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    Are there any if you guys here playing CSportable its counter strike on mobile available on Android,IOS and Web player
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    Amd overclockers dream.

    Guys i have been wondering if AMD perhaps mixed their words when they claimed the Fury x was an overclockers dream or perhaps the fury x was supposed to be the polaris gpu and perhaps they meant the next polaris. I believe they meant polaris since Raja has been quoted saying they are 7 months...
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    2 Gaming Rigs, 1 Tower - Virtualized Gaming

    Hi Guys, i thought i should share this because i think its cool finally multiplayer co op imagine 5 players in dota, 1 pc it would be awesome.
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    what would?

    Guys as the thread title says what would you do or what would your reactions be if the Radeon R9 Gemini came with a 480mm clc?
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    Sapphire Unveils TriXX with "Fiji" Voltage Control and HBM Overclocking As the thread title says finally you can overclock your fury series cards. Hope to see some good numbers atleast 1200hz and hopefully they guys at release a bios for...