 (the proprietary motherboard can take up to an X2 4800). I have 4GBs of RAM I can out into it as well. The IGP is obviously too old but it has a PCI-E slot. What would I need to...
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    Gaming Build ($900)

    I've been waiting for BF or CM deals to pick parts...I see some good deals 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming mostly, otherwise just web browsing. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $900-$1000 3) Which country do you live...
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    GTX 470 High Temp Issue

    I've been messing around with the idea of adding a second monitor recently. I grabbed an old CRT of mine and added it as a second display, and I noticed video card fan was really high. I checked the temperature and saw it at 73 degrees at idle! It is normally around 40 degrees at idle. I did...
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    Replacement for Integrated Graphics

    I've recently built a computer for my mom (FX4100, GA-78LMT-S2P, 8GB RAM, 80GB SSD) and I wanted to get a video card to take the load off of the rest of the system. Newegg has a Shell Shocker right now that is a GT 620 for $15 after rebate. They also have a HD 6450 for the same price. How well...
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    IDE to SATA Adpater

    Are those IDE to SATA adapters on eBay safe to use? Any experience with them? I'm looking to buy this one:
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    Is this decent RAM?

    I'm buying RAM for a budget build for a computer for my mom, but it's been two years since I last built something so I just want to make sure, is this pretty good RAM at a good price? I don't think I need more than 4GB for a...
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    Budget Build PSU

    I'm building a system with an AMD FX 4100 and a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P Socket AM3+ 760G motherboard. Is the CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 430W enough to power this? It is $25 now and the rebate ends today. The only other items will be a HDD obviously, and maybe two fans and possibly a low powered...
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    New Computer for Mom

    I made a similar thread over half a year ago but I wanted to revisit this subject. My goal is to keep this build as cheap as possible, which for my budget would be $300 or less. The only real requirement is that it must play Youtube videos and do other multimedia things online. I'm sure this...
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    New Computer for Mom

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Web browsing only 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Not too sure on budget but I'm aiming for as cheap as possible. 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and...
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    WTB: Basic Android Phone

    I'm looking to buy a phone that has Android on it. It doesn't need to be anything special by any means, but my only requirement is that it has at least Android 1.5. Let me know if anyone has something like this, thanks.
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    Ready to Start Overclocking

    I finally got my Hyper 212 Plus a year after building this. I'm ready to start overclocking a little bit. My goal is not high at all. Just the low 3GHz area, like 3.0-3.3, possibly 3.5 if I can get there without too much heat. My current temps with the new cooler are much better compared to...
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    WTB: Old Laptop Hard Drive--Any Size

    My really old laptop's hard drive finally bit the dust. It's a 4GB hard drive, but really anything 1 GB or bigger will be fine. Anyone still have an old working 2.5" drive around?
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    Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset- $9.99- FS

    I thought this was a pretty good deal. My current really basic headset is breaking so I thought I would get these. These are refurbished, but I have bought Logitech refurbished items before and they looked brand new...
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    Internet Problems--Please Help

    A few days ago my internet has been constantly disconnecting. At first it only happened once per day, now it is happening 10+ times a day, for 10 minutes or so at a time. My first thought was it could be my router, but it is new and has been working great for over a month (I have tried resetting...
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    Router Recomendation

    I bought a Linksys WRT-120N a few days ago in a panic when my ancient router died on me suddenly. I bought it from Wal-mart so I could have it immediately, but now that I have read a few reviews on it, I was wondering if I should return it and get something else. I paid about $40 for it. The...
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    Please help! Router problem...

