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  1. Napoleon

    Pioneer SP-BS22-LR 4" Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) on sale for $58

    Fry's has the following Email Exclusive: Pioneer SP-BS22-LR 4" Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) on sale for $58 when you apply your unique Sunday 12/16 Email Promo Code at checkout (sign up for future promo code deals here). Shipping is free, or select free store pickup where stock permits. Thanks MIX...
  2. Napoleon

    WTB: Diablo 2 + Diablo 2 LOD CD Keys

    WTB: Diablo 2 + Diablo 2 LOD CD Keys I'm trying to play Diablo 2 with my wife, let me know if you have for sale. Someone must have these lying around somewhere...
  3. Napoleon

    FS: GTX 1080ti Heatsink, backplate, thermal pads - $5+shipping

    Hey guys- I bought this a while ago to use as a template to make my own GPU water block, but ended up with a GTX 1080 and purchased a Heatkiller IV so no need. I bought off eBay and it appears to be removed immediately to watercool cards, but haven't tested it. It comes with all hardware, let...
  4. Napoleon

    NIB - Heatkiller IV GTX 1080 waterblock /w backplate $90 shipped

    [H]oard - I'm parting out my gaming rig as it just sits in the corner idle these days; got married last year and no time to game anymore. I bought a Heatkiller IV GTX 1080 block and backplate, trying to sell the rest in one bundle, part out last resort. Brand new Heatkiller IV GTX1080...
  5. Napoleon

    Symantec Endpoint Protection - what/where to buy?

    Hi All- I'd like to get this for my wife and I but wasn't sure if there was another way to buy to avoid the ~$35 per person per year license Is that how they are working these days, annual licenses? I don't have any non-windows protection on my home computer and was impressed that it caught...
  6. Napoleon

    FS: NIB DTA-120 2 channel amp - $60 shipped

    Hi All- I just received a brand new DTA-120 amp from parts express ($78 + $7 shipping), I'm willing to send it out to someone on the forum for $70. Please let me know if you have any questions or want pics. Thanks!
  7. Napoleon

    Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf speaker

    Just FYI the Pioneer Model Speakers: SP-BS22-LR Promo Code: 3176652 to get for $59.99 (from $129.99/$99.99) at today only Same speakers used in the [H]ardOCP Spec Bookshelf Speaker Setup
  8. Napoleon

    GPU memory OC and longevity- gaming/part time mining

    [H]ello - I haven't OC'd a GPU in the last 10 years and am considering overclocking the memory to maximize hash rate in my gaming rig. It's a single GPU, 1080FW, currently stock but I'll be installing a heatkiller full coverage waterblock in the next month (it's sitting next to the computer)...
  9. Napoleon

    WTB: GTX 10-series waterblock, heatkiller, others

    title says it, looking for a gtx 1080 waterblock for my 1080FE and custom loop
  10. Napoleon

    FS: Corsair 750D x6 3.5/2.5" quick swap Bays and SSD Trays - $10 plus shipping

    I have no need for these as I removed to make way for my reservoir/pump. $10 + shipping - They are light so we could probably ship cheaply Local pick up in Denver also possible ($5 local pickup)
  11. Napoleon

    Samsung 850 SSD running IDE - how to convert to AHCI - W10

    Hi guys? Title says it all, basically i have a Samsung 850 SSD running IDE and want to convert to AHCI, currentyl running windows 10 and do not want to reinstall. Allegedly there's some benefit to this, better performance or reliability? Anyone have a good guide? I've googled a few but none...
  12. Napoleon

    Custom GPU block: GTX 1080FE stock heatsink dimensions?

    [H]oard- A few months back I bought a 1080ti FE cooler off Ebay to use to develop a GPU waterblock to Hybrid cool my FE card with a custom water loop. Fast forward and now I find myself with a 1080FE in my rig, still wanting to design this hybrid block. I believe the 1080ti CPU block/vapor...
  13. Napoleon

    WTB: Microsoft Office

    Looking for a newer version of MS Office, ideally 2013 or later Please let me know what you have. I do paypal/venmo, here's my heat
  14. Napoleon

    140mm Fan mounted on acrylic window - best way to cut hole?

