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    Recomended Dual Monitor Stand

    Anybody know which direction I should go for Dual Monitor Stand... there are a ton of options and they tend to be pretty expensive. They're 27inch monitors if that is a factor.
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    Considering upgrade from USB Headphones

    I am interested in upgrading my sound. I have been using G930's and really I am unhappy with the sound quality. I used to think that I needed wireless but I am not so sure any more. I hate desk mics though. so keep that in mind. I saw the micmod thing I am super interested in that. so...
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    backlight keyboard - reflecting on monitor

    does anybody have a solution for this? my K95 is reflecting back on my u2713hm... its pretty noticeable
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    Reinstall drivers when adding a 2nd card?

    I am experiencing some low GPU usage in most games, Crysis 3 was the worst but even Last light I am getting around 70-80% usage on both. not seeing crazy drops but sometimes it'll hover at 50-55 fps but the usage never hits 99%. i have an i5 @ 4.2 ghz as well and i just assumed there...
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    Will a second monitor for multitasking effect performance?

    I have a 2nd U2713HM just sitting here. I was considering opening it up and using it for multitasking while playing games. if I hook up the 2nd monitor just for watching netflix, browsing the web etc. will I lose performance ( still gaming on one screen ) thanks :)
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    FS: U2713HM

    I have an extra one of these monitors I am trying to get rid of. I didn't notice any cross hatching, or buzzing which can come with this model. there is a green glow in the bottom left corner though. Thankfully this is something that goes away with time atleast the one I am using now ( 2-3...
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    [W]arm 15% off all keyboards on newegg

    code is EMCXPVN33 got the k95, saved me about 25$ thought i should share
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    High Temps - is my CPU ruined?

    I built a new computer for a buddy, with the new haswell 4670k. he didnt buy an aftermarket heatsink and the stock one apparently it didnt switch on when i turned the computer on, i didnt notice as the case was closed and i had bios open when i first started the comp up and it looked fine...
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    WTB: GTX 670

    Looking for a gtx 670 for 250$
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    Help with a build on a budget

    550-650$ budget. Gaming PC I need a case mobo cpu ( intel ) ram hard drive or ssd psu i dont need a monitor or accessories. i dont need a video card. i really like MSI mobos. thanks ahead of time for your help.
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    Help..Canon T3i

    i just bought this camera on craigslist it wasnt new doing what i can to learn on my own but i am looking for lens suggestions for shooting portraits of people, from head to toe though. also maybe some close ups for shoes etc. it came with a 1.5 50mm lens or from what i understand the...
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    120w Speakers?

    I need computer speakers for a record player. Looking for suggestions preferably around 120 watts considering they're for vinyl which plays a little quieter then digital audio I would also prefer a 2.1 setup as well thank you!
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    March 2013 = Killin' it.

    Sim City Tomb Raider SC2 - Heart of the Swarm Bioshock Infinite Resident Evil 6 Metro Last Light i am interested in all of these :O how bout you gais
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    Free Windows Media Center ( windows 8 users )

    I spent about an hour trying to get DVDs to play on windows 8. super annoying. usually I use VLC for everything but for whatever reason it wouldnt play. anyways windows 8 doesnt include a default program for this function they now sell windows media center as a separate package. however...
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    Next Years Cards

    2012 January 9th the 7970 came out. it was what 600? or 500? i cant remember. do you think the 8970 will launch at the same price point and the same time in 2013? those of you that bought a 7970 early on paid a premium as you saw a decline in value quickly after the launch of the...
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    Dota 2 Official Thread

    There is a Dota 2 thread in the general gaming that I felt was out of place due to its location. Lets discuss strategies, favorite heroes and exchange steam IDs in order to play together!
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    Gaming at 1440 and above

    How many of you guys are pushing resolutions 1440 and higher? How do you like it ? Single monitor or multiple? I am probably gonna get the Dell U2713HM which is 1440p single monitor 27inch. I am also curious about the performance hit when jumping to 1440p from 1200p.. am i going...
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    Is Anybody going to buy COD Black Ops 2?