    My trusty old Linksys BEFWS114 v3 stopped working this morning. It was working great at 6am, got back on the computer around noon and it wouldn't work through either the hardwired part OR the wireless. With the computer plugged right into the modem it works fine. All the lights on the router...
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    OS for Old Notebook

    I have an old HP notebook from about 1999. I sometimes use it in the garage to display repair manuals or other places just for very simple things where I wouldn't want to bring my newer notebook. I currently have Windows 2000 installed on it (originally came with 98SE) and it is...
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    Notebook Case/Sleeve

    I want to get a notebook sleeve that will protect my HP DV5 (15.4" screen) so I can put it in my regular bookbag instead of having to carry it around in my dorky laptop case. Something that maybe has a zipper all the way around would be nice. The only thing is that I don't want to spend a lot...
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212+ $19.99 AR

    Fry's has the CM Hyper 212+ for $19.99 after a $10 rebate. It ends 3/10/2011. Edit (Forgot Link):
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    Home Wiring for Network

    I am so sick of my Wireless B limiting all the computer to 2-3 Mbs, and even the one computer plugged into the router gets only 5 or 6 Mbs, when plugging directly into the modem it hits 20Mbs. I just can't afford a new router, and would love to use a hardwired connection. I recently discovered...
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    Best AM3 Cooler on Stock Bracket

    I am interested in seeing what is out there are far as HSF that can use the stock AM3 retention bracket. I was originally looking at something like the Hyper 212 but I don't want to start taking stuff apart on the motherboard. As far as price something inexpensive is preferred. Less than $30...
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    Freezing Issues

    I built my computer exactly one week ago and it has worked flawlessly. I didn't get my wireless adapter until yesterday morning, so I didn't do any real gaming on it until yesterday. I played for many hours (TF2, L4D2, and Borderlands) and was fairly satisfied that my system was stable. I've...
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    Are These Game Temps Good?

    I was just wondering if these game temperatures are good. They are all after playing for at least an hour on all max setting at 1920x1080. I am on a stock AMD fan, with all 4 case fans in my Antec Three Hundred set to their lowest speed. L4D2 Team Fortress 2 Borderlands
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    Undervolting My GTX 470

    I have been testing various voltages for my GTX 470 to try to reduce the heat. I got it as low as 80 degrees with the fan at 80% with a custom fan profile. This was not a good solution (but still better than the 94 it got with the stock fan profile with the fan still at 50%!) So I varied the...
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    Running GTX 470 at 8x or 16x

    My motherboard supports only one slot for 16x, and of course it is the bottom one right next to the PSU and the PCI slots (where a wireless card will be going). Running it in the top one cause it to run at PCIE 8x. Is this a big performance hit in my system? The temps don't seem to be very...
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    Please Help-Wireless Adapter Issue

    I just finished building my new computer and I can't connect to the internet because my Linksys WUSB11 v2.6 adapter doesn't have any drivers for Windows 7. I searched and someone said to use v2.5 but that didn't work either. Is there anything I can do?
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    Counterfeit 1055T?

    I just received my X6 1055T today and I have a few concerns. The box was completely sealed. The box and HSF look very different than I had previously seen in unboxings on Youtube. The fan has no AMD sticker on it and the blades are a completely different design, as is the copper plate on the...
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    GTX 470 Question

    I have a quick question about the GTX 470. If you were able to get the GTX 470 at its Black Friday price of 193 minus the $35 mail in rebate, would you still go for it? Or would you wait for something better to come along at Christmas sales? And is the GTX 470 fan really all that loud as...
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    Using Windows 7 Upgrade

    I've read some old threads on here about using the Windows 7 Pro Upgrade disc (I can get it for $65 through a student discount) to use on a new blank hard drive. The popular method is just to do a double install method. Does this still work? Is this a 100% legal way to use it? Will I encounter...
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    Memory Question

    What is the best bang for your buck brand of memory? I'm going to be getting a Phenom X6 1055T (I might be overclocking a couple hundred MHz) and an ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3. I need a recommendation for memory. I was originally going to go for 4GB, but noticed some Kingston HyperX 6GB Triple...
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    New Video Card Recommendation

    I am planning on building a new system soon (within the next couple weeks) with an AMD Phenom II x6. I have always used Nvidia cards and don't have any experience with ATI but I would be willing to make the switch. What is a good card to use with that processor? My budget is no more than $200...