    Hello [H]oard- I'm looking to add a side mounted fan to blow onto my motherboard in my Corsair 750D airflow case. What's the best way to cut holes these days? I'd need a 140mm hole and then can drill the 4 holes to mount it. Tools I have: Power drill (no drill press) Dremel (not sure which...
  15. Napoleon

    WTB: Founders Edition GTX 9 or 10-series card

    Hello- I'm looking for an Nvidia Founders edition card from the GTX 900 or 1000 series. This card will eventually be hybrid/watercooled from a custom block which has yet to be designed/built :) I have no GPU right now so am entertaining all ideas. Thanks!
  16. Napoleon

    WTB: 75W gtx 1050ti

    hi everyone- the title says it all, looking for a 75 watt gtx 1050ti Please let me know price with shipping to Zipcode 80002
  17. Napoleon

    FS: Antec 900 - $5 ( Denver, CO Area LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)

    The title says it all, I have an Antec 900 case I'd like to part ways with; I'd hate to throw something like this out. It has all the fans and hardware intact and working. I tried to ship it to a friend and UPS tried to charge me $80, yea right! If anyone lives around Denver, I'm in Arvada...
  18. Napoleon

    $429 GTX 1080 shipped new GIGABYTE GeForce GV-N1080TTOC-8GD SAVE $60.00 + FREE SHIPPING You viewed this at $489.99. It was just discounted to $429.99. GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 DirectX 12 GV-N1080TTOC-8GD 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5X PCI Exp $429.99 for a limited time. 280 left at this price. 321 buyers...
  19. Napoleon

    Pioneer Andrew Jones BookShelf Pair BS22LR for $68 (TODAY ONLY)

    Fry's Anniversary Sale beginning Sunday 5/14 has the highly rated and affordable Pioneer Andrew Jones Speakers on sale. Beats a previous popular deal by $1! Bookshelf Speakers SP-BS22-LR [] for $68 after promo code online and in-store 4" Structured Surface Woofer 1" High Efficiency...
  20. Napoleon

    WTB: 75W GPU, GTX 1050/1050ti

    Hello guys- EDIT: I'm looking for one 75 W GPU, 1050ti. It's for gaming on low quality, not mining. Please give best offer shipped to Arvada Colorado, zip code 80002
  21. Napoleon

    BenQ refurbished monitors - any experience?

    I'm looking to potentially buy a refurbished BenQ monitor and am wondering if others have had experience with this. I'm looking to get an XL2730 (with or without freesync, don't care) 1440P 144hz for <$400 and this looks like the best route, but of course I am concerned about a non-used display...
  22. Napoleon

    Best courier to ship a case (empty)

    I'm going to be shipping an Antec 900 case soon and was not sure which courier to use as far as a cost effective way to ship. I don't want to spend $60 in shipping for a $20 item. I have my Corsair 750D box to ship it in (it is smaller so I'll just pack it full of more cardboard/Amazon packing...
  23. Napoleon

    Cloudy water/tubing troubleshooting for loop refresh

    I noticed a while ago my tubing was cloudy, but thought it was due to me 'blowing out' my loop at one point using my mouth. I'm flushing, making a new reservoir, and upgrading,and want to try to prevent this going forward. I also wonder if the radiators/components weren't clean enough. The film...
  24. Napoleon

    Nvidia 1080ti Custom GPU waterblock clamping pressure

    Hi Everyone- I'm designing a [H]igh flow water block and trying to make sure I use the correct clamping pressure, any idea where I could find this, perhaps a data sheet? It will not be full coverage, it will be a hybrid plug and play block to integrate into an existing loop. Yes I know that...
  25. Napoleon

    [DIY] PWM Fan Controller

    I'm currently making my own PWM fan controller using some off the shelf parts and some modification help from my dad who is an electrical engineer. I'll document this year so others can try it. Problem: No PWM output on old X58 motherboard to use for fan control of 4x NF-A14 iPPC 2000 fans on...
  26. Napoleon

    Noctua AF14 PWM model comparison - 1500/2000/3000RPM

    Hi Everyone- I'm about to purchase 4x Noctua AF14 fans and noticed that there are several versions available. Is there any reason I'd want to buy the 1500RPM vs the 2000 RPM version. There is also a 3000RPM version. It appears the main difference is the min RPM, while the 2000 and 3000 have...
  27. Napoleon

    140mm push only fan recommendations, 2x280mm rads

    hi all- I'm looking for some 140mm push only fan recommendations, there will be 4 fans on 2x280mm HWLabs GTS XFlow radiators (front intake and top exhaust) in a push only configuration . It seems like noctua NF-A14 may be an option? Not sure about PWM or not, would I have to get a...
  28. Napoleon

    Project - Nickel plating Heatkiller 3.0 base plate - polish or not?