    Generally the gaming community looks down on COD releases, since they usually try and sell the same game repeatedly. black ops 2 doesnt look aweful to me, i am some what intrigued. interested to know what you guys think... no matter what it'll prolly be better then medal of honor...
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    steam games crashing after upgrade

    I upgraded to windows 8 and none of my steam games launch any more. any ideas?
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    battlefield 1942 for free on origin

    good lookin' out RangerXML
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    Windows 8 Flash player / Firefox Crash

    anybody had an issue with flash after upgrading to windows 8? keep getting a memory cannot be written error
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    MoH Warfighter Official Thread

    I got this for 50% off. Thought I would start a thread to see how many of you were playing and enjoying it. It definitely requires you to play with a good team mate. i like the fire squad mechanics a lot and lets be real its a COD version of battlefield 3. still... the level design and...
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    Hitman Absolution Official Thread

    I figured I would make a thread since I just prepurchased this and i feel like its approaching quickly. I got this for 36$ using the 20% off coupon on greenmangaming since it already had 10% off. thought people should know about that as well. Anyways I am excited for this one
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    50% off Medal of Honor Warfighter For BF3 Premium

    I just got an email saying 50% off of medal of honor if you are a premium battlefield 3 player. they sold me.. only way I would buy this game is if its half off.
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    Hawken Official Thread

    Recently got into this alpha, I am liking it better then MechWarrior Online personally. Anybody else been playing?
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    FS: iPhone 5 black 16gb

    Asking for around $400 USD. Willing to negotiate. Paypal only. I will cover shipping costs. I have the box and everything that comes with it. My wife used it for about two weeks and not very heavily. The service provider is Verizon I'm not sure if that matters or not. I am taking offers and...
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    Windows Update / Gaming Performance

    How much of an impact can Windows 7 Service packs and updates effect gaming performance?
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    iPhone 5 official thread ( hater free )

    Thought I would make a new thread for those of us that wanna talk about the iphone 5 and what we are enjoying about it. currently taking advantage of Spotify premium and checking the new headphones ( pretty decent for 30$ ) I had to take the screen protector on mine though it was...
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    CM Silent Pro 800w enough?! I'm thinking my power supply is dying on my due to high load on games it starts to drop my fps. I figure i'll start with replacing the PSU to figure out whats wrong that way I have it for SLI in the future. Is this a good...
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    Video card defective?

    I am pretty much at a loss at this point. it seems like my performance is terrible. heavy drops in multiple games when effects happen. for instance battlefield 3 i will have a consistent 55-60 fps and then a tank shoots at me and it drops to 25-35 ish. I understand a drop should happen when...
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    Corsair 800D

    is this case worth the price tag? preparing a new build and I am picking out parts. considering this case because of its size and looks. Do you own this case? Can you post a picture? Are you happy with it? Worth the price?
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    Hold out for new architecture

    Anybody buying a new system when the new architecture chips come out next year? I am going to sell my current machine and rebuild entirely for fun and cleanliness. :)
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    Guild Wars 2 Performance

    Are people having issues with Guild Wars 2 performing correctly? I am not getting the desired fps.. sometimes as low as 20fps and really low gpu usage. This is in the nvidia section due to the rig i have now in my sig. so a couple questions roughly what is your average fps...
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    Will AMD implement Boost ?

    Do you think the next generation of AMD cards will feature something similar to Nvidia's boost clocking? Would you prefer something like this? Automatic max voltage set etc. Personally I like the boost technology thats been implemented although I know some that dislike it. I...
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    Guild Wars 2 Digital DL 47.99$

    Hey Fellow [H] Goersss gamefly has a promotion for 20% off guild wars 2 The coupon code is 1GFT82012 The coupon is entered at the review and submit page of the purchasing process
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    Gigabyte Ultrabooks I've seen a few posts about these and I've been looking at what.. what are your impressions on these? theres a u2442v as well that has a less power consuming CPU for longer battery power. these reports are old but the...
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    Auto OC MoBO

    Is there a motherboard out there for LGA 1155 i52500k that will auto overclock and work correctly? I know asus has some boards with features like this. I need a new MOBO that can overclock because i feel like my stock i5 2500k is slacking in comparison to my 670. But I dont want to have to...
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    Any NHL fans?

    I have NHL 12 on the PS3 wouldn't mind playing against some [H] members :D Can't wait for the new skating for NHL 13
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    Planetside 2

    Anybody going to jump on this? Been trying to get a beta key for a couple days... this game looks amazing. I always heard stories about 3000 player games from planetside 1
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    Natural selection 2

    Have you guys ever heard of natural selection? check out this trailer... every team has a commander and they're the ones controlling from the RTS point of view... so sick!