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    I5-4690k iPad Pro 9.7 for sale

    I have a intel i5-4690k that I bought new . Looking for 125.00 shipped no heat sink just the chip. Also have a iPad Pro 9.7 256gb in silver . It has been in a case and with screen protector since day one . The case will need to be replaced as it was a cheap infinite case. It is adult owned from...
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    Two Dell Latitudes For Sale

    I have two Dell laptops for sale. Both are Sandy bridge based. Dell E6220 this a 12 inch laptop specs It has a i5-2540m 1366x768 monitor 4gb of ram Backlight keyboard Intel 180gb 530 SSD Intel 6205 wireless card Extended 67w battery , Genuine Dell battery will give you about 4 hours...
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    Cases and mobo

    I have a brand new in the box Corsair Vengeance series C70 gun metal black 105.00 shipped UPS or FedEx ground Brand new in the box Lian Li PC-7HX this all black inside and out . 90.00 shipped UPS or FedEx gound ...
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    FS eVGA GTX970 SC ASUS Z97a

    SOLDI am looking to sell a eVGA GTX 970 SC ACX 2.0 card . I was bought new by me in October 2014 . Card comes with a 3 year warranty form eVGA and is transferable , 260.00 shipped . ASUS Z97a was bought a NIB was going to go SLI but...
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    FS MSI R9-270X

    I have a extra MSI Gaming R9-270X 2gb . It was bought used for a build for the brother in law . But he change his mind an bought a PS4 instead . I put it my system and for a week with no issues . It still has 2 years and 2 months left on the warranty , which is serial based. The card was never...
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    Case and coolers

    I have a few things for sale . 1) Lian Li PC-7HX case brand new in the box . Bought for a build but never used it . Here is a link to the case . If you want a picture of the unopened box let me know . Looking for 80.00 shipped . 2) 2...
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    Video cards for sale

    I am looking to sell a few video cards. Biostar motherboard H61MGC ver 6.1 with back plate , Intel G850 stock HSF and 4gb generic memory SOLD MSI R9 270 Gaming Edition. SOLD PNY GTX470 SOLD. XFX R7 260X SOLD Intel i5 3570k SOLD Patriot Viper Xtreme ,1866mhx SOLD MSI GTX760...
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    video cards for sale and laptop

    Want to sell a few different video cards . 1) MSI GTX660TI PE/OC 180.00 shipped 2) MSI GTX770 Gaming edition 285.00 shipped SOLD 3) PNY GTX470 with a artic cooling 3 fan cooler on it . 65.00 shipped 4) Sapphire HD6670 ddr3 1gb 45.00 shipped 5) Sapphire HD5670 ddr5 512mb 40.00shipped...
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    WTS video cards mobo cpu

    Parts are gone thanks !!! Asrock Extreme4m Z77 sold Asus Maximus Gene V Z77 sold Intel i7-3770k sold Asus HD7750 two sold MSI GTX670 sold Intel i5-3350p sold Sapphire HD7850 OC sold Intel i7-950 sold MSI GTX660Ti sold
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    WTS a bunch of stuff