    Hi everyone- I bought another base plate from and am going to nickel plate it as a project. I know that lapping the heatkiller resulted in WORSE performance, so I will avoid that. My question is whether I should polish the copper before I plate it, resulting in a more...
  29. Napoleon

    WTB: used Titan XP/1080ti/1080/980ti stock GPU heat sink for project

    Hi everyone- I'm looking to buy a used Titan XP or 1080ti stock Nvidia GPU heat sink for a project. Hopefully one of you full coverage waterblock or hybrid mod people have one laying around your part with. I thin the 1080/980ti may use the same PCB mounting but ma not sure, if yes then that's...
  30. Napoleon

    Benq XL2730 or Dell S2716DG

    Title sats it all, Benq XL2730 or Dell S2716DG? Will be used with 1080ti to primarily play Overwatch, Dota2, Any maybe Starcraft/Diablo I admit I'm heavily leaning towards the Benq but gsync is tempting
  31. Napoleon

    WTB: EVGA/Asetek hybrid GPU cooler - dead(preferred) or alive

    Title says it all, I'm looking to get my hands on the EVGA/Asetek unit with intact base plate/mounting hardware. I do not need the AIO to be functional, do not need a radiator, etc. I'm not sure if there are a lot of these laying around people's closets, but I want to basically mod the cooler...
  32. Napoleon

    moving to internal radiators - HWLabs 2x280mm?

    Hi All- I currently have a rather involved external setup ( 2 heatercores immersed in a 55 gallon blue drum filled partially with water) and am thinking of moving to an internal setup. Currently only the CPU (hot X58 Xeon) is under water, but there's a good possibility that I'd put my...
  33. Napoleon

    Enthusiast economy contest? - lowend CPU/highend GPU vs highend CPU/lowend GPU

    Has anyone ever read a comparison where someone has compared CPU/mobo/GPU combinations of similar value, say $1K, to determine the best combination for performance? Three obvious categories I can think of are: low CPU/high GPU (example i3 with 1080) mid CPU/mid/GPU (example i5 with 1070) high...
  34. Napoleon

    Ryzen Mobile - Any idea when?

    Ryzen Mobile - Any idea when? I assume it's in AMD's plans but don't know for sure. I'm thinking it could be a great fit for a new laptop later in the year...
  35. Napoleon

    USB Mouse polling rate OCing on Intellimouse Explorer 3.0

    Hi all, I'm looking into hardware for a 144hz FPS gaming setup and am wondering about th USB polling rate on my 5 plus year old intellimouse explorer 3.0, Apparently the default is 125 hz refresh but newer mouses have higher or...
  36. Napoleon

    Any pros to AIO cooled GPU's anymore?

    With the OC'ing capacity of the GTX 10-series not appearing to be limited much by the air vs. water cooling, is there any point in AIO or non-AIO water cooling anymore? My CPU is currently under water and I don't plan on plumbing a GPU into the current loop. I imagine installing an AIO or...
  37. Napoleon

    Peltiers: anyone use anymore?

    I have always wanted to play with them, but am not sure if I'd have to make a custom water block to do it. With performance where it's at, I doubt it would buy me much more performance; at this point it would be about the 'fun' factor. It seems like most CPUs get pretty close to their maxes on...
  38. Napoleon

    Sub $570 Zota gtx 1080 at walmart - new product price dropping?
  39. Napoleon

    FS: ASRock X58 Extreme LGA1366 Quad Core i7 950 Tested- 4.0GHz + 6GB DDR3-2000

    ASRock X58 Extreme LGA1366 Intel i7 950 Quad core 3.06ghz Tested at 4.0GHz + 3 x 2 GB Supertalent 6GB DDR2000 - 8-8-8-24-1 timings up to DDR1750 (at least) Update, included original motherboard box with manual, install cd, cables, I/O faceplate, and working stock Intel CPU cooler (note it is...
  40. Napoleon

    Gigabyte G1 Gamings Z97X Gaming 7 - thoughts?

    A friend of mine and I just bought an MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard that is DOA (boot code D0 or 00, not good). We were rather disappointed as our whole weekend was centered around building/testing this computer. We ended up ordering a new Gigabyte G1 Gamings Z97X Gaming 7 motherboard and have a...