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    I need to identify make and model of this case

    The tower has no identifying labels except for a Part# 11147183111600068, googling this P/N gives me nothing. I even looked at google images of full towers, didn't see anything similar. I would like to know the manufacturer and model number, but alas, stymied. Thus this post. Perhaps someone can...
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    Asus proart LMT PA328Q screen problem

    Getting these black lines across the screen. Wondering what to replace inside. The power board? Any advice welcome. Thx
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    Looking around for a good POST diagnostic card

    I'm looking for a POST diagnostic card that will work with PCI-E... I have an older one for PCI alone and of course it does not work with the new slots. I have been looking around (principally on ebay and amazon) and I can't really understand what's what with the new diagnostic cards. Can anyone...
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    Memory question about Acer 5742 laptop

    I am using an Aspire 5742 laptop which is "standarized" for ddr3 1066Mhz memory, (204 pin) however my laptop is running fine with ddr3 2x2gb of 1333Mhz memory. It runs at 1066Mhz, but with lower CAS latencies, which is nice. I am thinking of upgrading to ddr3 2x4gb 1600Mhz memory, but not sure...
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    Question about my UPS

    I bought a second hand UPS on ebay a while back, the seller saying there was a new battery installed... I've been noticing through testing (and blackouts) that it will last me only about one minute before shutting down. It's an Eaton Ellipse eco 800 which uses by default one 12v 9AH...
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    question about external dvd's

    i was working on a friend's laptop the other day, who btw had exceeded his trojan limit, (bah) and as his dvd which came with his laptop was toast, we connected an external lite-on DVD (very modern) to the usb port. well, to make a long story short, it was not recognised in DOS, would not serve...
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    which video card to buy? help requested

    using a gygabyte p35 ds3lmobo the geforce 7600 i am using has some problems... i would like to upgrade first: this is a PCI express (1) mobo. pci express 2,0 is not backwards compatible? second: if not, where then to find a list of possible video upgrades? thanks
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    making up my mind on a 24" montor. plz opine

    hi all, i am in eurpoe. i was debating between purchasing the Dell 2408wfp and the HP lp2475w... and along comes an offer for a BENQ fp241W that i found which beats the prices of both being about 100 euros cheaper. i know this BENQ model was considered one of the best models ever in its day...